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Gotta Have Grayson!

I’m in love.  Check out these shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.  These will definitely be a part of my first after Lent binge purchasing spree because they are just too fantastic.  Hello Grayson, my name is Cyrillynn.  Welcome to my closet!

(Images courtesy of Lori’s Shoes. You too can purchase a pair here!)

Spring Shoe Fling

One of my favorite pairs of shoes at the moment are the “Lita” platforms by Jeffrey Campbell.  After seeing a spring teaser email from Sole Struck (where I purchased my Litas), I decided to make my wish list of shoes that I would love to add to my wardrobe.  The one in the middle is a pair called “San Diego”, isn’t that great?

Spring Shoe Fling

Spring Shoe Fling by sighgee featuring platform shoes

Remix Update: Outfits 5 & 6

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Not a whole lot of green in this post, except for maybe the ivy next to me and a little bit of the leaves of my dress.

I broke down and bought the rose-gold watch that I have been eyeing for the past 2 weeks now. One of my friends just bought a rose-gold Michael Kors watch recently and I secretly lusted after it from afar. It has a vintage vibe to it, which reminds me of my father’s watches. This beautiful rose-gold watch with a dark pearlized face is also by Michael Kors. I promise that this watch is the last purchase until after Easter. The watch is so pretty up close, and this picture doesn’t do it justice.

From the “30 for 30” rules, outfits can be worn over a period of any 30 days. I really do intend to only remix during the days of Lent. If I don’t go anywhere that requires the use of an outfit from the remix, then I will extend the days so that the outfits reach 40. Since I didn’t go anywhere on Sunday, I will go over by 1 day (so far). So here are outfits 5 and 6, which was this past Monday and Tuesday. Isn’t this Kinder Aggugini dress adorable? The whole line at Macy’s is great, and I hope that it’s still around after Easter.

Outfit: Previously remixed – Cotton On sweater

Kinder Aggugini for Macy’s dress; Target tights; Prada shoes; Michael Kors watch; Coach sunglasses; American Apparel leather pouch

I have 3 skirts to choose from, again of varying lengths. I wanted to make this outfit a little on the easy and casual side for my new Jeffrey Campbell “Kelley” oxfords. I love the cut-out effect because while they are definitely brogues, they feel like sandals. I’m glad that I could get 2 styles for the price of one, which opens up my remixing even more. Speaking of remixing, I seem to have already worked this Cotton On cardigan into 3 outfits already. Plus, I’ve used the American Apparel leather pouch with every outfit so far. I guess I’ve discovered couple of a staples!

Outfit: Previously remixed – Cotton On sweater

Forever 21 t-shirt; Mossimo for Target skirt; Jeffrey Campbell shoes; H&M belt; Michael Kors watch; Coach sunglasses; American Apparel leather pouch

In Your Room

I took a couple of pictures in one of my favorite rooms of my house. My son was taking a nap while my mom and I were getting ready to go to a family party. I snapped a couple of pictures while I was lounging around waiting for him to wake up so we could get him ready, too. I kept my outfit simple for the get-together. I really love these lace-up Jeffrey Campbell shoes I bought from Bona Drag. They are deceptively comfortable and look great with so many outfits.

We remodeled our house after my father passed away, and I wanted our living room to feel like someone who was well-traveled decorated the room, which is the very definition of my father. My mom suggested the crown molding, which I absolutely love. I kept it very masculine by choosing earthy colors for the walls and couch, which worked with the existing dark woods of the Grandfather clock and piano. I incorporated a lot of the things my father bought during his travels while in the Navy. I then sprinkled in some vintage looking pieces, like five Tiffany lamps and the Hunter fan that looks like a throwback from another era.

The other inspiration for this room was my friend Trudy’s house. She has this very comfortable couch, on which I had slept on a few occasions after late night concerts or parties in Los Angeles. I made sure that we had big fluffy couches and lots of throw blankets so that friends would feel the same way I did in Trudy’s house: warm and cozy.

Outfit: Guess jeans; Old Navy sweater & tank top; Cotton On scarf; Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Shoe Dazed

I’m sure it’s been apparent that I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping lately. I also recently joined Polyvore, so I created a set of some of the things that I’ve purchased (aside from the previously mentioned Juicy Couture venture). I seem to have amassed several pairs of shoes, including two pairs from Jeffrey Campbell.

If you are not familiar with Polyvore, it’s a site where the user can create “sets” and “collections” that can be shared with other Polyvore users, through social media places like Facebook, or they can be embedded in a blog, like I did here. I’m nowhere near being website savvy, so it took me a little while to figure out how to embed the image here, but I finally did. I hope you enjoy my first venture on Polyvore!

(Please note that I actually purchased the Naughty Monkey boots on Zappos.com.)

Shoe Dazed by sighgee featuring naughty monkey shoes

Velveteen Rabbit

I bought this Erin Fetherston for Target shirt awhile ago, but never found an opportunity to wear it.  Now that I’ve worn several animal-themed pieces of clothing (a bird print dress and leopard jacket come to mind), I felt that I could finally bring out my fun rabbit print shirt.  It’s also been awhile since I’ve worn this jacket.  It’s not really velvet, but it’s a fine enough corduroy that it feels like it. 

I wore the jacket and shirt with one of my favorite styles of pants:  the wide-leg.  I have several incarnations of the wide-legged pant, and these Guess jeans are one of the widest I own.  I like these types of jeans rather than the flare because they are full all the way through the leg instead of tight in the thighs up until the wide part extends from just below the knee.  I like the way the jeans were a little distressed and faded, so I couldn’t bring myself to have them tailored.  So now I just wear them with my super-high platforms, like these Jeffrey Campbell suede clogs.  But even these jeans were almost too long.  You can see my clogs barely peeking out from beneath them.

Outfit:  Unknown brand fine corduroy jacket; Bebe crown brooch; Erin Fetherston for Target shirt; Guess jeans; Jeffrey Campbell suede clogs.

Photos by Deon Chen

Careless Memories

Objects, places and even clothing can stir up a lot of memories.  For some reason, striped shirts and Oxford flats always remind me of Duran Duran in their early days (except they had white jazz Oxfords).  I could never find those shoes back then in white, so I always wore Vans or Keds when I was trying to dress like them. 

Duran Duran had such style and they still do today.  I consider them one of the best dressed bands of the 80’s (Spandau Ballet is another band that comes to mind).  They were one of my favorite bands during the early part of my teens, until I discovered Depeche Mode (and everything shifted).  But when I think of impeccable suits and luxe in the 80’s, I always think of Duran Duran.

We found these electrical boxes painted as Rubik’s Cubes while driving on the way home from work one day.  I thought it very appropriate since I felt that I was channeling early 80’s Duran Duran with my outfit.

Outfit:  Old Navy “Prep Coat” and skinny black cargo pants; The Limited striped shirt; Jeffrey Campbell canvas Oxfords; Burberry sunglasses; Tiffany & Co necklace

Photos by Deon Chen, except for the Duran Duran photo (source unknown)