Countdown to Fashion Week San Diego: Focus on Fashion Trucks

Lafayette Hotel Collage

In anticipation of the days that I will be attending for Fashion Week San Diego, I’m putting up a couple of events that happened during the month of September that I finally got around to posting.  My head was so full of excitement over Depeche Mode, and I just had to get that out of my system before I could focus on all things fashion related.  Back on September 7th while I was at the Disneyland Resort with my family, my best friend Janice attended an awesome pool party event at the Lafayette Hotel featuring some of San Diego’s most fashionable shops on wheels: fashion trucks!  I did a feature last year on a fashion truck called Therapie Boutique (post here), so I was excited to know the genre was starting to expand.  This last Friday, San Diego Style Bloggers also announced an event this past weekend featuring some of the same trucks.  I thought I would include Janice’s pictures from September 7th, and I hope to attend an upcoming events featuring fashion trucks and actually talk to these fashionable entrepeneurs!

IMG_20130907_170546_865 (1280x853)

From left to right:  Cara, owner of Steps to Steelo; Ingrid, owner of Ing’s Bling; and Katie, owner of Stop Shop & Roll.

IMG_20130907_174339_526 (1280x853)

IMG_20130907_164404_897 (853x1280)

IMG_20130907_164625_755 (1280x1280)

IMG_20130907_164708_763 (960x1280)

Steps to Steelo:  Facebook and @stepstosteelo on Instagram

IMG_20130907_154900 (1280x1280)

IMG_20130907_153235_927 (1280x959)

IMG_20130907_153304_137 (1280x1279)

IMG_20130907_154456_905 (1280x853)

Ing’s Bling: Facebook and @ingsbling on Instagram

IMG_20130907_174329_272 (1280x959)

IMG_20130907_173947_185 (1280x853)

IMG_20130907_174305_162 (1280x853)

IMG_20130907_173955_018 (1280x959)

Stop Shop & Roll: Facebook, @STOPSHOPROLL on Twitter and Instagram

(All photos by Janice Gutana)