I Love My Tieks!

Tieks Box (2)

I have always wanted a really good pair of ballet flats.  The basic black ones I currently own (I have two pairs) are comfy to a point, but ultimately start to pinch in the back and eventually tighten up front.  I remember first seeing Tieks by Gavrieli ballet flats on Keiko Lynn and thought they were not only adorable, but looked incredibly comfy.  So recently I ordered my first pair, and I’m so very glad I did!  Firstly, the customer service I received from their company was outstanding (I love the handwritten note accompanying my package).  Secondly, the highly anticipated shoes arrived quickly and quite beautifully in the signature “Tiek Blue” box, topped with an adorable flower.  Thirdly, they fold into their own carrying case for the ultimate in convenience, and they come with an additional tote to carry your heels when your feet are in dire need of rest.

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My California Navy Tieks are far and away THE most comfortable ballet flats I own, and I wish I had them on my London trip back in 2012.  The backs of the shoes are cushioned rather than elasticized, which make them so easy on my heel.  The leather is soft and supple, and because of the split-sole design, I carry them everywhere I go (if I’m not already wearing them).  I chose the California Navy because I wanted to stay away from another pair of black shoes, but I wanted a versatile pair that I could still wear them with most everything I own.  As you can see in the pictures below (and upcoming outfit post later this week), I’m wearing them all the time.  I’m now plotting for my next pair (it’s a toss-up between the Metallic Pewter or the Metallic Gold).  What’s the most comfortable pair of shoes you own?

California Navy Tieks (2)

The first time I wore my Tieks.  Love how they stand out against black textured tights!

Tieks and galaxy skirt (2)Wore them to work with the Supernova Twirl Skirt from ModCloth.

IMG_1163 - Copy (533x800)Worn in an outfit with my niece, when we accidentally wore the same thing one day!

IMG_1256 - Copy (800x800)Worn with my son, while waiting for my hubby (who was buying popcorn) at “The Lego Movie”.

FTC Disclosure:  I received a generous discount from Tieks as a courtesy, but not as compensation for this post.  Although I did receive a discount, the opinions in this post are strictly my own.

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