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2 for 1: Great Clog Blog and a Shoe Discount!

Charli-C in Black Suede - Jeffrey Campbell

I entered a contest through a blog entry at Jeffrey Campbell’s official site, which was through another blog called “Every Clog Has It’s Day“.  When entering the contest, I mistakenly thought that the entry was from the JC blog and only realized after not winning that it is its own blog (click on the link or check out my Blog Roll).  

What a very cool blog all about…clogs!  This gal truly has a love for the shoe, and why not?  I’ve always liked clogs myself (I own 3 pairs) because of the vintage feel and bold look they provide any outfit.  Stylish and natural (due to the wood), it provides a sort of whimsy feeling for me.  I think of my bakya (wooden clogs) from the Philippines when I was 8 that I bought at the palenke (marketplace).  My family took a trip there and I brought back a pair of the colorful shoes.  I wore them until they couldn’t fit.  They were beautiful:  I remember the carvings in the heel and embroidered upper fastened with nails…I think I’ve found my source for all things to do with the wooden shoe.  What a great blog Lindsey and thanks for that little trip down memory lane! 

I didn’t win a pair of Jeffery Campbell’s shoes, but I did get a great discount at a site called Lori’s Shoes out of Chicago.  While you had to enter the contest to get the deal I did, first time visitors get $10 off of your purchase of $75 or more by taking a survey located on a link at the site or by entering your email to subscribe to their newsletter. 

(UPDATE:  I just bought the Jeffrey Campbell pair pictured in this blog!) 

Enjoy this 2 for 1 entry about a great shoe blog and a great deal!  I’ll surf a little on both while my little one is taking a snooze.