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The weather has been fluctuating between cool and a little bit warm, so I’m also a bit in-between with my wardrobe as well.  This shirt is a summer leftover, but I love the flow it creates with wide legged jeans.  I think these will be great transition pieces as the climate cools.  I can’t believe it’s already November!  Where did the time go?

(Do you like the longer tresses? Still deciding if I like my hair long or not…)

Outfit – Fossil shirt; Old Navy jeans; Jeffrey Campbell shoes; Rebecca Minkoff MAC purse; Coach sunnies; Michael Kors watch; Wendy Brandes ring; St. Christopher necklace from The Vatican

Old Print, New Tricks

I’ve worn this shirt before during my “40 for 40” remix.  This is also the outfit I wore when I went to dinner with the girls for Restaurant Week.  I paired the shirt with new pants that I almost didn’t pick up because of the odd color: dark green.  It’s not even a deep emerald or forest green.  But I liked that they are not black, which would force me to create new combinations.  It’s also a great color for fall.

It’s been a busy concert month already!  Not only did I get to see Erasure last week, but on Sunday, my sister and I saw OMD again but at Humphrey’s by the Bay.  Last night, I saw Howard Jones in concert at 4th & B , which was another fun night with Janice (and we met up with my friend, Merrick).  I’ll be sure to include pictures of what I wore along with pictures of the show for an upcoming concert review.  Hooray for more 80’s concerts!

 Outfit – Old Navy pants and shirt; Forever 21 tank; Matiko shoes; Rebecca Minkoff purse; Michael Kors watch; Cotton On hoop earrings; Wendy Brandes ring; Coach sunnies

Blocked in Blue

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I usually take my outfit pictures right when I get home from work.  There are days where my outfits last the day, but there are some days where I wish I could quickly through some steam.  This was basically the only shot where my clothes didn’t look so wrinkled.  I really wanted to capture the shoes that I bought a few weeks ago in Las Vegas and the pretty blouse I bought to bring out the blue in them.  I only realized later that the grey of my purse really tied everything together, bringing out the true color blocking of the shoes.

Outfit – Old Navy blouse; H&M trousers; Qupid shoes; Foley + Corinna moto bag; Michael Kors watch; Wendy Brandes ring; Coach sunnies; Tiffany & Co necklace

FTC Disclosure:  Although this is a sponsored post, the opinions, pictures & content of this post are strictly my own.

Red Zone

As I type this post, owners and players of the National Football League have decided to have a season after all!  In honor of the fun and folly of American football, I am wearing red.  For those who are not familiar with the game, the “Red Zone” is the area close to the end zone where a score can be made within 20 yards.  The score can be either by touchdown (6 points) with a “PAT” (1 point after touchdown), or it can be a field goal (3 points).

Here’s to hoping my San Diego Chargers will make it into the Red Zone as often as possible.  Their first pre-season game is against the Seattle Seahawks on August 11.  Cheers to the upcoming 2011 NFL season!

Outfit – Cotton On sweater; Old Navy jeans & shirt; MKRT shoes; Forever 21 purse; Michael Kors watch; Coach sunglasses; Wendy Brandes ring

Boys & Girls

We had a business casual day in the middle of the week, so I donned a menswear look in honor of a post from Ambu’s blog called “Non-Conforming Androgyny“.  In it, she wore a very sharp fitted suit and tie.  The post is a wonderful piece on her interpretation of non-conformity through androgyny, and how it forges individuality and forces people to think outside of the box.

As an 80’s enthusiast, Annie Lennox, Boy George, David Bowie, Grace Jones and The Human League all immediately come to mind when I think of androgyny.  From women in power suits to men in make-up, I was incredibly influenced by the androgynous look and loved to mix up menswear in my everyday look as evidenced by the picture below (circa 1989).

Outfit – Old Navy shirt; Harrods tie; Anthropologie pants; Gunmetal shoes; Rebecca Minkoff purse; Michael Kors watch; Coach sunglasses

(That’s me, at the tender age of 19. Have I changed much?)

I Gotta Dance!

When I put my iPod in his pocket and headphones on his head, Dominic had no choice but to groove. As I was trying to capture everything on camera, I realized that there would be nothing still about his moves. The blurred lines just enhance the frenzy of movement that was my son and his dancing.

Outfit: Roots t-shirt; Circo striped long-sleeved shirt; Wrangler shorts; Old Navy shoes; LIDS hat

Out of Focus

Sometimes you have to work with what you’re given and the best pictures from this little pictorial were not quite in focus. After putting them up and previewing them, I ended up liking the soft and blurry effect.

There’s a tiny bit of mixology in my outfit (ala The Glamourai) with the pin-striped skirt, leopard print shirt and tweed jacket. But it looked like rain, so I didn’t have time to take the jacket off before I dashed behind the mall to grab a few shots of what I was wearing while getting to my next errand.

Outfit: Tucker for Target jacket; Old Navy shirt; Forever 21 skirt; Target tights; Loeffler Randall heels; Vintage Judith Leiber clutch; Burberry sunglasses

(Note:  Today is the anniversary of my father’s death.  I didn’t want to call it out in it’s own post because my previous blog was almost exclusively about how I was coping with his death, and this blog is a celebration of life.  So in this blog, I decided to have celebration posts when it’s his birthday or my parents anniversary instead of marking the opposite.  I just wanted to take a moment to mention how much I love him and miss him.  I love you daddy!)