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This is a fabulous feature by B of Beautifully Invisible.  I was honored to be nominated by Madison of Fashion Tales, and so touched by her sweet words.  If there is anything I learned as a blogger, it is the importance of community.  Enjoy this list of some of the best reads in the blogosphere, which includes some of my “Daily Reads” favorites!

LINK LOVE with a TWIST, June 22, 2011

A few days ago someone asked me to describe the concept of Link Love with a Twist to them.  When I explained that the posts included every week are not picked by me, but rather submitted for inclusion by others, they were first surprised and then intrigued.

“So, it’s kind of like the People’s Choice Awards of fashion blogging!” they said.

I laughed, because obviously there are no real awards involved (sorry!).  Yet the concept is similar.  Each of the links below left a marked impression on a reader, who then decided they simply had to spread the wealth and share it with you.

I think that is a reward in itself!


Ambuji – Fashion and Architecture:  “I want to nominate Ambu of Ambuji.com for this post.  The last 5 posts of hers have been great but I really liked the visuals of this one and how it all links together.  She has put together some very interesting and thought-provoking work on her blog.  I just had to share!” – Yvonne of Fashion RECON

Any Second Now – Pieces From A Working Mom’s Wardrobe:  “I initially loved this post and Cyrillynn’s outfit, but later when I’d heard that a commenter decided not to forever hold their peace, spurring a negative comment, it saddened me… You see, I love this post because of the after effects – the love and support from such an incredible community; the positive comments and truth that we (The FTFCommunity, along with others) shared.  This is what the blogging community is all about, supporting and being able to uplift each other, stating our opinions yes, but not in a hurtful manner.  Despite the unnecessary negative air pointed in Cyrillynn’s direction she gracefully shines on.  Check out the post for yourself, and see how good our girl is rocking her style!” – Madison of Fashion Tales

Beautifully Invisible – Guest Post: How to Not Be a Savage Blogger /”Follow Back” Alternatives for New Bloggers“It’s so nice to hear some viable tips on what new bloggers should be doing rather than just hearing what they should avoid.  And the graphics Jamillah chose pretty much speak for themselves.” – Marissa of The Well-Appointed Catwalk

Blah Blah Becky – Lipstick: A History:  “I have a new love for lipstick and an old love of history.  Since all the rage lately is bright, bright lips it was really great to see this thoughtful history of lipstick written by Becky.” – Jamillah of made-to-travel

Bonjour Simone – Fashion and Feminism: The Media’s “Ugly” Women: “This post on “Ugly” Women in the Media was awesome!  Does throwing on glasses and “ugly” clothes make beautiful women like Tina Fey, America Ferrera, and Anne Hathaway ugly?” – Ashley of ASHLEY4EMERGY

A Brit Greek – Just browsing for the perfect brow shape: “Want to know the secret to perfect eyebrows?  This post is the definitive guide to eyebrows that you have been searching for all your life.   Trust me: tips, tricks, and inspiration await!” – B of Beautifully Invisible

By Anika – Sexy is a state of mind“So many times I feel that women believe the only way to be sexy is to bare it all.  I too once thought this way (and if you want to let it all hang out, that’s great for you), but I’m so happy to be to a point in my life that I feel sexy regardless of I’m wearing (or not wearing).  Anika reminds us that clothes don’t necessarily make a woman sexy; it’s the woman that makes the clothes sexy!” – Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely

Stephanie of The-Loudmouth seconds this submission and adds an additional choice: Beautifully Invisible – A Rant: Why Women Are (at times) Their Own Worst Enemy“Both of these posts are powerful, moving and thought-provoking… I’m both proud of who I am and know the changes I need to make after reading these!”

Full Time Fabulous – look hot on the beach – and protect yourself doing so: “I want to nominate Kristy Elena’s post on protecting yourself from the sun.  It is a very thorough post that I really enjoyed and I think everyone should read!” – Anna of designedbyann

miss vinyl ahoy – Refinery29 has grossly misguided views on plus size:  When you hear the term “plus-size”, what comes to mind?  Size 14? 16? 20? 22? What about a size 10?  This post was inspired by a tweet that refered to women who wear a Size 10 and above as plus-sized.  What are your thoughts?” – B of Beautifully Invisible

My Illustrative Life – SlutWalks: trying not to miss the point“I’ve been reading and thinking lots about slutwalks, and this is one of the best posts on the subject I’ve read.  I agree with pretty much everything Claire says here.” – Franca of Oranges and Apples

Rusty Sarcasm – Explanation Tumblr and Explanation Tumblr, Take 2“I LOVE tumblr and this thorough walk-through from Heather at Rusty Sarcasm will help you love tumblr too. When Tumblr recently made some changes Heather added a part 2!” – Jamillah of made-to-travel

Those Things They Said – Photo Editing“I loved Melanie’s tutorial for editing outfit pictures in Photoshop.  While I never like to see people alter their physical look in a graphics program it’s absolutely necessary for me as a graphic design enthusiast to run all of my photos through Photoshop before they make it to the blog.  Melanie’s example offers great cropping tips and the sort of coloring that warms a picture without making it unrecognizable.” – Casee Marie of The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower

UN-stitched – Fashion Heirlooms: “In this post Christine shared a heartwarming photo session with her young daughter and documented the list of sartorial messages she intends to instill in her daughter through her own representation.  I was touched by her dedication to her daughter’s genuine beauty; she proved that attention to fashion does not provoke vanity, but that it has the capability to teach valuable lessons and encourage self-esteem.” – Casee Marie of The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower

What Are Years? – My ethical dilemma with fashion blogging“Such a great post, bringing out some of the ethical dilemma’s around outfit blogging with some wonderful discussion in the comments too.  It really made me think (and write a novella of a comment)!” – Franca of Oranges and Apples


Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit their favorite post of the week!

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    1. Thank YOU Madison. What you said was sweet and even made my husband say “Wow!” I was just happy to be thought of and mentioned with these great group of posts. 🙂


    1. Your feature is truly like the People’s Choice awards for bloggers. I love it! I submitted one recently. Can’t wait for the next one!


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