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#MODEMAY: Day 17 to Day 31

17 Personal Jesus ModeMay

Here are the rest of my photos from the #ModeMay Instagram photo-a-day challenge by DepecheMode.com.  I had SO much fun with this photo challenge!  True, part of the fun was getting two of my photos selected to be re-posted by DepecheMode.com, but most of the fun was the creativity, seeing all of the other wonderful pictures and meeting new people to interact with and follow on Instagram.  It’s nice to know there are so many kindred spirits who share the same love for Depeche Mode as I do.  As always, thank you for following along, especially when I indulge in sharing some of my favorite things.  Enjoy!

18 A Question of Time ModeMay

May 17th: Personal Jesus (top photo); May 18th: A Question of Time

19 Strangelove ModeMay

May 19th: Strangelove

20 Barrel of a Gun ModeMay

May 20th: Barrel of a Gun

21 I Feel Loved ModeMay

May 21st: I Feel Loved

22 Goodnight Lovers ModeMay

May 22nd: Goodnight Lovers

23 In Your Room ModeMay

May 23rd: In Your Room

24 Devotional ModeMay

May 24th: Devotional

25 Freelove ModeMay

May 25th: Freelove

World In My Eyes ModeMay

May 26th: World In My Eyes (selected by DepecheMode.com)

27 Behind The Wheel

May 27: Behind The Wheel

28 WIMS ModeMay

May 28th: Walking In My Shoes

29 Halo ModeMay

May 29th: Halo

30 TMOL ModeMay

May 30th: The Meaning Of Love

31 Enjoy The Silence ModeMay

May 31st: Enjoy The Silence (taken at Amoeba Music in Hollywood)

#MODEMAY: Day 1 to Day 16

1 Speak and Spell ModeMay

As promised, here are my pictures from #ModeMay, a photo-a-day challenge on Instagram from DepecheMode.com (original post here).  I’m posting just day 1 through 16 first, then the last half afterwards.  All items pictured are from my personal collection.  Enjoy!

2 A Broken Frame ModeMay

May 1st: Speak & Spell (top picture); May 2nd: A Broken Frame

3 Construction Time Again ModeMay

May 3rd: Construction Time Again

4 Some Great Reward ModeMay

May 4th: Some Great Reward (autographed by Alan Wilder)

Black Celebration ModeMay

May 5th: Black Celebration (selected by DepecheMode.com)

6 Music For The Masses ModeMay

May 6th: Music For The Masses

7 101 ModeMay

May 7th: 101

8 Violator ModeMay

May 8th: Violator

9 Dave Gahan Birthday ModeMay

May 9th: Dave Gahan’s Birthday

10 SOFAD Mode May

May 10th: Songs of Faith and Devotion

11 Ultra ModeMay

May 11th: Ultra

12 The Singles ModeMay

May 12th: The Singles (81-85, 86>98)

13 Exciter ModeMay

May 13th: Exciter

14 Playing The Angel ModeMay

May 14th: Playing The Angel

15 Little 15 ModeMay

May 15th: Little 15

16 Delta Machine sub for SOTU ModeMay

May 16th: Sounds of The Universe (my CD was stolen, so I substituted Delta Machine) 

January Record a Day: Days 5 Through 12

Record A Day Jan 2014 Collage 2

Here is another recap of the “record a day” photo project I’m participating in on Instagram.  Have I mentioned just how much I’m loving this?!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 9

Collage 1 (top photo, clockwise from the top left):  1) Day 5: Compilation/soundtrack – I bought “The Exposed 2” compilation because of The Hitmen & OMD. The Hitmen was a group Alan Wilder was once in; 2) Day 6: Picture Disc – “Fantastic Day” by Haircut 100.  This is from my sister’s collection (which is at my house); 3) Day 7: Any 7 inch – Oblivious by Aztec Camera, one of my faves;  4) Day 8: An album from the 80’s – “Mange Tout” by Blancmange from 1984.

Collage 2:  Day 9: Transparent colored record -“Closer” by Joy Division, purchased from Third Eye Record Shop during Record Store Day last year (post here).

Jan 2014 Record a Day 10

Day 10: Any 10 inch – “Backwards and Forwards” by Aztec Camera. I thought I lost this!

Jan 2014 Record a Day 11

Day 11: Collection of an artist – My largest vinyl collection is by far that of Depeche Mode. These are just the singles (not yet pictured are my 12 inch records, albums and special editions).

Jan 2014 Record a Day 12

Day 12: Artist that starts with J – Japan. “Gentlemen Take Polaroids” is my favorite song by them.

Spirit of Talk Talk Launch Party Tonight!

I’ve known about this event for sometime, but my trip to London did not at all coincide with this launch party, otherwise I would have bought tickets straightaway! 

There are a lucky few of you out there who were able to score tickets to the Spirit of Talk Talk launch party tonight at 229 on Great Portland Street in London (see posts from the Recoil blog and the Spirit of Talk Talk blog).  Every time I see Great Portland Street, I just think of the Metropolitan Line because that’s a few stops away from the hotel we stayed at.  I read that  Alan Wilder may make an appearance (*sigh*).  For those of you going, have fun, and I will be there in spirit and living vicariously somehow through you all tonight!

Flyer courtesy of the Spirit of Talk Talk Facebook page

Show Me Your Luscious Apparatus: My Recoil Contest Entry

Last week on Facebook, the Shunt staff of Alan Wilder’s group Recoil announced a contest called “Show Me Yours” (I added Luscious Apparatus, which is a Recoil song), to celebrate the arrival of the DVD “A Strange Hour in Budapest” (abbreviated as ASH here).  Fans were encouraged to show off their DVDs and any other products they bought having to do with ASH (post here).  I created two entries:  the first entry was a collage that I submitted through Instagram (the second picture seen above).  I then submitted another entry, which actually turned into an outfit post, featuring my rock t-shirt of the week. 

The shirt peaking out from underneath the jacket is my Recoil shirt from the concert where I met Alan Wilder (post here).  That shirt will always remind me of what a wonderful experience it was to meet Alan and see his live show presentation with Paul Kendall.  I also played with the photo editing capabilities of my Acer Iconia tablet, which rendered some cool effects.  By the way, there will be five winners, and each will receive a photo from the concert, signed by Alan.  I have many items signed by him, but knowing that Alan Wilder himself will be picking the winner was the driving decision behind entering the conest.  I’ll be sure to post if I win!

Outfit – Forever 21 faux leather studded biker jacket; Recoil t-shirt; H&M skirt; Sam Edelman “Lorissa” pumps; Wendy Brandes rings; Coach sunnies

A Strange Hour In Budapest: Red Edition

I missed the pre-order of the Deluxe Edition of Recoil’s “A Strange Hour In Budapest” on Alan Wilder’s birthday last week, and now they have sold out (it was in a digi-pack, individually hand stamped, numbered and limited to 1000).  I saw all of the hype leading to the release and still didn’t make the cut.  THANKFULLY the Shunt staff will be releasing a more standard edition of the DVD (the Red Edition).  I just ordered that yesterday, along with the 8GB USB Stick.

Below are the details on the DVD and the USB stick, and both are available at the Recoil Store here.  Get yours while you can!


Main format details :


contents :

Running time : 84 minutes

Running time : 21 minutes

WANT (Renegade of Noise 808 remix)
PREY (Shotgun mix)
ALLELUJAH (subHuman album version)

Directed by : Dmitry Semenov

Running time : 16 minutes

Directed by : Steve Fabian, Igor Dvorský and Dmitry Semenov

Download package
(free with store purchase of Blu-ray)
contents :
1) A Strange Hour In Budapest’ soundtrack sampler (8 mins) – choice of 24bit wav, 16bit Apple Lossless, FLAC or 320 kbps mp3
2) 24 page Blu-ray Art booklet including additional spreads  – PDF format
3) Approx. 75 x high res Recoil live photographs and film stills
4) Project wallpapers for smartphone, iPad and computer screen
Recorded & filmed at : Szikra, Budapest : 04.12.2010
Produced, directed & edited by : Attila Herkó for Umatik
Executive producer : Alan Wilder
Stereo & 5.1 soundtrack mix : Alan Wilder & Paul Kendall
Main film : 1920 x 1080p High Definition : 16:9
Audio : DTS-HD MA 5.1 surround : LPCM Stereo 2.0
Extra material : 1080p HD 16:9 : LPCM Stereo 2.0

(Note: This is a zone-free all region disc which will play in any Blu-ray player)


USB contents :

1) Full 84 minute stereo soundtrack – choice of 24bit wav, 16bit Apple Lossless, FLAC or 320 kbps mp3
2) 3 x ‘A Strange Hour 2′ reconstructions – stereo audio – choice of 24bit wav, 16bit Apple Lossless, FLAC or 320 kbps mp3
3) Extended trailer for ‘A Strange Hour In Budapest’ – approx 5 minutes : 1080p HD mp4
4) 24 page Blu-ray Art booklet including additional spreads – PDF format
5) Approx. 75 x high res Recoil live photographs and film stills
6) Project wallpapers for smartphone, iPad and computer screen

(Images courtesy of Shunt)

Dear Diary: My Blogging History

Before I had a blog, I had journals. Like Bridget Jones and her infamous diary, I wrote faithfully in my journals nearly every night, telling it secrets like it was my best friend. Unlike Bridget, I have been doing so since I was 8 years old. During a much-needed spring cleaning while my husband and son were visiting family in Las Vegas, I found all 15 of them. In an effort to purge and clean out the spare bedroom for our son, I decided to discard the ones that were more about my trials and tribulations of broken relationships right before my marriage. But I kept the ones that were from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, because those were the times of my adolescence, high school and early college years.

I loved reading through the times I spent with my friends, events at school, songs that I was listening to, concerts I attended and clothes that I wore. They were full of angst over arguments with my younger sister and parents, but a good amount of time was spent on unrequited love. I knew I had several rock star crushes, but the most heartfelt ones were mainly over Alan Wilder. I always knew how big of a crush I had on him (post here), but reading my diary entries proved a little painful because it just goes to show where a 16 year-old’s mind wanders off to in times when she feels like there is no hope. My written pleas to the universe of “If I could only just meet him, it would make my life complete!” were almost gut-wrenching. I even had my sister sit down and read them and she almost couldn’t get through the entries because it was a bit uncomfortable. I had to keep reminding her that although I was sitting right there in front of her and the entries were in my handwriting, it was my younger and more immature self penning those anxious words.

Inside cover page of a diary circa 1985 to 1986

I laugh now because I have since met Alan Wilder, danced in front of him for a contest in the middle of a record store, and was later recognized by Alan at his show later that night (post here). I think that 16 year-old would never have believed that it could be true and would have probably squealed in delight and horror knowing that there was a possibility of even being in the same room with him in a non-concert atmosphere.

The saddest but most revealing part of reading my old diaries was how much I longed for a boyfriend. I really wish I could sit that poor girl down and let her know that she should continue to enjoy her family, friends, music, clothes and to not worry about when that boy will finally save her from herself. But despite reading my inner-turmoil over not having a boyfriend, it has been so much fun to see the timeline of events, milestones and just the little things that I did that I could never have remembered on my own, yet opened a whole floodgate of memories once I read the entries. It puts this blogging thing that I do into perspective and helps me understand my personal need to document my thoughts and feelings, even in a forum that I’ve mostly dedicated to fashion & music. That is why I have interspersed my family and personal life throughout my current blog entries, because feel I am capturing life as it happens. This trip through memory lane definitely does spark my desire to continue blogging because I enjoy writing, and because of the documentation of a timeline that I could look back on and say “Oh yes, I remember that!”

Coming Soon: A Strange Hour in Budapest

This was posted a couple of weeks ago on Alan Wilder’s blog:  A concert film will be released of Recoil’s “A Strange Hour in Budapest”, which was a show that came at the end of 2010 (the leg that I attended here in San Diego).   Per the blog:  “The proposed package will feature the full concert film, running at approximately 84 minutes in HD resolution and with 5.1 & stereo audio options. Also included will be some extra promo films and live projections. It has been decided to limit the format to Blu-ray only for a couple of reasons – the main being that the film works infinitely better at its highest resolution and we don’t want to compromise this aspect.”

There has been some discussion in the blog comments of choice to release it to Blu-ray, but I think it’s an excellent idea because the show was both musically and visually stunning and the best format to capture it would be Blu-ray.  Either way, I’m very excited to finally have a copy of a show from the “Selected” tour.  I’ll post when it’s available as soon as I find out!

(Photos taken by me during the “Selected” tour in San Diego, October 2010)

Depeche Mode/Recoil Updates

New Life:  VCMG – Remember when I reported that Vince Clarke and Martin Gore were going to collaborate (post here)?  They’ve gone and done it!  Depeche Mode’s official site has announced that EPs will be released first by the end of November 2011, followed by a full album (full article here).

Cover Me – Depeche Mode have covered “So Cruel” for the AHK-Toong BAY-Bi Covered album, which consists of covers of songs from U2’s Achtung Baby.  It also features artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Garbage and The Killers.  It’s available for download exclusively on iTunes with proceeds benefitting Concern Worldwide.  If you were one of the lucky ones, you would have received a copy with your Q Magazine back in October (full articles here).

Added to my Collection – I received my “Collected” DVD last week (my actual copy is pictured above).  I’m always reminding those of you who are also fans, like myself, to get these rare items when they become available because of the limited stock, and this is a must have.  The entire “Collected” series is on one DVD, along with extended footage and photos.  Click here for the Recoil store to get your copy, while it lasts!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a great weekend!

(Photos 1 & 2 courtesy of depechemode.com)

Totally Random iPhone Pictures

You can stay healthy with these magazines.

These are some completely random iPhone pictures from the last couple of weeks, no true rhyme or reason.  If you follow me on Twitter (@any2ndnow) or Instagram (any2ndnow), you will recognize some of these images.  In the end, does it really matter why, when you start the randomness with stunning photos of Alan Wilder and Gerard Butler?  No, it doesn’t.

Happy Friday!

Oh. My. Goodness. (Courtesy of The Red Radio)

Originally posted for comparison with the photo above.  But do I really need a reason?  (Courtesy of Comic Vine Forum)

I have been reminiscing about when I met Alan Wider last year (hence the first photo). This was one of at least ten items he autographed for me.  He said “Wow, this takes me way back…”  Was it the fact that it was his first EP as Recoil or that it was actually on vinyl?  Methinks both.

Aren’t these just pretty?

My companion while at jury duty (thanks Janice for loaning it to me). Read all 358 pages!

If only I had planned it right, I would have dressed like her for Halloween…

Dominic says, “Let it be…”

I love my little family *sigh*

Wore this in honor of my father on Veteran’s Day: it was one of his first uniform shirts.

FTC Disclosure: Although this is a sponsored post, the opinions, pictures & content of this post are strictly my own.