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Keep Calm & Listen to Depeche Mode

September 24, 2012

Ah yes, I’m still on my European vacation high.  I have a couple of “Keep Calm and Carry On” catch phrase items that I brought back with me in the form of a magnet and tumbler.  I found the above image through Google on Red Bubble (click the picture to buy the shirt, I’m going to buy one). I know it’s how I definitely keep calm!

Here are a few pictures that show just a bit of my Depeche Mode collection, which includes Recoil and solo projects by Martin Gore and Dave Gahan.  I sometimes use them as subjects for the “Photo a Day Challenge” themes on Instagram because the themes have words that appear in their lyrics or song titles, and that album or single will be the first image to pop into my head (if you want to join in on the “Photo a Day Challenge” meme, go to Fat Mum Slim for details).  Some day, I’ll do some kind of photo essay of everything I own that is Depeche Mode related.  Until then, I’ll continue to share photo collages of selections from my collection. 

August 26: Dream (Dreaming of Me, 7″ UK imported single)

August 31:  Hidden (Hidden Houses by Dave Gahan from the album Paper Monsters)

September 16: Strange (Strangelove 7″ and 12″ domestic singles; Strange & Strange Too on VHS; A Strange Hour in Budapest on Blu-ray DVD and USB by Recoil)

September 18: Price (Early Depeche Mode song called Price of Love on Live at Crocs vinyl album from Amoeba Music)

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