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Weekend in Pictures: Zip It Up!

July 2, 2012

Zip liners: Cy, Deon and Rholnna

The zip line tower

We have gone to the San Diego County Fair every week since it opened this year, which we’ve never done before (the first time was Father’s Day, post here and this post marks the second time).  Now that they have offered this unlimited pass, any trip to the fair going forward is basically free.  Additionally, a promotional booklet called the “Passport to Savings” was being sold outside the fairgrounds of coupons that could be used both inside the fair, and then at vendors outside once the fair is done for the summer.  I wasn’t going to buy it, but the salesman said “Don’t let love tear us apart, get your Passport to Savings right here!” in honor of my Joy Division shirt, which meant that I just had to buy a booklet because he was so clever.  But I’m glad I did because some of the coupons were good for free drinks with purchase, buy one get one free items, or discounts.  The best discount was the $5 off of High Fly’N Zip Line, which my sister, my husband and I all took a ride on.  Deon went twice (that daredevil).

These are pictures from last weekend, and this time we brought along my sister and my niece.  Of course we indulged in more fabulous fair food, including fried cheese curds (yet another first).  We also have video evidence of our thrill ride (if the video is not currently below when this posts, it will be added at a later date).  Hope you had a great weekend!

Mei-Lin and Dominic being cute (sneaky alien!)

Ah, glorious deep-fried cheese curds!

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