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Sunny Essentials: Strolling at Seaport Village

Strolling at Seaport Village


Salt City Optics challenged select bloggers to create a board expressing what we think would be our “Sunny Essentials” for the summer, and where we would use them.  I’m a big fan of all of our local sites in San Diego, one of my favorites being taking a leisurely walk around Seaport Village.  I like to take walks in the late afternoon to early evening during the summer, right when it’s still light enough to throw a blanket down on the grass and bathe in the glow of the sun, but cool enough to enjoy the breeze while watching the sun dip into the horizon.  I’m lucky to live in a city where shorts and sunglasses are the standard, nearly all year round!

If you would like to purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses from Salt City Optics (like those awesome “Mulholland” ones by Spy, pictured above), use the code SUNNY20 to get 20% off at check out. Cheers!

Strappy tank top

Converse rose shoes
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Turkish beach towel