Careless Memories

Objects, places and even clothing can stir up a lot of memories.  For some reason, striped shirts and Oxford flats always remind me of Duran Duran in their early days (except they had white jazz Oxfords).  I could never find those shoes back then in white, so I always wore Vans or Keds when I was trying to dress like them. 

Duran Duran had such style and they still do today.  I consider them one of the best dressed bands of the 80’s (Spandau Ballet is another band that comes to mind).  They were one of my favorite bands during the early part of my teens, until I discovered Depeche Mode (and everything shifted).  But when I think of impeccable suits and luxe in the 80’s, I always think of Duran Duran.

We found these electrical boxes painted as Rubik’s Cubes while driving on the way home from work one day.  I thought it very appropriate since I felt that I was channeling early 80’s Duran Duran with my outfit.

Outfit:  Old Navy “Prep Coat” and skinny black cargo pants; The Limited striped shirt; Jeffrey Campbell canvas Oxfords; Burberry sunglasses; Tiffany & Co necklace

Photos by Deon Chen, except for the Duran Duran photo (source unknown)


  1. Fantastic! We have a lot in common; I too went from Duran Duran to Depeche Mode. I’ve seen DM in concert about four times! I was in LOVE with SLB from Duran and still think he’s hot! What a fun post; brings back memories for me!

    1. My original favorite back then was Nick Rhodes because I’m a keyboard player, but nowadays I truly love John Taylor. I’ve seen Depeche Mode around 8 times (so far lol!), and I don’t know if you saw my other posts, I got to meet Alan Wilder back in October.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Your post about body image was great.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love them, too. I’m going to post a review of their new album next week. Their new single is really good. Please come back again! 🙂

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