Clean-Cut for the New Year

You’ll stay in the know with these mags.

Dominic has been really good lately at sitting still and really listening to the stylist when getting his haircut.  I guess part of it is because he can watch is favorite movies, “Cars” or “Cars 2”.  But I think a lot of it was because this time, he got to sit in their new “ride”:  a truck with flames painted on the side.  I love it when my son gets a haircut because he looks so fresh and clean-cut, although he definitely looks older.  My little boy isn’t looking so little anymore!  It’s always nice to ring in the new year with a neat little trim, which is what I think I’ll be doing before heading out for some fun.  Have a safe and happy new year weekend!

Dominic’s outfit:  Old Navy hat; Roots jacket; Disney “Cars 2” t-shirt; H&M striped shirt (layered); Calvin Klein jeans (handed down from cousin Riley); Lighting McQueen shoes; new Finn McMissile car (gift from Mommy!)

FTC Disclosure: Although this is a sponsored post, the opinions, pictures & content of this post are strictly my own.


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