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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: H&M Conscious

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After being sick for a few days earlier this week, my husband finally got me out of the house for some necessity shopping.  This included a trip to the grocery store and to our local mall.  We quickly stopped in at H&M before heading to Target, where I found an adorable sweatshirt (that cute number pictured above to go with my new YRU kitty flats) and some even cuter socks (not pictured).  I carry an H&M reusable bag with me everywhere as a quick “go to” bag for any kind of emergency, fashion or otherwise.  After being rung up, I asked the sales person to please use my reusable bag to house my new purchases.  He informed me that as a thank you for doing so, I received 15% off of my sweatshirt, and he gave me another coupon to use again on another item of my choice.  What a pleasant surprise!  H&M has made quite an effort to be a more sustainable company with their “H&M Conscious” campaign (I have a jacket from this line, worn here and here).  Like the discount I received for using my reusable bag, you can also receive coupons for taking part in their “Garment Collecting” initiative by bringing your used clothing to be repurposed to be either reworn, reused, or recycled (the stores have receptacles for the Garment Collecting).  I truly enjoyed receiving such a lovely little surprise for just my own small effort to be sustainable.  If you are shopping this weekend and find yourself near an H&M, maybe you can do the same.  Cheers!

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(Note:  This is not a sponsored post, and I was not approached by H&M to endorse their “H&M Conscious” campaign.  I am simply impressed by their sustainable fashion efforts, and wanted to share my experience with the readers of Any Second Now.)