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Electric Lemonade: Hot Place, Cool Vintage

DSC01785 (1280x1280)

Electric Lemonade Collage 3

As part of our Las Vegas adventures last weekend, I decided to seek out vintage stores in and around town.  I convinced my husband to take me to a store I discovered called Electric Lemonade, which led to the discovery of the Las Vegas Arts District (aka 18b).   When I think of Vegas, I definitely think of the nightlife and shows as it relates to what’s available on The Strip.  Since I’ve been married to a Las Vegas native for the last 6 years, I’ve definitely come to know Vegas as an actual town with schools and family life.  Now that I’ve stumbled upon 18b, I feel I’ve discovered a cool little secret that not many people know about.  More about 18b in a later post, I promise!

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Electric Lemonade Collage 1

DSC01778 (2) (961x1280)

Although, I have to admit it was quite hot inside because their air conditioning broke, Electric Lemonade is a cool spot for vintage (I love the marshmallow/pill couch). When it’s a bit cooler, I’ll go back because while I love to try things on, it was just too hot to try everything I would have liked to.  However, my husband did find a couple of cool things.  Dig if you will the awesome pattern of that floral shirt.  He said that he wants to wear it with my linen fedora and shorts, for a truly tropical vintage vacay look.  The best story is behind that Buddy Holly shirt.  Deon found it when I was trying on clothing.  I heard him telling the two people working in the store about how he saw the show in London when he was in high school.  He showed me the shirt, and of course I had to add it to my vintage t-shirt collection.

Electric Lemonade Collage 2

IMG_5307 (2) (1280x1280)

Below are some pictures we took while walking towards an event called “First Friday“, which looks to be like a street fair.  Although we wanted to and we did try, we didn’t stay out too long because it was just way too hot.  But I’ll be sure to do another blog post about the Arts District and First Friday…when it’s cooler!

2013-07-10 000003 (561x1280)

A flier showing stores in a section of 18b called “Antique Alley”.

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LV Art District Collage 1

Two more very cute vintage stores:  The Gypsy Den and Glam Factory Vintage.

DSC01786 (2) (961x1280)Art is everywhere!

LV Arts District Collage 2

Love this adorable storage unit.  So happy!

Wedding Outfit Remixed

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I wore this outfit to a wedding last October (post here), but remixed it and wore it to work before I wore it to CJ’s wedding (original post here).  I really played up the burgundy of my dress by doing the “matchy-matchy” thing with my shoes, purse and glasses.  But it really worked well together because they were slightly different shades of burgundy, and I was sure to break everything up with black.

DSC01501 (2) (1280x1280)

Wedding Outfit Remix Accessory Collage

Outfit – Kirna Zabete for Target dress; Nordstrom cardigan (old); Express belt; Talbots shoes; Michael Kors watch; Wendy Brandes genie necklace; Vintage purse from Bad Madge & Company; iSee glasses from GlassesUSA; Rings by Suki Bijoux; Earrings by Momotique and bracelet made by Amy Butzen, both gifts from my best friend Janice; Maybelline Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers in Sapphire Jewels; Haircut by Jazzie at Deb-N-Hair

DSC01521 (2) (1280x1280)

Isn’t my boy handsome? *proud Mama*

You've Got it Made

IMG_3889 (2) (915x1280)

This outfit includes a couple of handmade items: the vintage purse I re-worked by adding pom poms from Monday’s post, and a scarf that I knitted myself.  Also included in this outfit are pieces made by the talented Suki of Suki Bijoux.  In the detail picture below, you can see the vintage purse necklace, the “Recoil” ring and typewriter ring.  Lately, I have been wearing her pieces mixed in with my favorite ones, like the @ ring by Wendy Brandes.  Pieces like these handmade items give character to an otherwise simple California winter outfit.

IMG_3872 - Copy (2) (1250x1250)

IMG_3879 (2) (915x1280)

Outfit – H&M jacket, sweater and jeans; Tod’s suede boots; Honeybadger glasses by BonLook; Wendy Brandes ring; vintage purse necklace, custom-made “Recoil” ring and “C” typewriter ring by Suki Bijoux; handmade knitted scarf and pom pom purse

Photos by Rholnna Jiao

How To: Pom Pom Purse

DSC00074 (2) (1280x1280)

Ages ago, I vowed to try my hand at making a pom pom purse ala PS I Made This and my friend Sara (my original post here).  I know that was a few seasons ago, but now that it’s winter, it seems appropriate to bring it back up again.  In my previous post, I was going to add pom poms to a black vinyl purse that I had where the embelishments started to fall off.  I changed my mind, and decided that I would actually use a very cute vintage tweed purse that I purchased on Ebay nearly 7 years ago.  It’s been sitting in my closet and I was trying to figure out whether I should just add vintage brooches or appliques to it, or maybe even studs.  Because I chose pom poms that were in browns, tans and yellows, I thought that it would fit this purse very well.

DSC00073 (2) (1280x1280)

Also, rather than use a glue gun, I opted to use a fabric glue, to ensure that the pom poms would stay put (I found Aleene’s Fabric Fusion at my local Michael’s).  I first stragetically placed all the pom poms generally where I would like them to be, then used the fabric glue to stick them all in place.  To ensure that they adhered correctly, I made sure to add the glue to the pom pom, then pressed the adhesive side down onto the purse.  I held it there for a few minutes before moving on.  The glue actually dried fairly quickly and I was able to get through the purse in just about an hour.

Check out the finished product (below); I think it worked out quite well!  This was a very simple and fun way to re-work a purse that would otherwise have been relegated to the back of my closet or a donation bin.  An outfit post featuring this purse will be up next!

DSC00075 (2) (1280x1280)

Old Navy

IMG_4042 (3) (990x1280) - Sepia

When I bought this sweater, it immediately reminded me of my father and old pictures of him when he was in the navy.  I decided to really do up the outfit and I came up with something that made me feel like a vintage sailor girl, circa 1920’s to 1940’s.  Then my sister and I went out to Harbor Drive near Downtown San Diego, so that we could have pictures with The USS Midway in the background.  It was a beautiful day, which really made the pictures even more like the ones in our dad’s old photo albums, especially with the sepia color.  I miss my dad, and it’s nice when we can pay some homage to him in small ways.

IMG_4020 (2) (991x1280) - Sepia

IMG_4056 (3) (989x1280) - Sepia

Outfit – Hell Bunny sweater from ModCloth; Libertine for Target dress; Hanes textured tights; Jeffrey Campbell shoes; Fleur de Lis necklace (close up here), “Recoil” and typewriter rings by Suki Bijoux; Wendy Brandes ring; handmade bracelet given by my best friend Janice; La Marquise glasses by BonLook; unknown brand purse

All photos by Rholnna Jiao

"Re-Live A Little" With Suki Bijoux

IMG_4694 - Copy (960x1280)

As mentioned previously, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a meet up for the San Diego Style Bloggers last month (post here). Not only did I meet and reunite with some fantastic local bloggers, but I also got the chance to chat with a couple of local jewelry designers. I instantly fell in love with the designs of Suki Bijoux, who creates original vintage infused jewelry, using authentic vintage pieces. I bought two pieces straight away at the meet up, and then bought six more later on because I was impressed by her use of the vintage materials, such as vintage maps, dictionary entries, sheet music and actual typewriter keys. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Suki at the meet-up, and then again later because she custom made a vintage dictionary ring that I wear everyday since I bought it. Suki is as beautiful as she is talented, and I have discovered that she and I have the same taste in music and have actually been to a few of the same concerts! I knew there was a reason we hit it off when we met!

In this brief interview, Suki explains how she got started and her inspiration behind the jewelry she makes. Support local designers, especially Suki Bijoux jewelry!

How did you make the decision to start your own business and how did you get started with jewelry specifically?

Well, unexpectedly really. Since an early age, I have always been creative by nature and had an affinity towards vintage memorabilia. As a young girl and into my early teen years, I spent countless hours tinkering with bits ‘n bobs I found here and there -creating artistic collages, jewelry, ephemera, and hand-sewn articles.

I married at 18 years old and was a mother to two beautiful children by 20; between raising children, being a full-time college student, and working there was very little time to pursue my creative outlet… until 3 years ago! What with my children now adults, I decided to re-kindle my creative ability and started a hobby making unique jewelry from vintage components. I started out using old typewriters and watches to make rings and cufflinks, and then ventured into using anything and everything circa 1900 – 1960.

One day, my husband brought to my attention just how much inventory I had made and he encouraged me to pursue an outlet for my creations. I visited a local boutique, who’s owner just fell in love with my designs, and offered to display/sell them. As it turned out, her customers loved them too! This was the start to what we know today as “Suki Bijoux”.

After the first delivery sold out, I made another… and all of those items sold too. I started to get really excited that people liked my creations, and was so inspired that I approached another local boutique with a sampling of “Suki Bijoux.” They loved it too! And so, one small step at a time, my business has grown slowly and steadily over the course of the past three years.

One year ago, I left my corporate job to pursue my new venture, my hobby gone wild… and there’s been no looking back. My designs are now in 18 boutiques between San Diego and San Clemente, with no end in sight.

Vintage Purse Suki Bijoux

When we chatted, you seem to gravitate towards a lot of vintage pieces that you rework. What inspires you most? Basically, do you seek out something to create, or are you inspired once you find a piece while out on a venture?

The inspiration evolves naturally. When I look at things, I try to envision if and how they can be re-worked into a piece of jewelry. Wherever I am, whether it’s on vacation in Europe or at a local Estate Sale, I’m always looking for unique vintage items to incorporate into my “Suki Bijoux” designs. For example, earlier this year my husband and I were vacationing in Italy, and ran across a Flea Market along the Grande Canal; I found some spectacular vintage Venetian buttons, tiny old hand-blown Morano glass flowers, and vintage postcards from the turn of the century. Occasionally an amazing item catches my attention, and I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with it – sometimes months will go by until one day its’ purpose enlightens me and components seem to fall into place. I love it when that happens! Most days I go into my studio with no prior idea of what designs are going to come out of it… just like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces come together. It’s so much fun!

Will you stick mainly to upcycling vintage or will you offer newer creations?

My passion is creating authentic vintage infused jewelry, and it’s really important to me to stay true to that origin. I love everything that original “Suki Bijoux” designs represent – a piece of authentic history, a peek into past lives and cultures, a story and journey from long ago, a twinkle of what once was. My creativity gives forgotten and unwanted vintage items another chance to be appreciated once again… with a new twist! Each “Suki Bijoux” item is a one-of-a-kind, designed and hand-crafted by myself, and infused with authentic vintage materials [circa 1900 – 1960] that I personally resource from all over the world. Truly unique in every essence.

Fleur De Lis Suki Bijoux

What would you say is your “style”? How is that reflected in what you have to offer in your own designs?

I like to wear styles that are timeless classics, and then add personality with accessories: a fabulous pair of shoes, a unique purse, a statement ring or necklace, or edgy earrings. As I’m designing “Suki Bijoux” accessories I always keep this in mind, “if I wouldn’t wear it, don’t make it”.

What do you enjoy best about what you do?

Now that’s a loaded question! I love the fact that I’m in tune with my creative mind again… it is so calming! Being self-employed is amazing: to be able to enjoy my home by working from my in-home studio, and to embrace the benefits of a flexible schedule. Most of all though, I just love creating jewelry that makes other people feel good when they wear it… it really makes my day when someone sends me a message telling me how much they love their “Suki Bijoux”.

I am so thankful and appreciative to all of those who have supported my business and ventured to “Re-Live A Little”.

Recoil Ring Suki Bijoux

A custom-made “recoil” vintage dictionary ring, made especially for moi! Thank you Suki!

(Pictures 2, 3, and 4 are taken from the official Suki Bijoux Facebook page.)

Tailored Textures

It’s finally starting to cool down, so I’m feeling like wearing textured clothing and layering them in different ways.  These pieces are not new, but I’ve never worn them together so it feels like a new outfit.  The jacket is a colored tweed or boucle and the pants are corduroy.  I kept the layering simple, but all in the same muted shades.  I’m also starting to embrace wearing different shades of the same color.  I was always hesitant to do so, but I think that it makes an outfit more dynamic and now actually expands my wardrobe possibilities!

Outfit – din bin jacket (from Nordstrom a long time ago); LEI corduroy pants; Old Navy blouse; Wet Seal tank; Poetic License shoes; Rebecca Minkoff MAC purse; Michael Kors watch; iSee glasses from GlassesUSA; Vintage brooches; Tiffany & Co necklace; Wendy Brandes ring