Weekend in Pictures: I Heart Shimmer!

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On Saturday, I attended a the VIP Fashion Event at Shimmer, a local retail clothing store in Westfield’s Plaza Bonita Mall (they also have a location at the Chula Vista Center).    I found out about the event through the San Diego Style Bloggers blog and quickly put in my RSVP to attend the event.  I think it’s important to attend these types of events as bloggers to get to know the local fashion community and also to connect with other bloggers.  Not only did I get to reconnect with bloggers Tuyaymya of White Tee Black Dress and Erika of Within The Sun, but I also got to meet the beautiful Alessandra of Fatshion Diary.  We are all pictured below with Judy Figueroa from Shimmer (except for Erika, who I didn’t see until later that evening).

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Silliness in the VIP blogger area with Alessandra and Tuyaymya! (Photo courtesy of Fatshion Diary; check out her awesome post about this event here!)

It was a lovely fashion soiree with a free mini-salon area equipped to handle hair, make-up and nails.  We were also treated to tasty snacks (that I unfortunately couldn’t partake in due to being in the midst of Whole30), and a blogger VIP area with awesome little gifts from Shimmer along with cute SWAG bags we received upon entering the event area.  The evening began with a hair and make-up demo by Bellus Academy, which was followed by a fantastic fashion show.

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The outfits were broken up into three categories:  Lady Gaga meets military, Chanel inspired and Valentine’s Day outfit ideas.  I did shop a bit prior to watching the event, and I saw two jackets that I tried on make it to the runway (one I purchased).  But what I enjoyed most about the fashion show was that it showcased models of all shapes, sizes and ages.  When I spoke to Judy from Shimmer, she said that they wanted to make sure that they appeal to everyone, and I truly felt it during the fashion show.  Being a 40+ style blogger, it was very important to me to see a model up there who was in my age range, and she ROCKED it.  I swear I gushed each time she hit the catwalk!

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I bought this oxblood blazer by Ark & Co

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I tried this on, but it was quite long on me.  I’m not as tall as this gorgeous model (jacket also by Ark & Co).

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I cheered every time she hit the runway!

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A bevy of beauties.

I would like to thank San Diego Fashion Bloggers for providing details to this event on their blog, and I would also like to thank Judy and all at Shimmer, Bad Madge Productions and Vanity Girl Hollywood (who provided the awesome mirrors in the hair & make-up section) for making this event so much fun and memorable.  I would also like to thank my hubby, for taking me to the event and even posing in a photo with me, even though he said that he wasn’t “photo ready” due his casual outfit.  I love you honey!

(Get 20% off + free shipping on Shimmer’s online shop, iheartshimmer.com by using the code FASHION20!)

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  1. Loved your entry and pictures! Your little camera has amazing quality. I really enjoyed meeting all of you. Thank you for making me feel comfortable. 🙂

    See you soon!

    1. Thank you Alessandra! We style bloggers have to stick together, especially in our own home town, right? It was great meeting you and I’m sure we’ll see each other again very soon!


    1. Sure Eddie! I think it’s important to keep a schedule of posts, a list of ideas and what your primary focus will be. Since I’m a “lifestyle blogger” and not just a fashion or personal style blogger, I have broken my blog down into these categories: Fashion, music, family, life. The other 3 are pretty self explanitory, and the life part can include anything that occurs outside of the other three, like books, sports,food and everything under the sun.

      What I do is I start several posts with different ideas that stay in “Draft” mode. If I decide to flesh them out, I will go back and start working on them. This usually leads to more ideas, which I then place in “Draft” mode so that I don’t lose my thoughts.

      Most importantly, you have to just post about what inspires you. I won’t put anything up that I don’t believe in or that I’m not interested in. If you are passionate, then the ideas will start to pour in.

      I hope that helps!


      1. I think you really nailed it on the head. I truly believe that you have to write about stuff that inspires you. For a while I tried writing about sales and I wasn’t really felling it. Today I talk about marketing and photography… I think I found my calling.

        I’m going to try that tactic of creating drafts and just working on them as I go. I think one of the biggest problems that I have is I try to get it all perfect in one shot. Thanks for the awesome tips, I’m going to copy and paste this into my Evernote. Have a great day and I’ll send you that picture ASAP 🙂

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