The very first Any Second Now blog was created back in 2004, after the passing of my father.   I felt that my friends may have needed a barometer of how I was feeling during the time following my father’s death, one of the most traumatic events in my life to date.  I emailed many of my closest friends to let them know I began a blog.

This is Any Second Now Version 1 as it was on Blogger.  A link also appears in my Blogroll.

The first version started to morph into something other than what was intended.  If you take a look at the first one, it started off very thoughtful and sad, followed by confusion and anger.  Afterwards, I started to change writing styles, especially after reading the Bridget Jones books and seeing the movies.  I blogged less and less because I lost my sense of direction.  I stopped writing in it in 2006.

Since then, I met and married the love of my life, and we now have a beautiful son (born February 27, 2009).  I’m so thankful for all of the blessings I have in my life and I reflect frequently on how I wish my father could see both of his grandchildren (my sister since also had her daughter).

Happy mommy and even happier son

A friend of mine turned me onto Cupcakes and Cashmere, by Emily Schuman.  What a wonderful blog and just the right spark to get me to start writing again.  I even sent her a note to thank her for the inspiration and to congratulate her on a wonderful blog.  She wrote back immediately with a the same earnestness present in her writing:  “I think it’s great that you’ve resumed blogging as I find it’s a selfless thing we can do for ourselves that has a tremendous outcome.”

Any Second Now Version 2 is much simpler…just about the events and happenings in my life with my friends and family.  I am a classically trained pianist, budding writer and photographer with a visual arts (film and media emphasis) degree from UCSD.  Additionally, I have 10 years of post-graduate experience in the entertainment industry in television and cinema (IMDB listing).   I’m always looking at utilizing my creative background in every aspect of my life, so this blog really helps showcase my love for music, fashion and the arts.

I also want to show that it’s ok for mom’s to have a full personal life in addition to their family life.  That it’s completely ok to still be fashionable and current while caring for your family.  Finally, I want to show that creativity and artistry, along with leisure and fun can all fit if you just take time to do it.  It’s never a selfish thing to still want to look and feel great because as a mother and wife, you should!

I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for stopping by.




  1. This is the first time checking out your blog. Pretty cool. Just to let you know that I won’t be wearing any of your featured items. LOL.
    As I was reading the first paragraph in “About” you mentioned your dad, at the same time I looked at the baptismal picture and noticed my dad in the background. What a coincidence. We both have great fathers.
    Keep up the good work on your blog. Say hello to the family.

    (…long time Depeche Mode and The Smiths/Morrissey fan. Also an original 91x listener since ’83…when music was good.)

    1. Hey August! Thanks for checking out my blog. Yes, we both have fantastic fathers! I’ll definitely say hi to everyone for you.

      PS: I remember when 91X was awesome! That’s what got me into Depeche Mode, New Order and Morrissey (The Smiths). Thank God for the iPod because I can relive those days 🙂

  2. Hey girl! Just had to say hi, I’m a new fashion blogger and I’m in San Diego too! Found you on Citizen Rosebud’s 40+ list. Loving your blog, I too have overdressed for jury duty. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I’m checking out your blog, too. Isn’t Bella great…what a wonderful tribute she did to the 40+ bloggers of the world. I was proud to be included in her original list 🙂

      I overdress for everything, so it was not hard for me to be overdressed for jury duty, lol 🙂


  3. Love your blog! I have to thank my friend Darlene (of the blog My Burning Kitchen) for recommending it! Although I only blog about fashion/shoes occasionally, my blog is mostly about pop culture, food, recipes, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

    re: 91x, I totally remember when it was new, back in junior high. It’s hard to believe that 91x is now 30 years old!

    I’ll have to explore the rest of your posts later. I like your stance that mom’s can still have style!

    1. Thank you! Darlene and I Tweeted with each other because of the Peter Hook signing and I just started reading her blog, too! My blog is about all those things, but with my main focus on fashion, music and my family. Mommies gotta look good and feel good, too right? 🙂

      I cannot believe that 91X has been around that long! I remember when a friend said that since I love groups like Depeche Mode and New Order that I should listen to 91X.

      Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m totally getting to know your blog and Darlene’s, too!


  4. I found you on instagram and just had to check out your blog. These words completely resonate with me “mothers can have full personal life in addition to their family life. That it’s completely ok to still be fashionable and current while caring for your family.” THANK YOU for saying what so many of us battle with on a daily basis. As I start up my blog, Thrifting Diva, I also wonder if it is ok to wish for success in blogging while juggling a family and full time job. It’s not easy, but hearing others or reading others process through these exact same emotions is awesome. I will definitely continue to follow you through yours.

    1. Thank you SO much for the lovely comment! It’s definitely ok to wish for success in blogging while juggling family and a full time job, because you are a part of a community of people who are definitely doing it and succeeding at it. I wish you much luck and I’ll follow along your journey as well! 🙂


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