She’s Dressed in Black Again

Something about Depeche Mode just makes me want to wear everything black. In this case, it’s ok because the bright red “Violator” rose breaks up the black quite nicely. This is another item from Idle Vice’s Fashion Rocks line, and by far my favorite for all the reasons you may think: it’s my favorite all time group and it’s one of my favorite all time albums.

We found these murals outside a Mexican restaurant called El Camino, which is in Little Italy (Downtown San Diego). The sunlight was perfect and created such wonderful contrasting light because of the time of day we were there. With such a fantastic exterior, we will have to go inside to see if the food is just as good.

Outfit: Idil Vice dress; Bamboo shoes; Vintage velvet bolero; Vintage Judith Leiber clutch; Burberry sunglasses

(Photos by Deon Chen)


  1. Those shoes! I’m kind of over-obsessive when it comes to shoes, and I have to say these are definitely obsess-worthy!
    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Ellie! I’m also very obsessive when it comes to shoes and I love those shoes, too. The heel is unusual, which makes them interesting.

      You have a great day, too!


  2. Wow, I adore this shoot! The dress and shoes look fabulous on you and I really dig the murals you guys choose! It just all comes together… I loved both other shoots but yeah, this one could be my favorite too… or can I like them all? YOU ROCK CYRILLYNN.

    1. Thanks Idil! Your clothes have made for fantastic pictorials, so it was easy for everything to come together. But I really did like this one the best.

      And of course you can like them all! 🙂


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