Fashion Sobriety: Reformation of a Shopaholic

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Life has thrown my family a few curve-balls that I didn’t see coming, which has caused me to reassess what’s important.  I know my blogging has been quite sporadic lately, and it’s because I have been trying to manage things in life that are outside of fashion, family outings and leisurely meals.  To ensure I keep my head above water and that I really and truly understand what’s important for myself and my family, I have decided to stop shopping for one year and undergo what I’m calling “Fashion Sobriety”.

I am the worst kind of impulse shopper.  I see lovely things and I want to buy them, and I try in all manner of ways to justify the purchase.  Being more in tune in the fashion industry in the last five years with my blog has made me realize how much fashion cycles and reinvents itself.  Why not do the same for my own closet for just one year?  Rather than buy something new once I see a trend, I should be going into my closet and seeing if I have the pieces needed to complete the look.  Do I have a basic pencil skirt that I could wear with anything?  Rather than four trendy trench coats, I shouldn’t I just have one good classic one?  Do I really need six pairs of black pumps?

I mean, I like shopping. Is there anything so wrong with that?
I mean, stores are put there to enjoy.
The experience is enjoyable… well, more than enjoyable. It’s beautiful.
The sheen of silk, draped across a mannequin.
The smell of new Italian leather shoes.
The rush you feel when you swipe your card and it’s approved, and it all belongs to you.
The joy you feel when you’ve bought something and it’s just you and the shopping.
All you have to do is hand over a little card.
Isn’t that the best feeling in the world?
Don’t you wanna shout it from the mountaintops?
And you feel so confident and alive, and happy, and warm.

-Rebecca Bloomwood, Confessions of a Shopaholic

Even though my birthday is next month, I have decided to start my “Fashion Sobriety” now.  So here are some self-imposed rules I have come up with to manage my year of “Fashion Sobriety”.

  • I must purge my closet, consolidate & edit all of my apparel, accessories, purses and shoes down.
    • I will donate or sell any items I no longer want as needed.
  • I cannot shop (meaning exchange of money at an actual store or online) for any new apparel, accessories, purses and shoes for myself for the duration of one year starting April 6, 2015.
    • I can shop for my son, husband, and others as needed.
  • I can shop for other things such as food, toys, music related items (that are not clothing), anything recreational or that is a necessity that is not related to clothing.
  • I can receive fashion related items as a gift from friends and relatives.

As a blogger, I have to include the fact that I do review and give opinions on fashion items, so I have worked in a couple of rules related to blogging.

  • I can receive fashion related items if they are for review for my blog. 
    • I can only purchase if I am given a coupon (or coupon code) for a discount or a gift card if it is directly related to a review.

I think that covers it!  I’ll definitely be tracking my year of “Fashion Sobriety” here on the blog, so I hope you’ll all follow along.  Cheers!

(Top photo courtesy of Quote to Remember)


  1. Hey, if you are going through your closet and you know there are clothing I like and you want to get rid of just send it my way, to your little sister! 🙂

  2. Hi Cy,
    Wow, that is quite a challenge! I plan on cutting back on my shopping too but know its going to be hard. Hope everything is ok 🙂 I have some exciting news – will text you 🙂

    1. Hi Tanya!

      Thank you! I know, it will be quite the challenge, but I’m ready for it.

      Yay for your exciting news (we talked since you post this comment). We need to do lunch soon!


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