Frequent Flyer Tour: Chromeo in Concert

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Last Wednesday, my husband and I went to see Canadian duo, Chromeo in concert at SOMA.  SOMA is a venue I’ve always wanted to see a show at, but never really had the chance to, because any show I would attempt to see there would be sold pretty quickly.  I’m not sure what cosmic synergy happened with Chromeo, but as soon as I saw the date on their Instagram (original post here), I dove in and scored tickets!

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We arrived really early, which meant jockeying for position as close to the stage as possible, without compromising comfort.  I like hearing the music played prior to the concert, because I understand that it’s the artist’s choice as to what gets played during that time.  The music ranged from 70’s to 80’s, consisting mostly of R&B, soul and pop.  I loved that they played “Right on Track” by The Breakfast Club, and I could see the kids all around me using their Shazam app to find out other tracks throughout the early evening like “Meeting in the Ladies Room” by Klymaxx or “No Parking (on the Dance Floor)” by Midnight Star.  Little did they know they had an encyclopedia of 80’s music right next to them!

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The night began with an hour set by Australian EDM producer/DJ, Wave Racer.  His upbeat and incredibly danceable set was quite popular with the mainly Millennial crowd, and my husband was very interested in what he played, being a DJ himself.

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Later, Dave 1 and P-Thugg stormed the stage with all kinds funkiness and groove, accompanied by a dynamic light show and the crowd chanting loudly “CHROM-E-O, WHOA-OH!”.  I’m pretty sure we danced the entire night, and it was nice that they acknowledged that the crowd was a mix of their more seasoned fans, along with those of us who really jumped on board with the album “White Women”.  Now that we’ve heard a nice little spectrum of their music, my hubby and I are on a mission to go back and grab the rest of their library.  We heard everything we wanted to hear from their latest album, and a full set list of their show is below, courtesy of  It truly was a fun evening filled with great dance music from beginning to end.  If you get the chance, go catch Chromeo in concert, you won’t regret it!

DSC05043 (2) (960x960)My favorite shot of the evening, no filter needed!

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My first piece of vinyl bought at a concert.  Check that off the list!