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"Kendra's Vegas Night Out" Style Challenge: Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades

I’m always up for a good challenge, especially when it tests my fashion chops.  Imagine my excitement when I was asked by travel expert Kendra Thornton to participate in a style challenge to provide a look for her upcoming trip to Las Vegas!  She has asked that we assemble our looks for her, with our own personal style and creativity.  I’ve included her plans for the evening below to show where my inspiration came from for her night on the town in Las Vegas.

Kendra wanted a look that could go from a lovely dinner and show, to a night dancing at the Moon Nightclub at the Palms.  I picked the Aster dress by Erin Fetherston because it’s short, sassy and has swing for dancing, but still looks quite sophisticated and dressy.  The navy color of the dress pairs well with the black accessories for an overall chic look.  I love purses and shoes that stand out, so I adore the details of the story book clutch and bow accented shoes.  I titled my style board “Queen of Spades” partly due to the obvious Vegas theme, but also because all of my accessory choices are from Kate Spade.  That scalloped pave ring looks like a little crown, no?

I hope Kendra likes my style board, and I hope she has a fabulous time in Las Vegas!

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Kendra’s Vegas-themed Fashion Challenge

In a few weeks, I’ll be heading to the Palms Casino and Resort in Vegas for a weekend getaway with a group of friends. But as a mother of three, I’m in need of some fashion advice! Too much of my current clothing screams “busy mom.” That’s where you come in! I’m looking for help putting together outfit ideas that will complement my weekend full of activities. I want to look stylish, a little flirty, but still age-appropriate. Your challenge is to help me come of with a wardrobe I can wear for my getaway in Vegas.

While I’m at the Palms Casino & Resort, I’ll definitely be hitting up Moon Nightclub — one of Vegas’ hottest dance parties. The club is a giant spectacle of lights and music, where some of the best-known Vegas celebrities come to see and be seen. I’ll be certain to spend some time of the dance floor, but I might also relax at a private booth with a group of my friends. It will be a chance to debut my best dance moves, but I’ll also have the opportunity to relax and kick back with my friends if we decide that watching the party is more our scene.

The perfect outfit for my trip to Vegas will be able to reflect my plans at the Palms, and will ensure that I look my best hanging out at such a luxurious and well-known resort. It needs to be suitable for a night on the dance floor, but also be appropriate for heading out to a nice dinner or a show at one of the Strip’s luxurious hotels. Help me to look and feel my best by putting together the perfect outfit for my night of fun. Being a mom of three doesn’t mean I can’t look great and enjoy a unforgettable trip to Vegas with my friends.

In The Navy

I’ve fallen in love with my new pair of navy blue suede Naughty Monkey boots that I bought recently on Zappos.com (seen here). It’s no surprise that I’ve worn them almost everyday since I bought them and even wore them shopping all day two Saturdays ago. The mid-heel makes them comfortable for walking and perfect for any outfit. I wore them with jeans and leggings for a few days, then decided to try them with my pretty little bird printed dress (last seen here). The navy blue color just makes them pop against anything I’ve worn, especially black.

Outfit: Erin Fetherston for Target jacket (seen here); Burberry sunglasses; Cotton On dress; Naughty Monkey boots; Zac Posen for Target belt; Kate Spade bag; Juicy Couture ring

Velveteen Rabbit

I bought this Erin Fetherston for Target shirt awhile ago, but never found an opportunity to wear it.  Now that I’ve worn several animal-themed pieces of clothing (a bird print dress and leopard jacket come to mind), I felt that I could finally bring out my fun rabbit print shirt.  It’s also been awhile since I’ve worn this jacket.  It’s not really velvet, but it’s a fine enough corduroy that it feels like it. 

I wore the jacket and shirt with one of my favorite styles of pants:  the wide-leg.  I have several incarnations of the wide-legged pant, and these Guess jeans are one of the widest I own.  I like these types of jeans rather than the flare because they are full all the way through the leg instead of tight in the thighs up until the wide part extends from just below the knee.  I like the way the jeans were a little distressed and faded, so I couldn’t bring myself to have them tailored.  So now I just wear them with my super-high platforms, like these Jeffrey Campbell suede clogs.  But even these jeans were almost too long.  You can see my clogs barely peeking out from beneath them.

Outfit:  Unknown brand fine corduroy jacket; Bebe crown brooch; Erin Fetherston for Target shirt; Guess jeans; Jeffrey Campbell suede clogs.

Photos by Deon Chen

Hearts & Flowers

The weather is so ever-changing that I did start getting out my coats this week.  I wore my wellies to work earlier in the day because of the rain, and brought my new booties from Lulus.com to change into at the office (you can still get an exclusive 15% off discount until Oct 29 with this code).  The rain lightened up a bit and I was able to get a few pictures in a couple of my favorite pieces:  a floral print dress by Alice Temperley and a black wool empire waist swing coat with velvet accents by Erin Fetherston, both from their “Go International” lines for Target. 

This jacket is so well made and the heart applique on the back and pockets makes it that much more adorable.  I wore it everywhere when I first got it.  The empire waist was great for when I was pregnant and went London during the fall two years ago.  I only saw it on one other person just this year, when my husband and I were in New York in May.  It was the first coat I thought about when the weather started to cool down, and will be a coat I return to time and again.

Outfit:  Erin Fetherston for Target wool coat; Alice Temperley for Target floral print dress; Target tights; Mixx Sarah 01 Black Suede High Heel Ankle Boot (seen here in gray)