Doin' Time in the Moonshine Jungle

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It’s been crazy trying to get regular posts up because of my family’s busy schedule.  For instance, Deon and I will be spending our anniversary in Palm Springs this weekend (where I’ll be shooting some outfit posts).  In the meantime, the next two posts will be music related, starting with concerts we’ve been to in the last couple of months.  Following the Boy George concert in April, my husband and I attended a Bruno Mars concert at the Hollywood Bowl in May.  Then over the 4th of July weekend, we saw Sublime with Rome as a spur of the moment date night.  Both of these recent concerts were favorites of my hubby, and most likely concerts I may have not attended on my own.  But that’s the wonderful thing about being married: you get to experience things you may not have because you want to be with the person you love.  I’m so lucky that Deon loves music as much as I do, because these were absolutely fantastic shows.  What concerts have you attended so far this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Pharrell in concert 2014

Pharrell Williams opened up the show…with a very special guest.  He said “Would anyone like to see the Queen of Awesome?”  This confused many people in the audience, until we heard the first few words of the song.  Awesome doesn’t begin to describe the performance.  Check out the brief video below!

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 One of the highlights of the evening was when Bruno Mars played a medley of songs they used to cover when he played smaller clubs and bars.  One of the songs was “Your Love” by The Outfield, one of our all time favorite songs.  These tickets and the whole weekend were already a birthday present for my hubby, so hearing that song was like the concert was personalized for him.  Then the show ended with fireworks. So perfect!

Bruno Mars Setlist Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, USA 2014, Moonshine Jungle

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I really like the shirt I got for Deon.  I got a different one, but I think I’m going to find that one and get it in my size!
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What a fun venue!  Neither of us had seen a show at The Mandalay Bay Beach!
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Sublime Selfies 2014
Our silly drunk selfies!