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Mommy Interrupted

After returning from hot yoga tonight with my friend Angi, I planned to take a shower then delve into my next post.  It started with entering a contest on The Glamourai (beso besotted) asking readers to look for the perfect outfit for Fashion Week using Beso.com (a new search engine).    I typed “camel” and I found an awesome Alexander McQueen cheetah print skull scarf and then became inspired to find all things camel for the fall.

But alas, that was not to be.  My little one decided that he wanted to play tug-o-war with his blankie instead.  How can anyone resist that smiling face?  I certainly couldn’t, so the color camel will just have to wait for tomorrow.  Good night!

Deal of the Day: Safety Gate

A friend asked me what kind of safety gate I use to separate the living room area from the kitchen (in my case it’s the family room from the kitchen).  We tried one that had spring release to mount the gate.  Since we have 5 inch baseboard all through the house, it just didn’t work with that walk way.

This is the gate that we eventually found at Babies R Us:  it’s the Infant Sure and Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate by Summer.  This gate is pressure mounted, so it had 4 areas that allowed for mounting on uneven surfaces, so we could install it even with the baseboard.  It has a hinged door that automatically shuts when you swing it closed.  Even though there is a slide tab at the top of the gate, you have to lift it up to get out.  My son has figured out how to slide the tab, but doesn’t know how to lift it up (and he’s not tall enough, but he’s definitely getting there!).

What I like most about it is that it is visually appealing and blends in with our decor.  It looks like it’s a part of the house rather than an afterthought because we now have a child.

Lucky for you, it’s currently on sale at Toys R Us/Babies R Us.  It was $59.99 and is now $51.99.  It’s always great to be safe and save!

Clubhouse Cool


H&M shirt, Crazy 8 onesie, Greendog denim shorts, Stride Rite sandals

Even Dominic likes a nice relaxing weekend.   On Saturday, we went to a friend’s birthday pool party.  While we didn’t hit the water, we found a comfy and cool daybed/couch by a window in the clubhouse overlooking the pool area.  He snacked on fruits and played with the blinds.

Ah to be 18 months old…

Designer Diapers?

As a fairly new mom, I think about fashion for my son all the time.  There are so many cute things out there, and some are worth it, while others can be passed by.

I’m a Pampers mom.  I have tried a few different diapers out there for Dominic, but I found that their Cruisers Dry Max diapers are the best for him (the overnight ones are best for travelling).  When I saw the Cynthia Rowley Dry Max diapers for Pampers at Target, I really did take another look because of the cute designs.  However, when you can get a box of 64 count, size 4, regular Cruisers Dry Max for $19.99 vs a package of 23 count, Cynthia Rowley Dry Max for $14.99, the overall value overrides the design.

Besides, who can see those cute designer diapers under his Diesel jeans anyway, right?

First Time at the Spa

I’ve been waiting for the day that I could take my niece to the day spa to get our nails done.  That day has arrived!  Mei-Lin has been talking about this day for the whole week, so we made a lunch date out of it.  My sister and I try to make sure we spend time together with our kids, and we had such a great time.  We kept it close by going to Happy Nails at our local mall.  Click on any picture to enlarge.  I hope you enjoy our day in pictures as much as we did!

Precious Moments

It’s times like this that I love being a mom.  I get to reflect on how wonderful it is to be a parent and what it means to have brought life into the world.  To watch him marvel at his surroundings and see him develop everyday is more than words can describe.  Deon and I always just look at each other and say “Can you believe it?”  Even asleep, my wonderful little boy is amazing.

How precious is this moment?  So precious I had to capture it and share it.

Upside Down is So Right Up

Dominic is mesmerized right now.  Puppet.  Shmuzzies.  Fido.  Action Fingers.  Shane.  David.  I don’t know what magic they hold, but they’ve got a hold of my son. 

The Upside Down Show - Nick Jr

Have you seen “The Upside Down Show” on Nick Jr?  It’s a live action show featuring Shane Dundas and David Collins as brothers who live in a house with crazy rooms and lively characters.  They perform a lot of physical comedy involving a “remote that does heaps of cool things.”  This imaginary remote allows the viewers to take control of the brother’s actions, including pause, fast forward, slow motion, instant replay (my favorite) and rewind. 

If you ask Dominic to show you “Action Fingers”, he will imitate the little digital heroes Knuckles and Pointy.  Basically, it’s the fingers of Shane and David as super heroes that they call upon to assist them throughout the show (imagine the Yellow Pages fingers running around the show performing heroic stunts). 

I looked Shane and David up, and they are physical comedians  from Australia called The Umbilical Brothers.  They created 13 episodes of “The Upside Down Show” back in 2006 for Nick Jr.  From what I’ve read, the reviews were not great so they were not renewed for the next season.  

I think Dominic would beg to differ because he loves this show (he just laughed out loud at the Shmuzzies, little fuzzy creatures that thrive on rhyming).  I will be buying the DVD’s of their only season because it will come in handy for when we take that long drive to Las Vegas.  We already have 3 DVD’s of “Wow Wow Wubbzy!” and “The Upside Down Show” will be the next set to add to Dominic’s growing library.  Again, I don’t know what his fascination is with this show.  But if it will hold his attention enough for me to write this blog entry, then they’ve got my vote for best show on Nick Jr.