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Ask Miss A: Charity Meets Style with a San Diego Connection

August 17, 2012

As Janice and I jaunt around London (we are having afternoon tea at Harrods today), I wanted to take a little time out to congratulate one of my San Diego blogger friends, Vanessa Barnes of Fashion Mixtape on her recent gig as a fashion columnist for Ask Miss A.  Below is a quick synopsis of what Ask Miss A is all about (from their site).  Cheers to Vanessa and I look forward to reading all of your wonderfully fashionable articles!

Miss A covers the intersection of charity and style in 21 major U.S. cities and offers informative content on a woman’s well-rounded lifestyle and interests. With a team of more than 30 editors and hundreds of writers, Miss A includes the latest and most relevant information on fashion, beauty, entertainment, food, family, city events and exclusive advice and recommendations for nearly one million unique visitors each year. Founded by Andrea Rodgers in 2008, Miss A was originally inspired by the Washington, DC socialite’s moniker “Miss A,” under which she gave advice to thousands of exclusive subscribers. Readers continue to turn to Miss A for advice and recommendations on everything from style to self-help, and are assured to get an answer that is heartfelt with a touch of Miss A’s Southern charm and sass.

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