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Star People


Once in awhile, there is that outfit that makes you walk with a little more confidence, or is it a little more attitude?  Either way, this RENAMED jacket does it for me.  If one is going to wear a faux fur jacket covered in stars, then you’ve got to walk with a bit more swagger, like David Bowie or Lady Gaga.  I also agree very much with my Social Decay t-shirt: I have never ever said I own too much black clothing.  Since this outfit is quite monochromatic, I gave it a pop of color with this fantastic choker by GFASH.






Outfit:  Faux fur jacket by RENAMED & t-shirt by Social Decay from The Beat Clothing; Flared jeans by Madewell (old); Distressed “Lita” platforms by Jeffrey Campbell; Choker c/o GFASH; “Keiko” prescription sunglasses in Roxy Noir by BonLook; @ and # rings by Wendy Brandes; Vintage London Map ring by Suki Bijoux; Unknown brand handcuff earrings 


With Astrid, stylist at The Beat Clothing. We seriously did not plan on wearing practically the same thing (all black in our Social Decay t-shirts with furry jackets).  But, I guess great fashionable minds think alike!

(All photos by Rholnna Jiao. Post title from the song by George Michael.)

Old Navy

IMG_4042 (3) (990x1280) - Sepia

When I bought this sweater, it immediately reminded me of my father and old pictures of him when he was in the navy.  I decided to really do up the outfit and I came up with something that made me feel like a vintage sailor girl, circa 1920’s to 1940’s.  Then my sister and I went out to Harbor Drive near Downtown San Diego, so that we could have pictures with The USS Midway in the background.  It was a beautiful day, which really made the pictures even more like the ones in our dad’s old photo albums, especially with the sepia color.  I miss my dad, and it’s nice when we can pay some homage to him in small ways.

IMG_4020 (2) (991x1280) - Sepia

IMG_4056 (3) (989x1280) - Sepia

Outfit – Hell Bunny sweater from ModCloth; Libertine for Target dress; Hanes textured tights; Jeffrey Campbell shoes; Fleur de Lis necklace (close up here), “Recoil” and typewriter rings by Suki Bijoux; Wendy Brandes ring; handmade bracelet given by my best friend Janice; La Marquise glasses by BonLook; unknown brand purse

All photos by Rholnna Jiao

Deep & Wide & Tall

I’ve worn these wide legged jeans once before (here).  I have been on the search for jeans that are just as wide with the same length because I can wear them with shoes of more extreme height.  The search has not been too fruitful, but I am optimistic.  Although I like flare or boot-cut jeans, the fact that the width of these jeans starts at the top of my thigh rather than from just above my knee makes them comfortable.  I’m sure I’ve posted about my search before, so I guess I’m giving an update that it continues.

Outfit:  Forever 21 blouse & tank; Guess jeans;  Jeffrey Campbell “Lita” platforms; Cotton On cardigan; Rebecca Minkoff purse; iSee glasses ℅ GlassesUSA; Vintage earrings; Dominique Cohen for Target necklace

(Post title is a song by Aztec Camera)

PS:  Happy Leap Year!

Pieces From A Working Mom’s Wardrobe

I know that as mothers, we need to find balance with what’s important.  Taking care of family is definitely on the top of my list, but it’s important to remember to take care of yourself, too.  To me, looking good and feeling good are also on the same list.  As a working mother of a rambunctious 2-year-old, I struggle all the time with functional style.  How can I look and feel effortless?  Here are some things that I do to make it easy for myself to stay stylish.

1.  Easy, low maintenance fabrics – I would love for most of my weekend or casual wardrobe to be items that I can just grab and go with very little to no fuss.  This is why I have started to select pieces in my wardrobe that require no ironing, or what my husband calls “ironing by dryer” (throwing an item in the dryer for 10 minutes on high, then smooth out the wrinkles).  Some of these pieces are not always work clothes or clothes for an evening out, but are functional yet stylish pieces that I can literally throw on when I need to run to the store with Dominic in tow.  An example is the dress pictured above from Lulus.com.  It is 100% sheer polyester with a built-in lining.  I can wear it with a little cardigan or denim jacket, boots or sandals, grab my purse and his baby bag, then I’m ready to go.  I’m still completely comfortable, but I feel quite stylish.

2.  Versatile mid-heel and flat-heel shoes – I am a very big shoe fanatic, so it’s hard to believe that I would wear anything but knock-out-show-stopping heels.  Although I definitely do own those types of shoes, they aren’t practical for my everyday life.  Many of my casual shoes are like the boots pictured above, or the shoes pictured below.  The Jeffrey Campbell “Kelley” shoes look like any other Oxford in styling, but are like sandals due to the cut-outs on either side.  I’ve worn them with skirts, shorts, jeans and work pants (see my “40 for 40 for Lent” category for the many ways I remixed them).  The versatility makes them invaluable for my wardrobe.  But if you really want to know what my ultimate “go to” extreme casual flat is, look no further than the classic canvas Toms shoe, which are pictured in the header of my blog.

3.  When wearing higher heels, make sure they are strong & comfortable, preferably a wedged heel – I always worry about getting any kind of heel for casual day-to-day dressing because I don’t feel very secure in my footing when carrying Dominic, additional bags, or groceries.  I also worry about comfort during any kind of long trip or outing.  But I can attest to the fact that a wedge heel in a practical height will remedy any of those worries, as long as you “test drive” them first.  I just bought the shoes pictured below from DSW by Envy.  They are a medium wedged heel with a 1 inch platform.  I was happy to know when I received these shoes in the mail how well they fit and just how comfortable they are (which means no returns).  They can be worn with shorts and jeans, but I think the best partner for these cute, comfortable and practical shoes are my maxi-dresses and skirts.  Flats never seem to work for me when wearing anything long, so these are the perfect solution.

4.  A versatile grab & go purse – I want a purse that can carry all and should be easy to handle if I need to carry (or chase) my son.  I have two recently purchased bags that I have been interchanging on a daily basis, depending on what I need.  The first is the Moto Hobo bag by Foley + Corinna.  When you join their email list,  not only will you get great deals, but you also receive a $50 gift voucher for any purchase over $200 during the month of your birthday.  I was able to snag this great purse on sale, then added my coupon so I only paid $175 for a purse that was originally $450!  It’s roomy, slouchy and has a great strap drop.  I know I can carry it on my shoulder, but I could carry it cross-body if I have to.  It is in a wonderful supple leather and believe it or not, it’s still available (see the link at the bottom of the page to their website).  My next purchase from them will definitely be either a City or Mid-City tote because of the size and the detachable strap.

My newest obsession is the Morning After Clutch by Rebecca Minkoff.  Since my trip to their recent sample sale, I now own three!  What I like about the MAC is that it is a sleek 11″W x 7.5″H x 3″D with a 14″ strap drop.  This is actually larger than it appears in an online description, once the bag is up close and personal.  The strap is convertible and can either be worn cross-body, shortened to be hand carried or worn on the shoulder, or the strap can be removed to be a clutch.  Inside, there are several pockets and compartments for all of my “little things” that would otherwise get lost at the bottom of a larger purse.  What really has me excited about this purse is the quality.  The leather of two of the MACs I purchased are also soft and supple, like the Foley + Corinna bag.  The hardware is thick and durable.  But overall, it’s just a beautiful purse because everything about it is classic.

 That was just a little sneak-peek into what I think about when putting together an outfit or shopping for wardrobe pieces, which is basically practical and functional style that should and be as effortless as it appears.  How do you find your wardrobe/life balance?

Outfit – Audrey 3+1 dress; Aldo boots; Calvin Klein denim jacket; Vintage brooch; Rebecca Minkoff bag; Juicy Couture ring & necklace; H&M earrings; Michael Kors watch; Converse glasses

Jeffrey Campbell “Kelley” Oxford image courtesy of  Polyvore (from Norstrom here); Envy Tween Ankle Wrap Wedge Sandal image courtesy of DSW here; Moto Hobo bag images courtesy of Foley + Corinna here

Go With the Flow

The weather makes me want to wear things that are less body conscious.  Wearing wide-legged or palazzo pants and flowing sheer shirts are the way I incorporate this fluidity in my wardrobe.  I also have been really loving capes, mostly because of the large sleeves that allow room for kimono-style shirts and dresses.   This one is nice because it’s almost like a little jacket rather than a large poncho.  I think this outfit is quite wonderfully breezy, making it quite cool for this fantastic warm day.  I also like the stripes in the lining against the polka-dots!

Outfit – H&M cape jacket & pants; Cotton On blouse; Jeffrey Campbell shoes; Michael Kors watch; Juicy Couture ring; Coach sunglasses

Friend Friday: Peeves & Pets

I didn’t get a chance to participate in the May 6 Friend Friday post about shoes because I committed to participating in the Full Time Fabulous blog event. But I just couldn’t pass up the chance to talk about one of my favorite fashion subjects, other than purses.  I’m also combining it with this week’s topic, which is based on Beautifully Invisible’s10 Things About Your Blog That Drive Me Crazy “.  I’ll start with the peeves, then I’ll move on to my pets.

Five Things That Drive Me Crazy About Your Blog

1.  Not being able to comment

I just feel that if you have a blog out there, you want people to read it.  Don’t you want to encourage discussion?

2.  Comment sections that make it difficult to leave a comment

There have been times where I can see that people are leaving comments, so why am I the only lame one who can’t?  I think leaving a comment should be an easy task, not a frustrating one.  Previously, I had the settings on my blog set higher to block unwanted content, but that meant a lot more moderation on my part.  Wordpress is good about detecting spam, so now I’ve relaxed the comment moderation to allow more people to leave comments that can be seen instantaneously.

3.  Grammar gaffes

I think this is on everyone’s list, and it should be.  Lack of spell-check and good grammar really gets under my skin.  I will mull over a post for a while before I put anything out there in the open.  I recently attended a writing class at work that opened my eyes to my grammar mistakes.  I even had the instructor look at my blog to let me know how I can make improvements.  I write my posts as if I’m writing for a major website or publication.  I hope that it comes across that way.

4.  Lackluster headlines

In the writing class I spoke about above, we also learned about how to write efficient emails.  This included writing subject headings that accurately describe what will be discussed in the attached email.  I think that the headline/title to a blog post should do the same, but with a twist.  I love clever headlines, even if they are only one word.  In this time of Twitter where we try to be as eloquent as possible in 140 characters, why can’t you do the same with your headline?

5.  Make it personal 

I love blogs that interject a little bit about the writer’s personality, without revealing more than is necessary.  It allows us to see that we can all relate in some way, and that the person on the other end of the computer is just like me.

Shoes, glorious shoes!

1. What is your go-to pair of shoes?

Rather than a go-to pair, I have a go-to color: Black. I have more than enough pairs of black shoes, but I just can’t seem to stop getting them. In fact, I just bought another pair of black mary-jane pumps from Gilt called “Sinful” by Gunmetal.

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?

Versatility and uniqueness. I need to wear them with several different wardrobe pieces, and I want them to be show-stoppers. I may have over 10 pairs of black shoes, but none of them are the same and each has a unique shape or are a different take on a basic shoe design.

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color?


4. When it comes to design shoes what are your favorite brands and why?

Right now, I’m in love with Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I love that most are platform and are a bit unusual in design. I also really enjoy Poetic Licence shoes. They are so very pretty, girly and whimsical.

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?

Several pairs of Manolo Blahniks because they are simply just beautiful shoes. Ever since that episode of “Sex and the City” called “A Woman’s Right to Shoes”, I have wanted the Sedaraby Open Toe d’Orsay pump in silver, just like Carrie’s (pictured above). If you are not familiar with the episode, it’s the one where Carrie wears them to a baby shower, only to have them stolen. Then the hostess refuses to replace them and Carrie does a creative thing to get them back.  After then seeing the first SATC movie, I fell in love with the jeweled pump called “Something Blue” that Carrie wore to her civil wedding to Big (pictured below in grey satin).  I confess that I do own a couple, but they were purchased from eBay and not the ones pictured in this post.  I would love to walk into Bloomingdale’s or Neiman Marcus and buy the one’s pictured here outright.  *sigh*

(Images courtesy of Zappos.com here; Lori’s Shoes from my post here; and Nordstrom.com here & here)

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday is a Google group for bloggers to converse on a given topic each week. Katy from ModlyChic sends the questions, bloggers post their responses and then add their post to the list of people sharing their thoughts on the subject matter. To get started, check out this great tutorial on Grit & Glamour here.

Forecast: Sunny, With a Bit of Grayson

Oh, how I love the Jeffrey Campbell “Grayson” boots that my husband bought me for my birthday.  I have been wearing them as often as I can, coming up with outfits just to wear them with.  I decided to do a little boho chic when I went shopping.  I’m going to pair these lovelies with some maxi skirts and dresses, flowy pants and maybe a cropped trouser or two.

Outfit – Decree tunic; Cotton On cardigan; 7 For All Mankind jeans; Jeffrey Campbell shoes; H&M belt; Coach sunglasses; Juicy Couture ring

Gotta Have Grayson!

I’m in love.  Check out these shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.  These will definitely be a part of my first after Lent binge purchasing spree because they are just too fantastic.  Hello Grayson, my name is Cyrillynn.  Welcome to my closet!

(Images courtesy of Lori’s Shoes. You too can purchase a pair here!)

Spring Shoe Fling

One of my favorite pairs of shoes at the moment are the “Lita” platforms by Jeffrey Campbell.  After seeing a spring teaser email from Sole Struck (where I purchased my Litas), I decided to make my wish list of shoes that I would love to add to my wardrobe.  The one in the middle is a pair called “San Diego”, isn’t that great?

Spring Shoe Fling

Spring Shoe Fling by sighgee featuring platform shoes

Remix Update: Outfits 5 & 6

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Not a whole lot of green in this post, except for maybe the ivy next to me and a little bit of the leaves of my dress.

I broke down and bought the rose-gold watch that I have been eyeing for the past 2 weeks now. One of my friends just bought a rose-gold Michael Kors watch recently and I secretly lusted after it from afar. It has a vintage vibe to it, which reminds me of my father’s watches. This beautiful rose-gold watch with a dark pearlized face is also by Michael Kors. I promise that this watch is the last purchase until after Easter. The watch is so pretty up close, and this picture doesn’t do it justice.

From the “30 for 30” rules, outfits can be worn over a period of any 30 days. I really do intend to only remix during the days of Lent. If I don’t go anywhere that requires the use of an outfit from the remix, then I will extend the days so that the outfits reach 40. Since I didn’t go anywhere on Sunday, I will go over by 1 day (so far). So here are outfits 5 and 6, which was this past Monday and Tuesday. Isn’t this Kinder Aggugini dress adorable? The whole line at Macy’s is great, and I hope that it’s still around after Easter.

Outfit: Previously remixed – Cotton On sweater

Kinder Aggugini for Macy’s dress; Target tights; Prada shoes; Michael Kors watch; Coach sunglasses; American Apparel leather pouch

I have 3 skirts to choose from, again of varying lengths. I wanted to make this outfit a little on the easy and casual side for my new Jeffrey Campbell “Kelley” oxfords. I love the cut-out effect because while they are definitely brogues, they feel like sandals. I’m glad that I could get 2 styles for the price of one, which opens up my remixing even more. Speaking of remixing, I seem to have already worked this Cotton On cardigan into 3 outfits already. Plus, I’ve used the American Apparel leather pouch with every outfit so far. I guess I’ve discovered couple of a staples!

Outfit: Previously remixed – Cotton On sweater

Forever 21 t-shirt; Mossimo for Target skirt; Jeffrey Campbell shoes; H&M belt; Michael Kors watch; Coach sunglasses; American Apparel leather pouch