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Elastic Wonder’s Kickstarter Project Revisited: The Affordable LeggingShoes™!


Last year, I posted about one of my favorite designer’s, Idil Vice, Kickstarter campaign asking for support of her version of the Pantashoes through her company Elastic Wonder (post here).  Well, after a few months of trial and error, Elastic Wonder has returned with the LeggingShoe™!


“The LeggingShoes™ features a very soft sheen and an elastic waist band. The LeggingShoe™ is made in the U.S.A.

Our Stiletto shoe has a 3.75″ “ice pick” heel and once it’s covered with our spandex, it can be wiped with a soft clean cloth.”


The Elastic Wonder Kickstarter campaign has been updated to include only the LeggingShoes™ with 7 ways to contribute.  In fact, there is an “Early Bird” special where you can get your own pair of LeggingShoes™ in your favorite color at a great price if you participate soon.

Let’s help Elastic Wonder get to their goal to ensure these fantastic LeggingShoes™ are funded and manufactured!


Elastic Wonder’s Kickstarter Project: The 80 Solid Colors Spandex Leggings & Pantashoes Solution!

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Fashion powerhouse Balenciaga introduced the “Cosmetic Pantashoes” taking the thigh-high boot to a new level by creating a legging/boot hybrid.  I love the look, and it can be worn so many ways, as in the images below from The Daily Mail (article here).  While the look is sleek and very fashion forward, the price tag of $2,850 may be a little more than most of us can afford.

Daily Mail Pantashoe Collage 1

Balenciaga’s Pantashoes

LeggingShoes Collage 1

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Elastic Wonder’s LeggingShoes™

One of my favorite designers, Idil Vice (see posts here, here and here of her rock inspired designs), has a second company called Elastic Wonder, showcasing her amazing spandex clothing line.  To expand her current line, Idil has a Kickstarter project that will offer a more affordable version of the Pantashoe called the LeggingShoes™.

In addition to the fabulous LeggingShoes™, her new Kickstarter project also features 80 fabulous solid colors of her spandex leggings and tights, as seen in the images below.  With fall just around the corner, these leggings, tights and LeggingShoes™ will brighten up any wardrobe!

There are 15 different ways to back this fantastic project, and you know I’ll also be supporting it as well.  Click the link below for the Kickstarter campaign, and check out samples of the the colors Idil will offer of the leggings and tights, including a color card of all of the colors that will be available at Elastic Wonder once we help her hit her goal!


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_MG_4633s - Copy

_MG_4651_rt_small - Copy

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(All images, unless otherwise noted, are courtesy of Elastic Wonder)