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Resolution Goals for 2016: Closet Clean Out!

UXUS6474I must confess that I purposely didn’t further discuss my attempt at my “Fashion Sobriety” (original post here) because I failed so miserably.  I was doing well for about two months, and just crashed and burned.  I’m a shopper, and I can’t deny it.  Knowing myself and that I enjoy shopping immensely, what I can do is redirect how I shop and what I shop for.  I’m in a better position financially, so I’m going to do my own version of a capsule wardrobe, by purchasing more investment pieces and mixing it into what I love.  I realize now that my hair can be an “accessory”, updating my style with color and cut.  With my hair and other accessories, I can incorporate some of my favorite brands like Miista, Boy London, Irregular Choice and United Nude with higher end pieces to keep that “edge” that I’m always looking for.  This means I’m officially going to clean out my closet by selling older beloved higher end designer and mid-price pieces that have a lot of life left in them, and then donating the rest.  I can proudly say I’ve put my mini-light studio to good use and have already started an Any Second Now store on eBay (click the link to take you directly there)!  All listings are good for 30 days, and I will relist what doesn’t sell immediately.

Here are the first eight pairs of shoes I’m selling on eBay, directly from my closet, including the ones pictured above.  In fact, one pair has already sold, which really surprised me at how fast it happened.  I’ll be adding more items often, so I hope you stop by and check them out.

Happy shopping!