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An Old Favorite

I bought this coat at the first H&M I ever went to at The Eaton Centre in Toronto, Canada.  This was back in 2004 when the US dollar was doing very well.   It was a tough year because my father had just passed away, so my mom went to spend the summer with my dad’s sister to be close to his family, and to have some breathing room.  I had flown to Toronto at the beginning of that summer with my mom, then flew back to bring her home because she hated to fly alone.  I stayed there for a week before coming back to San Diego, so we went on a few little trips while I was out there.  During one of our day trips, we went to a resort casino called Fallsview, which was called so because of the spectacular view of Niagra Falls.  I went tooling around Niagra while my mom and aunts played the slots.  Thirty minutes before the bus arrived to take us back to Toronto, my mom came out of the casino and whispered to me that she won $1500 Canadian!  She gave me $500 of it to go on a shopping spree at H&M.  Isn’t amazing how many memories a simple coat can evoke?  Now you know why it’s one of my favorites.

Outfit – H&M coat and velvet pants; White House Black Market top; Matiko shoes; Rebecca Minkoff purse; Dominique Cohen for Target necklace; Wendy Brandes & Juicy Couture rings; iSee glasses ℅ GlassesUSA

Golden Lights

I took advantage of the lack of foot traffic by my house to take these photos.  The light had this lovely golden hue that you just can’t recreate with photo enhancements or even a flash.  It made even my silver ring look golden.  I took my Matiko shoes for another stroll because they just deserve to be out and about whenever and wherever I can wear them.

Outfit – Zara sweater; H&M jeans; Rebecca Minkoff purse & wrap bracelet; Matiko shoes; Michael Kors watch; Dominique Cohen for Target necklace; Wendy Brandes ring; iSee glasses ℅ GlassesUSA

Beau Coeur

Magazines to satisfy your appetite.

This is one of my favorite necklaces.  It’s by Dominique Cohen when she had a line at Target.  It says Beau Coeur, which is French for “good heart”.  I love that it has a very vintage and aged look to it, which makes it perfect for all of my fall to winter outfits.  This is also the first of the three new pairs of boots that I have bought since the Thanksgiving weekend.  I have worn these boots everyday since I bought them, creating outfits just so I can wear them again.

Outfit – INC sweater; Cotton On shirt; Guess jeans and boots ($99 at the Guess store!); Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip purse; Mango sunnies; Dominique Cohen for Target necklace; Juicy Couture and Wendy Brandes rings; Michael Kors watch

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