My first Wendy Brandes purchase was the asterisk ring (seen here first), which I wear practically everyday because it is quite adorable.  I finally bought the rings that I have had my eye on since I was introduced to Wendy’s blog and jewelry line: the WendyB swear rings.  I first saw them on B at Beautifully Invisible and fell in love.  This set of rings are show stoppers and conversation pieces.  After I posted a picture of them on Instagram, I went to a family party and those who follow my blog grabbed my hand when I arrived, just to see them in person. 

As with the asterisk ring, the quality is amazing, and they are so much lighter than they appear.  I was asked previously if the set was a “bar ring”.  These rings are not attached and can be worn individually.  Click here for for the set I bought in silver, or click here for the gold-plated version.  Both styles are adjustable, so one size will fit most hands.  Although you may find other versions of her designs out there (see her post on the subject here), you will not find anything like size and quality of Wendy’s originals.  I swear!

(Edited on May 14, 2012 to add the picture above, after a manicure.  On Mother’s Day, I finished the last book of the Fifty Shades trilogy and my nail color for my mani-pedi was called Dominiatrix.  I just had to wear the rings!)


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