Poshmark’s San Diego #PoshParty 2015!

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Earlier this week, I posted that I went to two events in one evening, and this was the best way to close that night!  A couple of years ago on my birthday, I attended my first #PoshParty given by Poshmark (original post here).  If you are unfamiliar with Poshmark, it is an app where you can buy and sell fashion: either find people you share similar styles with and shop their closets, or sell from your very own closet!  A lot of my blogger friends are on Poshmark, and three of them hosted this year’s party at the W Hotel Rooftop West:  Paulina of Lil Bits of Chic, Vanessa of Vanessa Balli and Esmirna of Platforms for Breakfast.

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When I attended Poshmark’s first party in San Diego, I was still getting to know my fellow bloggers and the San Diego Style Bloggers network.  Since then, I’ve befriended so many of them, two who I got to know better that night:  Laura of Laura Neuzeth and Alessandra of Alessandra Gonzalez.  We had to commemorate the event by taking pictures together at the Pixster Photo Booth (pictures from the whole evening can be viewed at http://pixsterphotobooth.smugmug.com/Parties/Posh-Party/).  I included the picture from the first PoshParty in 2013 with this year’s picture.  I have to say, that I love them both together because it shows how much we’ve grown as friends!  Check out more pictures from the evening below, including few words from Poshmark’s Founder and CEO, Manish Chandra.  Congratulations to Poshmark and I cannot wait until the next #PoshParty!

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Founder and CEO Manish Chandra saying a few words of thanks to the hosts of the evening, to his staff and all of the Poshmark users.

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A quick (and a little blurry) selfie wit Laura

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I actually got to hang out with Sierra, Topshop stylist that night.  She is such a sweetheart!

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Not only did I hang out with one Topshop stylist, but TWO:  Meet Alejandro, who works with Sierra!

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I also met Mishael and her mom (who took the picture), who recognized me because she follows me on Instagram and is also a reader of this blog!  It’s so awesome to meet the people who follow you because it make it all worth it!  You can find her on Instagram as @_theshoo and check out her blog at The Shoo Girl!

PoshParty with Brandee J June 2015

It was also great to see Brandee J, Editor-in-Chief of Manik Magazine and Co-Host of Real Women Talk Show (photo courtesy of Bianca Vanessa)

(Check out more great pictures on Poshmark’s Facebook page and on Bianca Venessa’s blog post and Flikr page!)

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Aren’t these photos from the Pixster Photo Booth just too fun?!