A Week in iPhone Pictures

This was a very busy week, so I’ll just post a few pictures taken with my iPhone.  This device is one of the best things I’ve ever owned because it combines all the things I need at a moment’s notice (music, camera, phone).  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Dominic watching Spongebob on the way to Las Vegas. Parents, invest in a DVD player for the car. Best. Purchase. Ever.

Screech at The Orleans. Yeah.

The game that won the ticket that paid for the Vegas trip!

Saw this place at The Venetian.  True Blood fans, do we dare ask what they serve at THIS bar?!

My hubby looking handsome at Mandalay Bay.

The Human League again (but we didn’t go)!

Finally found my all time favorite European cookie at TARGET.

Yes, I ended up doing a little shopping. These cute Qupid shoes were a MUST, don’t you think?  Hooray for color blocking!


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