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Record A Day: February Wrap Up

Feb 2014 Record A Day 1a List

I know I didn’t really get a chance to post any of my “Record A Day” February pictures, so here is a complete wrap up.  Remember to follow me on Instagram if you want to see my day to day posts.  The March “Record A Day” list is already up, and it’s never too late to participate (see the last picture below).  Hope you had a great weekend!

Feb 2014 Record A Day 1b Resize

Day 1: Oldest record I own – My parents got us this when we were toddlers. It’s dated 1963 (but I was born 1970 & my sis was born ’73).

Feb 2014 Record A Day 2 and 3

(Photo 1) Day 2: “The Meaning of Love” by Depeche Mode in yellow colored vinyl. I didn’t have time to look thru my hubby’s record collection for marbled vinyl, so I just picked a colored record.  (Photo 2) Day 3: Don’t a 2014 release yet, so this is a special Depeche Mode 4 track release from 2011 during Record Store Day. It’s a promo of “Personal Jesus” that accompanied the 3CD Remix album. Details of I almost didn’t get it are in post here!

Feb 2014 Record A Day 4

Day 4: I have a record from a local band, but I’m saving it for another day. But I bought a record from a local San Diego musician who sells records outside of his music career. Who remembers  Skid Roper from the band The Beat Farmers (he used to also play with Mojo Nixon)? I bought a 7 inch from him for my mom on Record Store Day last year.

Feb 2014 Record A Day 5 to 8

(Top Row – Photo 1) Day 5: A box set – Louis Armstrong from the “Giants of Jazz” series. Another treasure from my hubby’s record collection. (Top Row – Photo 2) Day 6: This is a fantastic Gabriel and Dresden house mix of “Here is the House” by Depeche Mode. Don’t own a record that is a re-press, so I’m posting a favorite remix. I convinced my hubby to get it. The night he first spun it at an event, people were asking where he got it. I should have made him tell people his wife got it for him!  (Bottom Row – Photo 1) Day 7: Any 7 inch – “Whistle Down The Wind” by Nick Heyward. Most of the Nick Heyward or Haircut 100 records are owned by my sister. But this lovely song is mine.  (Bottom Row – Photo 2) Day 8: “White whale” record.  “Leave in Silence” 7 inch by Depeche Mode. Back in the early 80s, I was attempting to collect ALL of DMs 45’s. For whatever reason, this single was THE most difficult to find at the time. I went to every indie record store in San Diego & couldn’t find it. Finally, I went to a DM convention in LA & found it at a vinyl vendor.

Feb 2014 Record A Day 9 and 10

(Photo 1) Day 9: Solo album – “Hydrology” by Recoil, Alan Wilder’s solo project. I posted this before, but it’s been awhile.  When Alan signed this, he said “Awww, I remember THIS…”  (Photo 2) Day 10: Any 10 inch – Strictly limited edition (and numbered) 10″ of “Everything Counts” by Depeche Mode. It came with a window sticker & 2 postcards. I put the sticker on my car back in the 80s (it’s gone now lol).

Feb 2014 Record A Day 11

Day 11: Collection of an artist – A few items from my Duran Duran one. Smaller than my Depeche Mode one, but still a collection. Top are albums & 12″ singles. Bottom are 7 inch singles (original post here).

Feb 2014 Record A Day 12 and 13

(Photo 1) Day 12: Artist that starts with L – Lone Justice. “Ways To Be Wicked” is a brilliant song. Can’t believe my hubby had this in his collection! (Photo 2) Day 13: Album from (Jr) high school – “Parade” by Spandau Ballet. Bought this in LA back in 1984. February 13tj was it’s 30th anniversary!

Feb 2014 Record A Day 14 to 16

(Photo 1) Day 14: Red or pink record for Valentine’s Day – “Broken Heart” by Red Flag. Saw a free show by them back in the 80s at UCSD. (Photo 2) Day 15: An artists best album (IMHO) – “Reckoning” by REM (from my hubby’s record collection). So many great songs! Glad I saw them in concert in 1989.  (Photo 3) Day 16: Dollar bin find – “Quartet” by Ultravox. SO lucky that I got to see Midge Ure perform “Reap The Wild Wind” at the Rewind Festival back in 2012 at Henley On Thames with my BFF  Janice.

Feb 2014 Record A Day 17 and 18

(Photo 1) Day 17: Acoustic song – “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode. This is the 7 inch single with booklet.  (Photo 2) Day 18: I don’t own a split EP, so I’m just posting a 4 track 7 inch EP of  “Blasphemous Rumours” by Depeche Mode.

Feb 2014 Record A Day 19 Resize

Day 19: White colored record – “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division from Cleopatra Records. Recent purchase from eBay. Cool isn’t it?!

Feb 2014 Record A Day 20 and 21

(Photo 1) Day 20: Album with an animal on the cover – “Shabooh Shoobah” by INXS. Fantastic record!  (Photo 2)  Day 21: Favorite Record Friday – “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol. Awesome record & he’s great live.

Feb 2014 Record A Day 22

Day 22: Compilation or soundtrack – “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. We got buttons & this 7 inch single on opening weekend in 1986. Does anyone do that anymore?

Feb 2014 Record A Day 23

Day 23: Clear or transparent record – Limited Edition Depeche Mode interview disc. I didn’t realize how clear it was until I took this picture & added a filter.

Feb 2014 Record A Day 24 and 25

(Photo 1) Day 24: I like all of my own records, so here’s the least liked of the ones in our house – “Hello” by Lionel Richie (my mom’s 7 inch). Quite the sappy love song, no?  (Photo 2) Day 25: Album in classic black vinyl – “…In A Chamber” by Wire Train. “I’ll Do You” & “Chamber of Hellos” are 80s classics.

Feb 2014 Record A Day 26

Day 26: I don’t have another splatter record, so here’s an interview picture disc of Depeche Mode.

Feb 2014 Record A Day 27 Resize

Day 27: Album to drink to – “Let’s have a Black Celebration/I’ll drink to that” by Depeche Mode. It’s right in the lyrics!

Feb 2014 Record A Day 28

Day 28: Any record – “Complete Madness” by Madness. Such a fun band & fantastic live!


January Record a Day Wrap Up: Days 22 Through 31

Jan 2014 Record a Day 22

It’s time to wrap up the “January Record A Day” Instagram photo project with records 22 through 31.  I’m already into week one of the “February Record A Day”, and I’m finding it a little bit tougher than last month’s because I’m having to really dig for items like a re-press or marble colored vinyl, but I’m definitely up for the challenge.  Cheers and have a great weekend!

(Top Photo) Day 22:  Double LP – “20/20” by Dilated Peoples. Another from the hubby’s collection.

Jan 2014 Record a Day 23

Day 23:  Red colored record – German import of “Never Let Me Down” by Depeche Mode.

Jan 2014 Record a Day 24

Day 24:  Favorite Record Friday – “All I Need is Everything” by Aztec Camera. Such a wonderful & happy song!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 25

Day 25:  Rainy day record – “Rio” by Duran Duran. I can listen to this album during any kind of weather!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 26

Day 26:  I don’t own any vinyl that’s split color. So here is my sister’s OMD dual color picture disc in pink & blue for the song “Locomotion”.

Jan 2014 Record a Day 27

Day 27:  Album on classic black vinyl – “Mistrial” by Lou Reed. My husband bought a bunch on boxes filled with records, not knowing what was inside. There were a few gems & this was one of them.

Jan 2014 Record a Day 28

Day 28:  More than 2 colors – “New Sensation” picture disc by INXS.

Jan 2014 Record a Day 29

Day 29:   1st record I bought – “That’s Rock n Roll” by Shaun Cassidy. I was 7 & my sister was 4 when she drew all over it in red crayon!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 30

Day 30:  Any album before the 80s – Mott The Hoople “Greatest Hits”, from my hubby’s collection. I think this is from 1977.

Jan 2014 Record a Day 31

Day 31:  Any record you want – “Cookin’ on the Roof” by Roman Holiday. Finally found this at Amoeba Hollywood a couple of years ago. “Don’t Try to Stop it” & “Stand By” are my favorites!

January Record a Day: Days 13 Through 21

Jan 2014 Record a Day 13

What I love about this “record a day” photo project on Instagram is that it really allows me to become reacquainted with my collection and to really explore my husband’s collection.  Here is a recap of days 13 through 21, enjoy!

(Top photo) Day 13: Splattered – “Stripped” by Depeche Mode. My first colored vinyl (when I was just 16)!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 14

Day 14: Record from the used bin – “Live and Let Dance” by The Untouchables. Got it for a dollar!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 15

Day 15: An album from high school – “The Circus” by Erasure (1987, I was 17). Also saw them in concert in high school, too!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 16

Day 16: Live album – Depeche Mode, Live at Crocs Night Club, recorded 1981.

Jan 2014 Record a Day 17

Day 17: Most recent purchase – Sub Pop 1000. Isn’t it cool?!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 18

Day 18: Record that was a gift – The Police 4 track  12 inch single for “Wrapped Around Your Finger”. It was a Christmas present from my friend back in the 80s.

Jan 2014 Record a Day 19

Day 19: Album from the 90s – “Family Values Fall Tour ’98”. From my husband’s record collection. He’s a deejay, so you can imagine our combined vinyl collection is quite large!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 20

Day 20: Any black artist. Another from my husband’s collection. “1999” by Prince.

Jan 2014 Record a Day 21

Day 21: Artist’s debut album – “Speak & Spell” by Depeche Mode. This is the UK version.  I have the US one as well, without “I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead”.  Any Second Now trivia:  This is the album with the song that became the title of my blog.

January Record a Day: Days 5 Through 12

Record A Day Jan 2014 Collage 2

Here is another recap of the “record a day” photo project I’m participating in on Instagram.  Have I mentioned just how much I’m loving this?!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 9

Collage 1 (top photo, clockwise from the top left):  1) Day 5: Compilation/soundtrack – I bought “The Exposed 2” compilation because of The Hitmen & OMD. The Hitmen was a group Alan Wilder was once in; 2) Day 6: Picture Disc – “Fantastic Day” by Haircut 100.  This is from my sister’s collection (which is at my house); 3) Day 7: Any 7 inch – Oblivious by Aztec Camera, one of my faves;  4) Day 8: An album from the 80’s – “Mange Tout” by Blancmange from 1984.

Collage 2:  Day 9: Transparent colored record -“Closer” by Joy Division, purchased from Third Eye Record Shop during Record Store Day last year (post here).

Jan 2014 Record a Day 10

Day 10: Any 10 inch – “Backwards and Forwards” by Aztec Camera. I thought I lost this!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 11

Day 11: Collection of an artist – My largest vinyl collection is by far that of Depeche Mode. These are just the singles (not yet pictured are my 12 inch records, albums and special editions).

Jan 2014 Record a Day 12

Day 12: Artist that starts with J – Japan. “Gentlemen Take Polaroids” is my favorite song by them.

Record A Day

IMG_0740 (2) (637x734)

Last week, I discovered a cool Instagram “photo a day” project.  I was posting a picture of one of my many Depeche Mode records, with the hashtag #vinyl and #record, and received a like from Noble Record Store (a record store on ebay).  After checking out some their pictures, I found a list for the January Record A Day that started on the forums of The Vinyl Collective, a community for vinyl collectors.  I love this photo a day project because it allows me to share my vinyl collection, and see the collections of many record enthusiasts out there.

If you’re a collector of vinyl, join in the fun by following the themes above and hastagging #januaryrecordaday on Instagram.  Hopefully, they carry this on throughout the year!  I’ll post recaps throughout the month.  In the meantime, below are my first four days of photos.  Cheers!

Record A Day Jan 2014

 Clockwise from the left: 1) Any record you want:  “Love in Itself” by Depeche Mode, 5 track 12″ single, numbered limited edition with texture and goldfoil sleeve, signed by Alan Wilder; 2) Guilty pleasure:  “When Will I Be Famous” 12″ single by Bros; 3) Colored record: Some Great Reward by Depeche Mode, import from Germany in grey vinyl, signed by Alan Wilder; 4) “Nite Romantics” by Duran Duran, import from Japan