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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Part 2!

ASN Gift Guide 2015 Main 2

As promised, here is part two to my “Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide”!  This list of gift ideas is designed to help you with the music lovers in your life in addition to more for your fashion loving friends and family.  The titles of each section will link directly to how you can purchase each gift idea.  Enjoy and happy shopping!


Spotify Subscription

Spotify Gift Guide 2015 2

I love Spotify.  I love it so much that I subscribe to Spotify Premium not only because I have access to a seemingly unlimited database of music, but also for the ability to eliminate ads and save music on Spotify so that I can listen to my playlists without the need to use wi-fi or phone data.

For a limited time only, you can give the gift of a three-month subscription of Spotify for only $.99!

(Photo capture courtesy of Spotify)

VNYL Subscription


I’m a very avid vinyl record collector. I try to participate in some kind of monthly record meme because I love to share my collection, and I love to see what my online friends are spinning.  If you would like to get someone special some vinyl of their own, buy them a subscription to VNYL and they can have their team of curators choose three albums a month based on their profile!

$39 will buy a one month subscription of 3 records. But if you really love someone, you can buy them a whole year subscription at $420 for 36 records.  For those of you in the California area, they have a flagship store in Los Angeles!

(Photo capture courtesy of VNYL)

M. Lineham Art


If you do not know Matthew Lineham is or his art, please let me introduce you!  I discovered Matthew Lineham’s incredible art on Instagram.  He has 16 “Saints” of New Wave, two of which I have purchased myself:  Simon Le Bon and Bryan Ferry.  Of the 16, I have seen six in concert, and I know he’s working on his Saint Dave Gahan one.  His pieces are truly a wonderful and unique gift for the 80’s alternative lover in your life and won’t break the bank at $15 each print.

Urbanears Headphones


Because I’m a Premium Spotify subscriber, I received a code to receive half off a pair of wireless headphones from Urbanears.  They have Bluetooth capability, where I can use it to not only listen to music, but pick up a call and swipe to the next song on my Spotify list!

Their line includes ear buds and full headphones, ranging in price from $29 to $99.


Love Tatum Gift Card


I first saw Love Tatum jewelry at a few local boutiques during blogger events.  But I really started to love the pieces after seeing them on my blogger friends like Laura Neuzeth and Vanessa Balli.  I bought my first pieces at Simply Local (two necklaces and a ring), and my most recent purchase is that gorgeous ring pictured above.  Created by Tatum Lenahan, you can give the gift of one of her amazing pieces by purchasing a gift card for your favorite fashionista!

Ja-Vie Shoes

Ja-Vie Gift Guide 2015

Any2ndnow on Ja-Vie Instagram

I reviewed Ja-Vie shoes recently after discovering them on Instagram (original post here).  These have been my go-to shoes lately, not only because they’re comfortable and cute, but so practical for this wet weather we’ve been having lately.  Another great gift for your fashionable friends because they so very affordable at $68 a pair!

And a big thank you and shout out to Ja-Vie for the lovely feature on their Instagram!

Bittersweet by Maria Shireen

Bittersweet Gift Guide 2015

Bittersweet Press

I instantly fell in love with Bittersweet by Maria Shireen bracelets after seeing them on BuzzFeed and even more so when I was invited to their press preview (link to the original post here and on their press page).  If you want to give the gift of style and functionality, these bracelets are your answer for that girl on the go.  As a refresher, these sleek bracelets are designed to hold any hair-tie, lifting it from your wrist and allowing it to blend in naturally with any arm-candy you may be sporting.

Girls Night Out With Aall In Limo & Duran Duran!

Duran Duran Collage 2015 2

Don’t we all have that group of friends we can do anything with?  For me, it’s my sister, my cousin Regi and best friend Janice.  They were all in my wedding, and we have gone to many nights out together, and most of them have been concerts.  Imagine my delight to be able to surprise my girls with a limousine ride to see Duran Duran in concert, courtesy of Aall In Limo & Party Bus!  Originally, there was to be six of us going, but sadly my friends Kim & Ian were not able to come, due to a mix up with their tickets.  So they left the bottles of champagne for us enjoy, which we did.  The limo was fully stocked with glasses and cold water for the ride there and back.  Our driver, Mike, was so awesome, ensuring he had a designated place for us to meet up at the end of the show.  Already excited for the concert, my girls and I agree that going to a show like this is definitely our favorite way to travel.  Thank you again Aall In Limo & Party Bus for a memorable night!


Ready for our girls night out!


Janice and Regi had no idea we would travel to see our favorite band in such style!


A little pre-concert music in the limo because we were able to plug in our cell phones directly to their stereo system!


Clean Bandit opened for Duran Duran, and they were great!


A shot during “Pressure Off”


“Rio” anyone?!  It goes without saying, Duran Duran sounded absolutely amazing in concert! 

Duran Duran Collage 2015 1

The obligatory “concert selfie”!  I’m wearing the “DELETE” shirt by Patty Palazzo and her brand, Punk Masters (check out the many shots of Duran Duran in her shirts here).


With my sister, Rholnna, in post concert bliss.  We finished off the champagne (and chased it with water).  I recorded “Hungry Like The Wolf” live and included the set list below.

FTC Disclosure:  I received a service and was asked to review the service in return.  Although I did receive the service as a courtesy, the opinions in this post are strictly my own.

Covered in Depeche Mode

Being on this shopping hiatus has given me the ability to refocus and put my energy into other endeavors.  As I’m sorting and editing pictures for some “Fashionably Late” posts, I’m also putting together more playlists on my Spotify account because I’ve suddenly got a list of concerts this summer that I’ll be attending.  In the midst of putting together “My Favorite…” playlists of bands I’ll be seeing like Spandau Ballet and Echo & The Bunnymen (which are my versions of “Greatest Hits” playlists), I decided to put together a playlist of Depeche Mode cover songs.  There are some that were known to me already (all of the ones from For the Masses), some I discovered while searching to see if there was a cover version of a certain song (like People are People by A Perfect Circle), and some I wish I could have added but just couldn’t find on Spotify (like Duncan Sheik’s Blasphemous Rumours or Monument by GusGus).

Initially, I posted this playlist on Facebook, and some friends reminded me of some songs that I forgot.  Of the songs I found, I placed them in an order that I thought was “audibly aesthetically” pleasing (like the juxtaposition of Marilyn Manson’s Personal Jesus next to the Pitch Perfect sounding Just Cant Get Enough cover by InsideOut).  Some songs repeat, because both versions were just too good to be left off (Cage9 and Nada Surf’s versions of Enjoy the Silence).  I had to end my playlist with one of my most favorite covers ever: Depeche Mode’s version of Route 66.

Below, you’ll find my Spotify playlist which I called “Covered in Depeche Mode”, and the full list of songs as well.  I’ve also added my Spotify playlist to the sidebar of my blog, and will change it up regularly.  Cheers and have a great weekend!

[spotify id=”spotify:user:1275356345:playlist:6ih3cRqkhhhaV2wgMf0ML5″ width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

I Feel You – Johnny Marr

Personal Jesus – Johnny Cash

Lie to Me – Razed in Black

Leave in Silence – Marsheaux

Enjoy the Silence – Cage9

Stripped – Rammstein

Walking in My Shoes – Finger Eleven

A Question of Time – Clan of Xymox

Ice Machine – Royksopp

Everything Counts – Real Life

World In My Eyes – The Cure

Personal Jesus – Marilyn Manson

Just Can’t Get Enough – InsideOut A Cappella

Master and Servant – Bernd Delbrugge & floorJIVERS

Never Let Me Down Again – Smashing Pumpkins

But Not Tonight – Scott Weiland

People Are People – A Perfect Circle

Policy of Truth – Dishwalla

Enjoy the Silence – Nada Surf

Just Can’t Get Enough – John Lindberg Trio

Route 66 – Depeche Mode

Want "Somethingood?" Listen to Chromeo!


A few posts back, I explained that I discovered a really great band, DIIV through our five-year-old son (post here).  Believe it or not, Dominic actually helped us discover another band even before DIIV, and it was by watching Yo Gabba Gabba.  On a segment called “The Super Music Friends Show”, Yo Gabba Gabba usually features awesome bands like The Killers, Jimmy Eat World, The Faint and The Shins.  We discovered Chromeo performing a song about washing hands a couple of years ago, and loved how funky it was.  We thought about going to their show last year, but didn’t know enough about their discography yet.  Deon heard “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” recently from Chromeo’s newest album White Women and we have been listening to them for over a month now.  Not only did we download the album on iTunes, we also have this fabulous album on vinyl.  Note:  Deon won’t let me open the record until he sets up his Technics. Darn!  and just this week, I purchased tickets to see Chromeo at Soma here in San Diego on October 10th.  If you haven’t heard anything yet from Chormeo’s latest album, here is a little taste of my favorites from Spotify.  Enjoy!

[spotify id=”spotify:user:1275356345:playlist:4rrE9O0UiUKUaGO6w8fjIn” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]


Chromeo Tour Dates 2014Top photo is from “The Chen Listening Station” as posted on Instagram (basically, my record player in our bedroom).  The second photo is tour list from Chromeo’s official Instagram.

Doin' Time in the Moonshine Jungle

IMG_2403 - Copy (960x1280)

It’s been crazy trying to get regular posts up because of my family’s busy schedule.  For instance, Deon and I will be spending our anniversary in Palm Springs this weekend (where I’ll be shooting some outfit posts).  In the meantime, the next two posts will be music related, starting with concerts we’ve been to in the last couple of months.  Following the Boy George concert in April, my husband and I attended a Bruno Mars concert at the Hollywood Bowl in May.  Then over the 4th of July weekend, we saw Sublime with Rome as a spur of the moment date night.  Both of these recent concerts were favorites of my hubby, and most likely concerts I may have not attended on my own.  But that’s the wonderful thing about being married: you get to experience things you may not have because you want to be with the person you love.  I’m so lucky that Deon loves music as much as I do, because these were absolutely fantastic shows.  What concerts have you attended so far this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

IMG_2364 - Copy (1280x1127)

IMG_2370 - Copy (961x1280)

Pharrell in concert 2014

Pharrell Williams opened up the show…with a very special guest.  He said “Would anyone like to see the Queen of Awesome?”  This confused many people in the audience, until we heard the first few words of the song.  Awesome doesn’t begin to describe the performance.  Check out the brief video below!

IMG_2397 (2) (927x1280)

 One of the highlights of the evening was when Bruno Mars played a medley of songs they used to cover when he played smaller clubs and bars.  One of the songs was “Your Love” by The Outfield, one of our all time favorite songs.  These tickets and the whole weekend were already a birthday present for my hubby, so hearing that song was like the concert was personalized for him.  Then the show ended with fireworks. So perfect!

Bruno Mars Setlist Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, USA 2014, Moonshine Jungle

IMG_2733 (2) (1280x1280)
I really like the shirt I got for Deon.  I got a different one, but I think I’m going to find that one and get it in my size!
IMG_2717 (2) (1280x960)
What a fun venue!  Neither of us had seen a show at The Mandalay Bay Beach!
IMG_2716 (2) (1280x951)
Sublime Selfies 2014
Our silly drunk selfies!

This Is What I Do: Boy George in Concert

Boy George Collage 1

DSC03904 (2) (1280x1277)

In the wake of Culture Club’s UK tour announcement (dates here), I’m finally posting my pictures from the Boy George concert my hubby and I attended last month.  With Dominic in Las Vegas at the time, we were able to travel to LA for the concert, which was at The Belasco Theater, right next to The Mayan (Boy George had a concert there the following day).  We were lucky we arrived early, not only because the line ended up going around the block, but because the police were in full force due to the Clippers game.  In fact, we met a really nice cop while filling up at a gas station, who is a huge 80’s music and Depeche Mode fan, but regretfully didn’t know Boy George was playing that night.  Later while in line, we met a lovely couple, with whom we ended up hanging out with for the duration of the evening.

Other than a near altercation between my husband and an overeager and inebriated concert goer during Church of the Poison Mind, the show was absolutely fantastic.  Boy George sounded better than ever and his band was wonderful.  Hats were the featured accessory, and my husband received recognition from Mr. George from the stage at the start of the concert, complimenting him on his choice of fedora for the evening.  I read a lot of reviews to get a feel for what the show would be like.  So I was not at all surprised to find that The Boy featured a fabulous mixture of songs from his new album This Is What I Do and crowd pleasing Culture Club songs.  Comments from concert goers on different forums criticized the song choice, but I liked the mix of music: this was a Boy George concert, not a Culture Club concert.  Although I would have loved to have heard Time (Clock of the Heart) live, I was nearly in tears to at least hear Victims.  Deon’s favorite song was Karma Chameleon, and I really enjoyed Nice & Slow from the new album, and Everything I Own, although one obvious omission was The Crying Game.  The full set list for The Mayan show can be found below, which was the same as The Belasco show, and I will add Nice & Slow live from the concert, as soon as it uploads.  Oh yeah, another exciting part of the evening was hearing that Matt Goss was in the same building (I included a picture from Matt’s Twitter account).  I’m so glad we made the trek to LA to see such an incredible show!

(Edited to add: Nice & Slow is now up!  See the video below.)

DSC03831 (2) (1280x1280)

That line went around the block!

DSC03848 (2) (1280x960)

DSC03880 (2) (1280x855)

The Boy himself!

DSC03853 (2) (1280x1280)

DSC03870 (2) (1280x960)


Matt Goss with Boy George after the concert from his Twitter account *sigh*.

The set list from The Mayan concert, which was pretty close to the show at The Belasco.

(Nice & Slow live!)

Record Store Day 2014 Fun & Finds


IMG_1874 (2)

IMG_1873 (2)

Another successful Record Store Day has come and gone, and of course, Lou’s Records has come through for me, yet again!  This time, my hubby and son came with me, and we all woke up early to make the trek to Encinitas to grab some #RSD2014 exclusives.  If you recall, my main goal was to grab the An Ideal for Living EP re-release by Joy Division.  I actually ended up getting that and so much more.  But I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  If you went to Record Store Day this year, what was your most favorite find?

IMG_1864 (2)

DSC03720 (2) (1280x931)

There was quite the line when we arrived.  I was number 99 at 9:30 am.

RSD 2014 Collage 2

Doing a little record shopping while waiting for our turn.  Dominic helped daddy look for something special…and it looks like he found some Depeche Mode for me!

RSD 2014 Collage 1

Dominic is so very patient and can keep himself occupied in any situation, as long as he has my iPhone.

IMG_1867 (2)Ready to get home with my treasures!

DSC03729 (2) (1280x960)#RSD2014 finds:  An Ideal for Living EP re-release by Joy Division; Indie Candy by the Pixies; Ready Boy & Girls? by Tears For Fears (it’s a white vinyl 10 inch).

DSC03730 (2) (959x1280)Awesome #RSD2014 freebies that came with every purchase, and I had two bags worth!  The Beatles bag was on the counter, and were free upon request (I got two and gave the other to my niece).

DSC03733 (2) (1280x960)An exclusive #RSD2014 shirt made by the folks at Lou’s Records.  LOVE IT!

DSC03732 (2) (1280x1104)“Vintage” finds:  Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls/Tubular Bells by Book of Love promotional 12 inch; 2×4 by Guadalcanal Diary; 1987 Tour promo of New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen & Gene Loves Jezebel 9 inch flexi-disc (the Lou’s folks said they had two on hand for a long time, and they both sold on RSD); Happy Families by Blancmange; U.K. Squeeze promotional copy; Queen compilation CD; Turn Back The Clock 80’s compilation CD for Pottery Barn (close up below because it’s a great CD).

IMG_1892 (2) (1280x960)