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So I Creep

IMG_0931 2 (1279x1280)

I’ve always wanted to own a proper pair of creepers.  For me, they’re just so reminiscent of Duckie Dale from Pretty in Pink (“I remain now, and will always be, a Duckman”).  When I was a teen in the 80’s, creepers were a bit out of reach on a minimum wage budget.  Then I sort of forgot about them in the 90’s and early 2000’s.  With my 80’s nostalgia in very high gear lately, imagine my luck when I found a pair of classic black suede ones by T.U.K. on sale at Hot Topic.  I knew the perfect outfit to wear with them, blending a couple of 80’s trends, wearing a bright neon shirt with a checked headband and badges.  I wore this outfit to the office for a little bit of a dress down Friday, and also for my mom’s surprise birthday party.  It’s quite the casual, yet put together outfit.

DSC03519 (2) (854x1280)

So I Creep Collage

Outfit:  T.U.K. Black Suede Original Creepers and Union Jack pin from Hot Topic; Topshop black denim pinafore dress (old, but here’s one similar from ASOS); Unknown brand neon shirt, checked headband and tights; The English Beat pin from their 2013 concert at the Belly Up (post here); Vintage tie; Rebecca Minkoff Jody “C” leather pouch; Eva glasses in sepia c/o Bonlook

moms birthday 2014 2

Our families during my mom’s surprise birthday on January 25, 2014.  My mom is holding a picture of my father.

January Record a Day: Days 5 Through 12

Record A Day Jan 2014 Collage 2

Here is another recap of the “record a day” photo project I’m participating in on Instagram.  Have I mentioned just how much I’m loving this?!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 9

Collage 1 (top photo, clockwise from the top left):  1) Day 5: Compilation/soundtrack – I bought “The Exposed 2” compilation because of The Hitmen & OMD. The Hitmen was a group Alan Wilder was once in; 2) Day 6: Picture Disc – “Fantastic Day” by Haircut 100.  This is from my sister’s collection (which is at my house); 3) Day 7: Any 7 inch – Oblivious by Aztec Camera, one of my faves;  4) Day 8: An album from the 80’s – “Mange Tout” by Blancmange from 1984.

Collage 2:  Day 9: Transparent colored record -“Closer” by Joy Division, purchased from Third Eye Record Shop during Record Store Day last year (post here).

Jan 2014 Record a Day 10

Day 10: Any 10 inch – “Backwards and Forwards” by Aztec Camera. I thought I lost this!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 11

Day 11: Collection of an artist – My largest vinyl collection is by far that of Depeche Mode. These are just the singles (not yet pictured are my 12 inch records, albums and special editions).

Jan 2014 Record a Day 12

Day 12: Artist that starts with J – Japan. “Gentlemen Take Polaroids” is my favorite song by them.

You Can Never Win or Lose, If You Don’t Run The Race

IMG_5196 (2) (1280x1280)

Check off yet another group on my 80’s bucket list: Janice and I got to see The Psychedelic Furs in concert!  Due to an epic fail on my part, I had tickets to their sold out show at The Belly Up on June 1st.  But because I wanted actual tickets rather than tickets printed from my computer, I thought I would wait until closer to the show to go to the venue to purchase real tickets.  Thank the retro gods that they were the headlining act for The Rock n Roll Marathon on June 2nd.  In an ironic twist, the show was FREE!  No ticket stubs from this show, but I did get my shirt.

DSC01404 (2) (1280x960)

Fresh faced with no make-up at 10am!

We arrived at our secret parking place at 10am and walked over to Petco Park, where the end of the race festivities were being held.  It was pretty crazy and hectic when we arrived.  I believe the half-marathon runners arrived as we got there, and I wish I got pictures of the crazy amount of people in the parking lot.  Once we got in, we made our way upstairs to search for the stage area.  After finding it, we made our way down and sat just a few rows away from the stage, which allowed me to take the amazing pictures in this post.  This had to be the earliest I had ever watched a concert in my life!  During the show, I spotted my friend Eileen and her sister, who actually ran in the marathon.  Realizing I was just there to see the show, I felt slightly inadequate.  I think I need to make running in a marathon also a part of my bucket list.

DSC01448 (2) (1280x1280)

“The Ghost In You” 45 vinyl single from my personal collection (original video here).

RNR Marathon Collage 2

After a few celebratory congratulations to runners from all over the world, The Psychedelic Furs strolled up to the stage.  They played all the songs I had heard on 91x for so many years: “Heartbreak Beat”, “Heartbeat”, “Heaven”, and of course the hit from the movie, “Pretty In Pink”.  I know a lot of people think the song was made for the 1986 movie of the same name, but the song was actually a remixed version of their original from the album Talk Talk Talk back in 1981.

DSC01429 (2) (1280x960)

DSC01430 (2) (1280x1280)

I wanted to make sure I got these signature moves from “Love My Way”.  See the original moves in the video here.

When my standout favorites “Love My Way” and “The Ghost In You” come on, I felt complete.  When I think of “Love My Way”, I think of the first time I heard it during the movie “Valley Girl” back in the 80’s.  When I was telling my husband that Janice and I were going to the show, he said he recognized that Furs song from “The Wedding Singer”, a movie about the 80’s.  What prompted me to really want to see the Furs was hearing the live version of “The Ghost In You” played on Friday’s Resurrection Daily on 91x.  Steve and Oz decided to play the song in honor of their Belly Up show, and mentioned that if you missed the show on Saturday, they have a free show at Petco Park.  At that point, I was on a mission to see that song live, and I’m so glad I did.  “The Ghost In You” is a gorgeous song that gives me goose-bumps each time I hear it, and just floored me to hear it live.  Richard Butler still sounds fantastic to this day, and I am so glad we woke up early on a Sunday to see this awesome show live.  Hope you had a great weekend!

DSC01425 (2) (1280x1280)

Psych Furs Collage 1

DSC01435 (2) (1280x937)

DSC01431 (2) (1280x960)

DSC01416 (2) (1280x960)

I don’t quite remember the order of songs from the concert, but the set list below seems to be very similar.

The Children of 80’s Teenagers

Bubba and Mama in Joy Division

Growing up in the 80’s, it would be fitting that my sister and I should have our children dress accordingly.  Or, at the very least, wear shirts of our favorite groups from the 80’s.  As if on cue, Dominic decided the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were among his favorite superheroes (just like daddy) and he likes The Best of The Human League (he can find the album on my iPod without assistance).  Dominic can sing nearly all the words to the Royskopp version of “Puppets” and if you ask him, he can tell you mama’s favorite group is Depeche Mode, all of which tickles the soul of my inner 80’s teen.  Who knows, maybe Mei-Lin will like Jem and the Holograms?  I think she’ll stick to Hello Kitty for now.

Dominic Run DMC Collage

Oh yeah, it’s tricky!

Mei in Beastie Boys Collage

Mei-Lin was totally 80’s back when she was three, with leg-warmers AND side ponytail!

DSC01100 (2) (854x1280)

Dominic in the same shirt.  Can I call it “vintage” rather than “hand-me-down”?

DSC00950 (2) (896x1280)

A little Flash Dance, Mei-Lin’s outfit was courtesy of yours truly (she added the Hello Kitty).  I think I wore the exact same thing in the 80’s!

IMG_4969 (2) (1280x1280)

Of course Dominic has a Depeche Mode shirt. Was there any doubt?

IMG_5073 (3) (853x1280)

I found that John Cusack shirt at Hot Topic a several years ago, intending to turn it into a pillow.  I’m glad I saved it so that Mei-Lin could rock it!

DSC01363 (2) (853x1280)

DSC01366 (2) (854x1280)


Sing Out Loud & Dress the Part!

I posted on Wednesday that I went to a wonderful musical called miXtape with my sister during the end of last month, which celebrates the music and events of the 80’s decade.  Part of the fun of going to miXtape is that they encourage dressing the part, which my sister and I embraced fully.  I dug out badges of my favorite groups, found my PopSwatch, piled on the bracelets and featured my spiked belt.  These were all my accessory staples as a teen growing up in that awesome decade.

My sister arrived at my house with several “costume” choices, so that we could make sure we didn’t show up to the venue with the same shirt.  This proved to be the right choice, because we both would have worn our Duran Duran shirts from the 1984 “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” tour.  We also made conscious efforts to not wear any neon, sliced sweatshirts or workout gear.  It puzzles me to this day as to why it is the common impression that everyone in the 80’s dressed that way.  We wore what was called “mod” back then (kind of a “goth light”), and if you watch any British music show from the 80’s (like Top of the Pops), you’ll see that what we wore was more the norm.

When we arrived, we both were quickly aware that this wasn’t the regular night to wear 80’s gear.  I later found out that it was “Ladies Night” and that wearing 80’s gear in a group of 10 or more meant a free beverage (but there was only my sister and I in our “group”).  After the shock of seeing most of the viewing audience in regular play-going-evening-wear, we said “oh well” to each other and resigned to have fun regardless.

Oh what fun we had!  It didn’t matter what genre of music was playing, we knew all the words and sang along.  When it was a song by a group we loved, we sang a little louder.  We stood up and cheered during the entire new wave section of the musical, and I think I squealed a little when they sang “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode.  After the final curtain call, the band closed out by playing the entire song “I Melt With You” by Modern English.  My sister and I stayed behind, danced the way we did when we were teens, singing all of the lyrics.  The band pointed to us and waved, acknowledging our enthusiasm.  As we danced, a few more people stayed and danced along with us.

Outside after the show, we breathlessly chatted like we did whenever we left a concert we loved, reminiscing about our favorite parts.  We stood next to a couple who I overheard talking to another couple saying “There were these girls next to us who sang the entire time, ugh!”  As we walked away, I asked if my sister heard them, which she didn’t.  She did look back and said that they were the couple siting next to her, so I knew they were talking about us.

As I thought about it more and as my sister and I discussed it while walking to the car, we decided that it shouldn’t matter what others thought about what we wore or that we sang the entire time.  We grew up in the featured decade of miXtape, and every moment brought back a flood of memories.  When we initially walked in and thought “Uh-oh!  No one else dressed up…”, we quickly got over those feelings because the point was to have a good time.  The website clearly encouraged dressing up, and we weren’t about to pass up a fun opportunity.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, we should definitely follow Romy and Michelle’s lead during events like this and just embrace who you are and enjoy the moment.  They were happiest when they got out of their “Business Women” outfits and wore their own creations and danced, uncaring of the people who ridiculed them back in high school.  I was one of those kids who were “left of center” and I still march to my own drummer.  Outside of my family, fashion and music are very important aspects of my life and some of the best times were wrapped up in the decade of the 80’s.  It was a time of my own self-expression, which really emerged though what I wore and what I listened to, which is what I believe the creators of miXtape were trying to evoke for those of us who grew up in that decade.

To quote Bella Q (again) of The Citizen Rosebud:  Life offers options. Dress for it!  Totally have a great weekend!

miXtape: A Musical Trip Back to the 80's

As a Christmas present for my sister last month, I found a great deal through Groupon for tickets to a show called miXtape.  We both were teens in the 80’s, so we’ve talked about and attempted to go to miXtape before, but just could never quite get it together.  My sister had vacation time between Christmas and New Year’s, so we picked a day and finally made plans.

When I posted about it on Facebook, a friend stated that she went with a large group who dressed up in 80’s gear and she wished she joined in their fun that night.  I also read that there is a “Ladies Night” and “80’s Night”, so when I suggested it to my sister, it really didn’t take much at all to convince her that we would partake in the festivities.  Although we realized later that we could get a free beverage if we dressed up as a larger group, we were stunned to be the only ones in full 80’s gear at the show (more about that in a post later this week)!

The premise of the show is around a “mixtape”.  I remember making many of these as a teen, for many reasons, and even to give to friends.  A mixtape is just a compilation of music recorded on a cassette tape, like a play list on iTunes.  What the musical presents is that a mixtape or play list can be a diary of point in time, reminding ourselves of what we did and where we were at that time in our lives.  The medleys consisted of not just songs of the 80’s, but also television show themes and movie quotes (which included a bit on one of my favorite John Hughes movies, “The Breakfast Club”).  They walked through different genres of music from top 40, to rock, to metal, country and my favorite, new wave.  They had a bit on the kids who were “mods” like myself (consider it “goth-light”, if you will) as well as the trends of the times.  It wasn’t all about happy times, but poignant ones like the Challenger crash and the beginning of the  AIDS concerns.

What we enjoyed the most was that we could sing to every song to a fantastic live band, and that they really did span all of the 80’s.  The parts we thoroughly enjoyed of course the parts that included new wave, which basically was all of the music you can find on my favorite XM Sirius station, First Wave.  They even had a snippet of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” because one of the characters fell in love with a guy who stood her up at one of their concerts and left her a mixtape.  Within the stroll through new wave memories, they had an entire medley of music by Duran Duran who they touted as “the best looking boys in rock” (so true at the time, and still are in my book).  Although the new wave bits brought back the most memories, a truly fun part of the show didn’t have to do with any of that.  Our seats were pretty much dead center of the small theatre, so we were hard to ignore in our full 80’s gear.  My sister was serenaded by all the males of the musical during one of the slow songs, which really pulled us into the show even more than we already were.

If you are at all a fan of 80’s music, television shows, movies and enjoy clever musicals, miXtape is a must see.  miXtape runs until February 26, 2012 (it was extended for the last two years).  If you are in the San Diego area, grab tickets, take a bunch of friends, and most of all, sing out loud and dress the part!