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How Do You Feel About the Flatform?

July 6, 2012

My first pair of flatforms were slides from a few years ago by Steve Madden.  They were Asian inspired and were probably meant to be modeled after the Japanese geta shoes.  The wedge heel was basically an inverted trapezoid: wider at the top and angled smaller towards the bottom (I wish I had a picture).  While the concept worked visually and when I first walked in them at the store, walking in them for any prolonged period of time proved very awkward due to being off-balance.  Since them, I basically stayed away from the flatform, even as they gained popularity over the past year.

I recently bought a pair because my friend, Tanya, bought a pair from Urban Outfitters and they looked adorable on her (unfortunately, I no longer see the pair she bought online).  This is what prompted me to finally purchase the pair pictured above from Must Have Shoes.  My reasons for buying them were for functionality as well as style for my European vacation (I’m hesitant to go sight-seeing in anything taller than a moderate heel). 

I chose the pair by Nicole called “Gutsy” because of the snake pattern and espadrille wedge.  They looked a bit quirky and funky, but still felt light and perfect for summer.  After receiving them, I was a bit apprehensive about the shape, thickness of the heel and wondered what I would wear them with, how I would style them, but I was mostly concerned about how comfortable they would be.

Surprisingly enough, they became quite comfortable after I broke them in and they look cute with any style of jean, skirt/dress or short.  They don’t look chunky at all, and just feel like very tall flats.  You can’t see them, but this pair has a removable ankle strap, which I am actually keeping on to prevent them from flopping off.  All in all, I’m happy with this particular pair and if so inclined, I may buy a pair while out in Europe (I’ll be sure to put up any outfit posts as I wear them).  What do you think of the flatform?

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