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Fashionably Late: June & July 2016 Events!

Catching Up Any Second Now

Yes I know, it’s me again, LATE as usual!  It has been very crazy lately with lots of work events, dealing with exterminators and the newest addition to the family: Joey, who we adopted from Clear The Shelters!  This “Catching Up” post will cover June and July, then I’ll get through August in another post.

Have a great weekend, cheers!


IMG_2856 - Copy


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In June, I attended the “Living in Style” event hosted by stylist Dean Hall and Autumn Ajirotutu of WAGS (who also has a blog, Temptasteious), at Pottery Barn at Fashion Valley.  She is the wife of Seyi Ajirotutu, who was formerly with the San Diego Chargers and most recently of the Philadelphia Eagles, but is now a free agent.  They both styled some fantastic tables in-store, and Autumn baked delicious treats, which Dominic very much enjoyed!


IMG_2890 - Copy

Yes, that is Chicken & Waffles on a Stick and it was everything I hoped it would be!

IMG_2897 - Copy

I think my hubby wants that Steelers neon sign, what do you think?

IMG_2903 - Copy

Our brave boy, always ready to try something new, like holding a frog as big as his head!

AVTD5789 - Copy

I don’t think I documented our adventures at The San Diego County Fair last year on the blog, but I always do everything in real-time if you follow me on my Instagram.  In addition to the Chicken & Waffles on a Stick, I also dove into the French Toast Bacon Bombs head first because it’s what you do at a fair!


IMG_3331 - Copy

IMG_3308 - Copy

Power Puff Girls IRL (sort of)!

IMG_3306 - Copy

Adventures in South Park:  Not sure what my husband is doing in the picture below, but I think it has to do with Santa Claus?!

IMG_3307 - Copy

As we did last year, we ventured around outside the world-famous Comic Con because tickets are not as easy to get as they were, once upon a time!  But we still had fun because they’re just so much to do and look at all around the San Diego Convention Center and we were pretty exhausted by the time we got around to it all.

Just for fun, here are my passes from previous years, when you could walk up to the box office and purchase them on the day of the Comic Con.  Those were the days!

Old Comic Con Passes


IMG_3309 - Copy

IMG_3310 - Copy

IMG_3397 - Copy

For new adoptive pet parents, wonderful free services are offered from their first vet visit to their first grooming session.  We took Joey to Preen 2 Pristine and he got an adorable little bandana after he was groomed fresh and clean!

IMG_3400 - Copy

Right after the Comic Con, we decided to adopt our newest family member from the Clear the Shelters event.  Meet Joey, our 1.5 year old Chihuahua mix!  He is amazing and we didn’t even have to “potty” train him, so someone must have taken good care of him when he was a puppy.  The description on his cage stated he was good for kids 8 and older, so the handler allowed us to play with Joey prior to making the decision, and so she could see if Dominic would be compatible with him.  Joey and Dominic played well together, and now Joey is a part of our family!

We absolutely love him and we’re so glad we adopted!


IMG_3390 - Copy

IMG_3742 - Copy

Free gifts with my purchase below!

IMG_3745 - Copy

At the end of July, I stopped by to meet Erica of the blog Fashion Lush at her Uno de 50 event at Fashion Valley, who is absolutely adorable and sweet in person!

This was my first time really getting a look at the Uno de 50 jewelry up close, and they have a lot of very cool silver pieces.  I liked the skull bracelet I purchased because the leather was brown, and I got a few cool “gifts with purchase” like a shirt, Godiva gift card and another bracelet!

Weekend in Pictures: A Fond Farewell to the Fair

Dominic had his face painted during our third visit to the fair a couple of weekends ago.  He got Spiderman painted on his cheek and did so well and sat still like a very big boy.  He also did very well during his first big fireworks display last week.  Typically we set off for Las Vegas during the Fourth of July because we can set off our own fireworks in the cul-de-sac of my in-law’s house. But because the holiday fell in the middle of the week, we decided to celebrate the Fourth at the last day of the fair last week.  I know it’s technically not a weekend, but it certainly felt like one!  As my last hurrah to the San Diego County Fair, I had a chocolate dipped cheesecake slice.  It was better than I could ever describe here (and as my husband stated, I should have had them roll it in Oreo cookies).  Hope you had a great weekend!

Weekend in Pictures: Zip It Up!

Zip liners: Cy, Deon and Rholnna

The zip line tower

We have gone to the San Diego County Fair every week since it opened this year, which we’ve never done before (the first time was Father’s Day, post here and this post marks the second time).  Now that they have offered this unlimited pass, any trip to the fair going forward is basically free.  Additionally, a promotional booklet called the “Passport to Savings” was being sold outside the fairgrounds of coupons that could be used both inside the fair, and then at vendors outside once the fair is done for the summer.  I wasn’t going to buy it, but the salesman said “Don’t let love tear us apart, get your Passport to Savings right here!” in honor of my Joy Division shirt, which meant that I just had to buy a booklet because he was so clever.  But I’m glad I did because some of the coupons were good for free drinks with purchase, buy one get one free items, or discounts.  The best discount was the $5 off of High Fly’N Zip Line, which my sister, my husband and I all took a ride on.  Deon went twice (that daredevil).

These are pictures from last weekend, and this time we brought along my sister and my niece.  Of course we indulged in more fabulous fair food, including fried cheese curds (yet another first).  We also have video evidence of our thrill ride (if the video is not currently below when this posts, it will be added at a later date).  Hope you had a great weekend!

Mei-Lin and Dominic being cute (sneaky alien!)

Ah, glorious deep-fried cheese curds!

Weekend In Pictures: It's All Good When it's Fair Food

For Father’s Day, we went to The San Diego County Fair, where the theme was “Out of This World” and centered around all things science and science fiction.  My husband tried zip lining for the first time, which I got a chance to do just this past weekend (video to come).  Then we all tried our hands at archery, including Dominic!  And of course, the food we indulged in was clearly an experience that could only be described as other worldly.    Hope you had a great weekend!

My hubby, about to zip line (I’ll have a video of the two of us going in an upcoming post)

Dominic learned a little archery.

A triumphant picture of Dominic with one of his many winning prizes.

First stop: Chicken Charlie’s for anything and everything deep-fried.

My boys enjoying a little deep-fried goodness (deep-fried ribs & chicken strips).

My East/West tote was the perfect carry-all for the fair (as seen on Instagram, and thank you to Rebecca Minkoff for the re-Tweet!)

Enjoying a deep-fried peanut butter & jelly sandwich with Wendy Brandes, sort of! (I just love wearing my swear rings everywhere)

Yes, that would be deep-fried Trix cereal!

What was once The Heart Attack Cafe is now Bacon A-Fair, where their relationship with bacon runs deep…and fried!

Beer battered Polish dog & stuffed jalapeno peppers, both wrapped in bacon of course.