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Ian Curtis Dress – Idil Vice

In my search for Joy Division memorabilia on Ebay earlier this year, I stumbled upon a dress that was probably one of the coolest items of clothing I had seen in a long time.  It wasn’t a concert/band t-shirt that someone somehow manufactured into a dress.  This was a dress with the actual print on it.

I searched the designer and found out her name is Idil Vice, a Swiss native who is designing in Manhattan.  This Joy Division/Ian Curtis dress is from her Fashion Rocks line, which she calls, “a very stylish alternative to the printed rock t-shirt!”

Of course, seeing the Joy Division section prompted me to look for other bands that I like.  I found that Sex Pistols skirt, as seen in my “Net-a-Poseur” entry and a very nice Billy Idol skirt.  There is even a picture of Gwen Stefani wearing a Specials vest.

I started to look for anything Depeche Mode, and I found it!  She created a dress and skirt from the “Violator” album, one of my favorite Depeche Mode albums ever.  I needed to ask a question about the sizing, and Ms. Idil Vice

Depeche Mode “Violator” skirt – Idil Vice

wrote back to me herself (I’ve had very good luck with that lately, check out my “About” section).  I’m still deciding which one I want:  If I get the dress, I can throw a cardigan, blazer or denim jacket over it; and if I get the skirt, I can wear whatever top I want with it.  Decisions, decisions!

Idil Vice has created items from so many different bands like The Ramones and The Beatles, to current artists like Lady Gaga.  She also includes television shows, movies, actors and pop culture icons (like Popeye and Elvira).  Her collection does not stop at skirts and dresses.  She has created jackets, hoodies, pants, sweaters, accessories and even baby clothing.  Here’s an amazing plus:  If you can’t find what you want, you can request it and it can possibly be made into a piece of clothing!

So if you want something other than the rock t-shirt, check out Fashion Rocks by Idil Vice.  Your inner rock star will thank you.

Update:  Please check out her blog (link in my blog roll).  Idil has added me to her “cool related blogs” section.  Thanks Idil!

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