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This Is What I Do: Boy George in Concert

Boy George Collage 1

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In the wake of Culture Club’s UK tour announcement (dates here), I’m finally posting my pictures from the Boy George concert my hubby and I attended last month.  With Dominic in Las Vegas at the time, we were able to travel to LA for the concert, which was at The Belasco Theater, right next to The Mayan (Boy George had a concert there the following day).  We were lucky we arrived early, not only because the line ended up going around the block, but because the police were in full force due to the Clippers game.  In fact, we met a really nice cop while filling up at a gas station, who is a huge 80’s music and Depeche Mode fan, but regretfully didn’t know Boy George was playing that night.  Later while in line, we met a lovely couple, with whom we ended up hanging out with for the duration of the evening.

Other than a near altercation between my husband and an overeager and inebriated concert goer during Church of the Poison Mind, the show was absolutely fantastic.  Boy George sounded better than ever and his band was wonderful.  Hats were the featured accessory, and my husband received recognition from Mr. George from the stage at the start of the concert, complimenting him on his choice of fedora for the evening.  I read a lot of reviews to get a feel for what the show would be like.  So I was not at all surprised to find that The Boy featured a fabulous mixture of songs from his new album This Is What I Do and crowd pleasing Culture Club songs.  Comments from concert goers on different forums criticized the song choice, but I liked the mix of music: this was a Boy George concert, not a Culture Club concert.  Although I would have loved to have heard Time (Clock of the Heart) live, I was nearly in tears to at least hear Victims.  Deon’s favorite song was Karma Chameleon, and I really enjoyed Nice & Slow from the new album, and Everything I Own, although one obvious omission was The Crying Game.  The full set list for The Mayan show can be found below, which was the same as The Belasco show, and I will add Nice & Slow live from the concert, as soon as it uploads.  Oh yeah, another exciting part of the evening was hearing that Matt Goss was in the same building (I included a picture from Matt’s Twitter account).  I’m so glad we made the trek to LA to see such an incredible show!

(Edited to add: Nice & Slow is now up!  See the video below.)

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That line went around the block!

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The Boy himself!

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Matt Goss with Boy George after the concert from his Twitter account *sigh*.

The set list from The Mayan concert, which was pretty close to the show at The Belasco.

(Nice & Slow live!)

Randomness: Sold!

Don’t Take My Mind On A Trip

Boy George Live in Concert 2014Such a great song by Boy George (although I heard it’s one of his least favorite collaborations).  Oh, did I mention my husband are going to see him in a sold out concert in Los Angeles on April 29 at The Belasco Theater?

IMG_1551 (2)I’ve included the video to Boy George’s latest single from his new album This Is What I Do called “My God”, and also “Don’t Take My Mind on a Trip”, just because I love it, even if he doesn’t (sorry Mr. George).

Record Store Day 2014


That’s right kids, it’s here again!  Record Store Day is on April 19, 2014 and they have got a wonderful selection of exclusives, including gems from R.E.M., The The, Death Cab For Cutie, and Husker Du.  The one release that has me the most excited is “An Ideal for Living” by Joy Division on 12″ vinyl.  For the full list of RSD releases, click the picture above.  To find a participating store in your area, click here.  Happy hunting!

Vinyl Junkie

This is my next t-shirt.  My name is Cyrillynn, and I am addicted to buying records.  Thank you.

I still buy records t-shirt

(Top image courtesy of BoyGeorgeUK.com. Images 3 & 4 courtesy of RecordStoreDay.com)