European Vacation Day 3: Take Me to the River (Thames)

On our third day in London, we decided to take the advice of one of our cabbies and start off at The Houses of Parliament and just walk all the way down to the Tower Bridge.  But first, we grabbed a bit of breakfast, so I thought I’d share what I had.  We went to a place that was walking distance from our hotel called the Moulin Grill.  I absolutely love bacon in any form, and British bacon is more like ham than what we are used to in America.  Either way, it was a tasty and inexpensive way to have my traditional English breakfast (no beans, but with grilled tomatoes).

We hopped on the tube on the Jubilee line and headed towards Westminster.  This dropped us off right in front of Houses of Parliament and The Clock Tower, otherwise known as Big Ben.  We took a walk along the Westminster Bridge to where the London Eye is located, which is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe.  It was quite crowded (I’m sure due to the fact that it was a Saturday), so we choose not to ride it. Instead, we snapped pictures of ourselves with the attraction in the background (only my picture is shown).  After we passed the London Eye, we noticed that we were on a trail called The Jubilee Greenway, which is 60 kilometers long and each kilometer marks one year of the Queen’s reign.  We then passed through the Soutbank, went into Southwark Cathedral and saw many other fantastic sites on the way to Tower Bridge.

My new studded Topshop shoes with my Rebecca Minkoff schoolboy.

Janice took this great picture of a sign on a bench.

Random shots around Southbank.

There was poetry posted all along the rails of a pier on the Southbank.  I loved this poem.

Millennium Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe

The sign above explains pretty much everything we saw on the approach to Tower Bridge.

Clink Prison Museum, Tate Modern, Southwark Bridge

Southwark Cathedral

I just really liked the lines and the way the angles looked in these pictures.

Sights of the Olympics were alive and well while we were in town, and we realized that we were actually between Olympic events:  The Summer Olympics games ended on August 12, but the Paralympics games began on August 29th.  Everywhere we went, we could see the Olympics’ mascots Wenlock and Mandeville.  At one point, Janice and I gave in and posed with one of them as we approached Tower Bridge.

Tower of London

After having lunch at a cute little place called Noodle Noodle, our last stop was Buckingham Palace.  There wasn’t a guard ceremony that day, so we just walked around, taking in the enormity of the grounds.  In the picture below, we are standing on The Victoria Memorial with Buckingham Palace in the background (Janice is pictured on the right).  Below that is a great picture of The Mall, which is a ceremonial route to Buckingham Palace. The last pictures are of the gateway to the Queen’s Gardens, the Queen’s Gallery (we only went to the gift shop), and a marker for Princess Diana’s memorial walkway.

Gateway to the Gardens at Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s Gallery and a marker for Princess Diana’s Memorial Walkway.

It was amazing how long of a walk we actually took from Westminster Bridge all the way over to Buckingham Palace!  But is was a fantastic walk, and I want to thank our cabbie for suggesting it to us.  It was quite a lovely day for a long stroll, and it did take us the bulk of the day to do it.  Next post: The Rewind Fesitval at Henley-on-Thames on Temple Island.

Please note that most photos were taken with my iPhone unless otherwise noted.  Photos 4, 6, 7, 17, 20, 21, 22, and 23 were by Janice Gutana (photo collages are counted as one photo).


  1. I attend Southwark Cathedral daily for worship, and after searching, I came across your Blog accidentally. Good to see your pictures from inside the Cathedral. Did you see the Harvard Chapel (as John Harvard was born here), or thevshakespeare memorial ( as his brother is buried here). You have good pictures.


    Matthew (a Londoner).

    PS Sorry your fry up English Breakfast looked rubbish! I hope you get a better one soon. Ask
    For the full monty and you’ll get the works!

    PPS enjoy London and being in the UK!

    1. Hi Matthew! I definitely enjoyed my trip (it was about 2 weeks ago). We only went to Southwark Cathedral on this visit (this was my 3rd time out to London).

      I know it wasn’t the best version of an English breakfast, but it was quick and cheap, and close to our hotel, lol. I’ve had better when I was out there before. I’m not too keen on the beans, so what I had was good enough lol! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. You get an excellent view of the heart of government, from the Houses of Parliament (with the Big Ben clock tower, see picture 4) to the government buildings in Whitehall and Buckingham Palace at the end of the Mall. You can also pick out Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square and the unmistakably spindly shape of the Post Office Tower.

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