European Vacation Day 2: A Spot of Tea & A Bit of Shopping at Harrods

In the previous two times I had been to London, it had not occurred to me to have formal tea while out there.  The first time I had travelled to London was on my honeymoon, and since that was my first time there, I wanted to take in all of the sights with my new husband.  Our second time out in London was to watch the San Diego Chargers vs the New Orleans Saints in the NFL International Series at Wembley Stadium, and afternoon tea just didn’t fall in line with that kind of trip (plus, I was five months pregnant at the time).  So this trip to London seemed like the perfect time to fit in an afternoon tea with my best friend.  I booked our tea at Harrods, which actually allowed us time to spend the early afternoon shopping beforehand.

Prim and proper on the Tube ride to Knightsbridge (the stop at Harrods).

There are 32 restaurants/cafes in Harrods.  Because there was no way that we could visit all of these eateries during our visit, we played it by ear for where we would go, other than our scheduled visit to The Georgian.  We first visited the famous Harrods’ Food Hall to grab lunch.  I have been to Harrods before and have visited the Food Hall, but my husband and I never actually ate there.  Janice and I each had a hand-carved roast beef sandwich, but I added English mustard to mine.  We also had fresh juices and a dessert.   Janice had the Creme Brule, and I had an oh-so-sweet caramel popcorn cupcake (it has a dollop of caramel in the middle).  It was quite the treat!

A close up of our desserts, yum!

After a bit of shopping down the street at Topshop (where I bought the pants from the previous post) and a couple of souvenir shops, we headed back to Harrods to have our tea at The Georgian Restaurant at 4pm.  The restaurant is on the fourth floor and is such a beautiful space that I could imagine someone having a wedding there.  We were decked out in pretty dresses for the occasion, although we did not don any hats.  Our menu consisted of freshly made sandwiches, home-baked English scones, a selection of tea pastries, and of course, our teas (the full menu can be viewed here).  I can’t recall what Janice had, but I had my standard Earl Grey.  It was quite the elegant affair, and I’m glad to have finally had the chance to experience afternoon tea in this way.  This is definitely something I would like to repeat again when next in London!

After our wonderful afternoon tea experience, we shopped a bit more (are you surprised?).  One of the floors was labeled “Christmas”, so we thought it would be just a few bobbles and ornaments as an introduction to the holiday season.  To our surprise, it was Christmas in August at Harrods and nearly an entire floor was dedicated to the occasion.  After that, we did our obligatory souvenir shopping, buying up lots of little trinkets with the Harrods name.  We then decided to have a little bit of silly fun in the toy section. 

We ended our fantastic Harrods experience at the Cafe Godiva, on the second floor.  Yes, you read it right, there is a whole cafe dedicated to Godiva chocolate.  Janice and I had what’s called a Chilled Chocolixir, which is described as “an icy blend of chocolate ganache, topped with layers of whipped cream.”  I ordered the white chocolate one and Janice got the milk chocolate version (full menu can be viewed here).  It was a delicious way to end our wonderful, yet busy day at Harrods.  Next post: a stroll along the Thames river that included trips to Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace.

All photos were by Janice Gutana except for photos 3, 4 and 14, which were taken by me, using an iPhone (photo collages are counted as one photo).


  1. Visiting Harrods was just something we had to do while in London. Never seen a store quite this huge . . seven floors taking up an entire city block, and selling everything imaginable.We hadn’t really done proper afternoon tea, and this seemed like a good opportunity. We were dressed casually, but not a problem. We were seated right behind the pianist, which really rocked (in a low key kind of way, ya know?).My wife had the tea and sandwiches. I was too hungry for that and had the club with mint tea. All very good, and our server was really nice, even spent a bit of time taking some pics for us.Beautiful decor, and well worth walking through the entire store to get there (kinda like Ikea). Nice relaxing experience energized us for some shopping afterward.

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