Ode To Joy

Here is another purchase from Fashion Rocks: The “Love Will Tear Us Apart” Joy Division skirt. I used two different looks for this pictorial. One look I felt was softer and more feminine with the scarf, knitted hat and cardigan.

With the next look, I really wanted to use Ian Curtis’ iconic silhouette. To me, this look is marked by the trench coat and dark military-type clothing. I didn’t have a long olive colored trench, so I just used this 80’s inspired jacket. In both outfits, I’m wearing the “Make Your Mark” heels (first posted about here). I love them so much! They are as comfortable as they are cute, for such a great price.

I wrote a post about Joy Division last year (seen here), and I have been semi-obsessed with their music and the story of Ian Curtis for about two years now. Idil Vice has a few other pieces of Joy Division clothing in her collection, and as much as I love the group, I want to indulge in maybe one more dress.

Outfit 1: Burton’s hat; Nordstrom cardigan; Cotton On scarf

Outfit 2: Jezebel jacket

Both outfits: Blu Heaven striped shirt; Idil Vice skirt; Fior Di Melo crossbody bag (purchased in Italy); Qupid Luxe shoes; Burberry sunglasses; H&M studded bracelet; Forever 21 & Juicy Couture rings; Charm bracelet from my niece; Tiffany necklace

Photos by Deon Chen


  1. You keep suprising us! Great combination! I am trying to choose between the sex pistols skirt shoot and this one…. Very hard, but I think this Joy Division skirt outfits take the first place 🙂 so well done! Love the striped shirt and the grey scarf, they pull the outfit together so nicely… The silver jewelery rocks!

    1. Thanks Idil! I love silver jewelry, too. Glad you liked this pictorial!

      My Depeche Mode shoot is this weekend. My husband keeps finding these cool places to take pictures, which really pulls things together.

  2. yay! you’re wearing the heels!! i love them even more on. i also like how you refashioned the outfit to look almost completely different by giving it a new silhouette. i like the part about how you didn’t have an olive colored trench so you used this jacket you already owned. that’s such a great example of using the wardrobe you have at hand to put together awesome outfits and not just relying on new stuff. =)

    Kristy ElĂ©na – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

    1. Thanks Kristy! You’re so right. New stuff is always great, but to me, the fun is in the re-invention.

      Aren’t the heels fantastic? I’ve worn them nearly everyday since I got them (I think I do that with everything I get that I love, lol).

  3. Hello! Thank you for commenting my blog. I see we have a few things in common: both #teamkristy, both contestants in refinery 29 and both over 40 fashion bloggers! Tuesday I am posting a blogroll of over 40 bloggers, so am adding your name to the list now.
    -Bella Q
    PS: the Joy Division skirt is rockin’! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

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