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Weekend in Pictures: Out & About in Downtown San Diego

 IMG_1751 (2)

Isn’t San Diego beautiful?  I’m sure to the casual observer, it’s not hard to believe.  But for a native like me, I tend to take this gorgeous city for granted.  Every now and again, I’m reminded of it’s beauty when I take time to stroll around, like we did a couple of weekends ago.  Since my Blink Lash Boutique appointment was nestled conveniently in Little Italy (original post here), we decided to make a day of it and re-acquaint ourselves with this fantastic city.  We started with lunch at Princess Pub & Grille; then had dessert at Fabrison’s French Creperie Café; took a pedicab ride to Seaport Village and The Headquarters (I loved Kitson!); and finished with pizza slices at Landini’s Pizzeria back in Little Italy.  We found out about a Farmer’s Market while in Little Italy, and vowed to return because while it seemed like a wonderful prospect, we were not prepared to face the crowds that day.  We would have arrived much earlier than lunch to tackle a day at an open market!  All in all, it turned out to be such a wonderful day and I know my husband and I want to do more easy days like this out and about in our beloved city of San Diego.  Hope you had a great weekend!

Little Italy Collage

Little Italy Collage 3

Some history of the famous Little Italy landmark sign.

IMG_1741 (2)Dominic appropriately wore a Union Jack tee while lunching at Princess Pub & Grille (top by Zara Kids).

Little Italy Collage 2

IMG_1744 (2) (1280x1280)

DSC03695 (3) (1280x1280)

Having a yummy Lemon & Sugar crepe with my favorite little boy.  He’s not so into sweets, but I definitely am! (Mint floral scarf c/o Fresh Picks)

DSC03704 (2) (1280x1276)My hubby always stops at Hot Licks in Seaport Village to see what new spicy goodness they have to offer.

IMG_1747 (2)My two favorite people in the world in my favorite picture of the day at Seaport Village.  It reminds me of when my sister used to do this with my dad.

Vintage Designer Trunk Show This Saturday (12/14/2013) at The Headquarters at Seaport District


Here’s  fun shopping and styling event from Designer Vault happening on Saturday December 14, 2013 at The Headquarters (in Seaport Village), for a good cause.

If you go, let me know how it went by leaving your comment here, cheers!

Weekend in Pictures: Three if by Sea

Last Sunday, we went out to Seaport Village to fly another kite that we bought Dominic because the other kite had been taken by the wind (original post here).  Since this one was bigger, badder and had a different reel, we knew this one would be able to stand what Mother Nature had to offer. Meet Dominic’s new kite, The Red Baron!

We then ventured back into Seaport Village and had cupcakes at our favorite place, Frosted Robin.  This time, we had the chance to sample the English Sticky Toffee, German Chocolate and Peanut Butter cupcakes.  We washed the sweetness down with some white peach tea and chatted a bit with Sheree, the owner and manager (see my interview with Sheree here).

We ended the day at Joe’s Crab Shack on the Embarcadero, in a building that used to be the San Diego Rowing Club, which was deemed a historic building back in 1979.  It’s right on the water, behind the San Diego Convention Center.  Dominic enjoyed all of the wall decor and we enjoyed the food and the scenery.  We are lucky to live in such a beautiful city like San Diego.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

I wore my favorite comfy shoes by Marc Jacobs the whole day.

Weekend in Pictures: How Not to Fly a Kite

It was beautiful this past Sunday, but you wouldn’t have known because it started off with a heavy rain in the morning.  We were supposed to go to the Wild Animal Park, but ended up going to Seaport Village to do a little kite flying.  Well, it ended up being a bit of an ironic day because Dominic accidentally let his Batman kite go and off my husband (and a few other helpful citizens) went to retrieve it!  We then decided that the tree had won the battle of kite possession and went window shopping.  We then saw the sign inside a store called Kite Flite, which just made us all laugh a bit.  Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Runaway Kite!