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Bloomingdale’s: Cargo and Carry

Blank Skinny Cargo Pants - Bloomingdale's

I’m loving the “Skinny Cargo” style that I’ve been seeing lately.  Bloomingdale’s has a nice section on their site called “Denim Alternatives” that shows off the brands they have for this cute trend. 

My husband loves the cargo shorts to play golf in and to relax in for our mini family trips on the weekends.  So now my son has adopted his relaxed style with his own little cargo shorts.  I’ve always liked that rugged yet urban/utilitarian look cargos have, especially now that it’s in a slimmer more stylish look which fits my taste a bit more. 

What I also found on the Bloomies site was their “Bag A Day” give away.   If you just found out about it like I did (how did I miss that email?), then you also missed out on a weeks worth of  “Bag A Day” entries.  Fear not my fellow fashionista!  There is still time to get in on the action until August 15th.  Just go to the Bloomingdale’s site and click on the link on the very bottom of the page to enter your information, or you can click here:  Bag A Day.  I’ve already started my entries…is it wishful thinking to start making room for in my closet for them? 

Everything Old is New Again

Hermes Pale Green Silk Pochette Scarf Pierres d'Orient et d'Occident - Portero Luxury

The search for online vintage items is a fickle thing:  Sometimes the find is great and sometimes it’s far less than what you hoped.  Ebay is a good start, but I have discovered a better place. 

Portero Luxury is one of the best places to find luxury items for a fraction of the cost.  I’m not sure how many people are in the hunt for Hermès scarves, but I was able to get it at a decent price.  It’s a Pierres d’Orient et d’Occident pochette scarf by Zoe Pauwels, which was originally issued back in 1988 (from what I’ve read, and I don’t claim to be an expert by any means).  Granted, it’s not a shawl, stole or large scarf, but it is vintage Hermès.  

Portero labels their items by their condition (examples: Good, Fair, Very Good, etc).  This scarf was labeled “Pr” for “Pristine”, meaning it was never used and came with the original box.  Portero stands behind their authenticity or you get your money back.  Plus, there is no bidding.  Everything is has a static price.  

I will always use Ebay for my initial searches.  But if you are in the market for vintage items that are guaranteed authentic, give Portero Luxury a try.  It’s the difference between hoping and knowing.

Coach (coupon) of the Week

I think I’ll try the Coach Factory Outlet store at the Carlsbad Premium Outlet this time around to use the 20% off coupon that I received today in my inbox.  Then I’ll make a pit stop at the Juicy Couture outlet store and the Barneys New York outlet, too. 

The picture on the right should take you to a coupon you can print.  If you can’t click on the picture, click on this link to get your coupon:  20% off Coach Coupon until Aug 8

Happy shopping!

Last Call: 40% off One Item

More deals from my inbox!  Neiman Marcus really knows how to get to a gal.  Back to Last Call I go, because I just can’t pass up this one:  40% any one regular priced item July 28 & 29.

If you can’t print this email from the picture, click here:  40% Off One Regular Priced Item

Juicy Deal: 20% Off!

Juicy Couture has been one of my favorite lines for years.  I remember when I found out that Gela Nash-Taylor (one of the original founders of the line) is married to none other than John Taylor of Duran Duran, one of my all time favorite bands.  I thought, “All is right with the universe…”

But I digress (if only slightly)!  Here is a coupon for you to print out and get a sweet deal of 20% at any Juicy Couture specialty store until August 1, 2010 (full priced merchandise only).

If you can’t print out the picture, follow this link:       Go Couture Yourself!

Weekend Acquisition

Colette in black satin – Loeffler Randall

We went to Las Americas Premium Outlet again this weekend.  Deon got a few things at the Nike outlet, but we didn’t find anything for Dominic.  I made a point to stop by Coach to use my 20% off coupon.  I couldn’t decide on what I wanted, so I’ll go back again next weekend.  However, I did find something very cool at Neiman Marcus’ Last Call yet again.  

I know this pair are from a couple of seasons ago, but that’s ok.  The ruffle detail is still very current, and will dress up any outfit.  I bought a few pairs when they had their Go International line at Target and I truly like their style.  They are Colette black satin shoes by Loeffler Randall.  

I almost bought them when they were half off and I decided to wait.   Originally, they are about $425.  With all of the discounts from the sale that I posted a few days ago (“Last Call Does it Again“), I was able to get them for $57!  

Bargains are out there my friends, but you do have to do quite a bit of searching.  Just remember to check if your shopping buddies are willing to stay for the hunt (and make sure there is food close by)!

Put me in, Coach!

Coach Factory Outlet - Good through 7/25/10

 Here’s another great deal (my inbox is full of them!):  Coach Factory Outlet already has great prices, but you can enjoy an additional 20% off by printing the coupon in the picture on the right.  

It’s good through July 25 and you can click here for locations near you!