Winter Hair Care Tips From Terrell Mitchell of Bellus Academy


I’ve been very lucky to receive so many tips to share with Any Second Now readers on how to feel fabulous and stay beautiful during these crazy winter months.  Here are some great tips from Terrell Mitchell, Alumni Association Outreach Coordinator for Bellus Academy, and the new Grand Prize Winner of Project Runway’s Photo Challenge!

1. Protect your hair from the elements: Where a hat to protect your hair from the weather. Also, make sure to wrap your hair with a silk scarf first, so it won’t snag your hair when you wear a hat for some warmth.

2. Don’t wash your hair everyday: If you normally wash your hair every day, cut back during the winter so you don’t catch a cold with your pores being open out in the cold.

3. Get a Trim: Keep your hair in good health by coming into your local Bellus Academy and getting a nice trim to take care of all the dead/split ends.

4. Get a deep conditioning treatment: This will really help with the dryness from the heater in the home and cold winds outside. Bellus offers the best deep conditioning treatments.

Bellus_Terrell's PR Photo Challenge Submission

Terrel’s winning submission to Project Runway’s Photo Challenge!

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  1. Tip #2 changed my hair forever. I used to wash it everyday and my hair was so frizzy because of that and washing it every other day has made it a lot easier to manage. Dry shampoo has definitely become a must-have for me.

    1. I agree, Laura! I had the same exact problem, and it’s because my hair is so thick and coarse. I also wash every other day, with dry shampoo in-between! We totally have so much in common 🙂


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