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#MODEMAY: Day 17 to Day 31

17 Personal Jesus ModeMay

Here are the rest of my photos from the #ModeMay Instagram photo-a-day challenge by DepecheMode.com.  I had SO much fun with this photo challenge!  True, part of the fun was getting two of my photos selected to be re-posted by DepecheMode.com, but most of the fun was the creativity, seeing all of the other wonderful pictures and meeting new people to interact with and follow on Instagram.  It’s nice to know there are so many kindred spirits who share the same love for Depeche Mode as I do.  As always, thank you for following along, especially when I indulge in sharing some of my favorite things.  Enjoy!

18 A Question of Time ModeMay

May 17th: Personal Jesus (top photo); May 18th: A Question of Time

19 Strangelove ModeMay

May 19th: Strangelove

20 Barrel of a Gun ModeMay

May 20th: Barrel of a Gun

21 I Feel Loved ModeMay

May 21st: I Feel Loved

22 Goodnight Lovers ModeMay

May 22nd: Goodnight Lovers

23 In Your Room ModeMay

May 23rd: In Your Room

24 Devotional ModeMay

May 24th: Devotional

25 Freelove ModeMay

May 25th: Freelove

World In My Eyes ModeMay

May 26th: World In My Eyes (selected by DepecheMode.com)

27 Behind The Wheel

May 27: Behind The Wheel

28 WIMS ModeMay

May 28th: Walking In My Shoes

29 Halo ModeMay

May 29th: Halo

30 TMOL ModeMay

May 30th: The Meaning Of Love

31 Enjoy The Silence ModeMay

May 31st: Enjoy The Silence (taken at Amoeba Music in Hollywood)

Keep Calm & Listen to Depeche Mode

Ah yes, I’m still on my European vacation high.  I have a couple of “Keep Calm and Carry On” catch phrase items that I brought back with me in the form of a magnet and tumbler.  I found the above image through Google on Red Bubble (click the picture to buy the shirt, I’m going to buy one). I know it’s how I definitely keep calm!

Here are a few pictures that show just a bit of my Depeche Mode collection, which includes Recoil and solo projects by Martin Gore and Dave Gahan.  I sometimes use them as subjects for the “Photo a Day Challenge” themes on Instagram because the themes have words that appear in their lyrics or song titles, and that album or single will be the first image to pop into my head (if you want to join in on the “Photo a Day Challenge” meme, go to Fat Mum Slim for details).  Some day, I’ll do some kind of photo essay of everything I own that is Depeche Mode related.  Until then, I’ll continue to share photo collages of selections from my collection. 

August 26: Dream (Dreaming of Me, 7″ UK imported single)

August 31:  Hidden (Hidden Houses by Dave Gahan from the album Paper Monsters)

September 16: Strange (Strangelove 7″ and 12″ domestic singles; Strange & Strange Too on VHS; A Strange Hour in Budapest on Blu-ray DVD and USB by Recoil)

September 18: Price (Early Depeche Mode song called Price of Love on Live at Crocs vinyl album from Amoeba Music)

Random iPhone Pictures: Frame by Frame

April 3 – Mail (this was my Easter dress)

For the picture themes in April’s Photo A Day challenge (by Fat Mum Slim), I found myself looking more and more at photo composition.  I tried to create interest by using the whole frame and I avoided centering my subjects as much as possible.  Here are my favorites so far.  Hope you had a great weekend!

April 4 – Someone who makes you happy (our son)

April 5 – Tiny (Dominic’s newest car next to a quarter)

 April 7 – Shadow (our son again, no filter)

April 8 – Inside your wallet (yes, Rebecca Minkoff again!)

April 10 – Cold (the ice cubes almost look metallic)

Random iPhone Pictures: Listen to This

February 29 – something you’re listening to #joydivision

As stated in a previous post regarding the “Photo a Day” meme from Fat Mum Slim (March’s photo theme list seen here), I’m more inclined to post musically themed pictures, and here are a few recent ones from March.  I’ve also recently gotten into hash-tagging my pictures (all of these were marked with a hash-tag of #marchphotoaday).  It’s interesting to see just how many people are trending the groups I’m listening to, especially Joy Division. 

March 1 – up #depechemode #thompsontwins

March 5 – a smile #depechemode #seeyou

March 7 – something you wore #duranduran

Random iPhone Pictures: It's Called a Heart

February 7 – Button

Here are more photos from the February “Photo a Day” challenge (original post here).  I’m enjoying this challenge because I feel it forces me to think about composition and subject, which allows me to not to be so literal.  I realize I’m always inspired by music when thinking about subjects other than myself or my family.  What inspires you?

February 11 – Makes You Happy (My husband and son saw “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” in 3D on the day I took this photo.)

February 12 – Inside Your Closet

February 13 – Blue (“It’s Called a Heart” by Depeche Mode on blue vinyl, imported from Germany, from my personal collection.)

February 14 – Heart (I called this “Human Heart Mode”.)

February 15 – Phone (“Old School” phone from Pottery Barn, so it’s not a true rotary phone.  My niece asked “Is that the kind of phone you used in the 80’s?”)

February 16 – Something New

Random iPhone Pictures: Like This Post!

February 1 – Your view today

I started participating (a month late) in a photo meme called “Photo a Day Challenge” by Fat Mum Slim.  Most of these photos are from the early part of the February challenge, which I did on Instagram.  My favorite was from the February 2nd photo theme called “words”.  This is great meme and I can’t wait to see the different daily themes for the rest of the year.

February 2 – Words (borrowed from @idilvice)

February 3 – Hands

February 4 – A Stranger (does Garfield count as a “stranger”?)