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Record Store Day 2014 Fun & Finds


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Another successful Record Store Day has come and gone, and of course, Lou’s Records has come through for me, yet again!  This time, my hubby and son came with me, and we all woke up early to make the trek to Encinitas to grab some #RSD2014 exclusives.  If you recall, my main goal was to grab the An Ideal for Living EP re-release by Joy Division.  I actually ended up getting that and so much more.  But I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  If you went to Record Store Day this year, what was your most favorite find?

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There was quite the line when we arrived.  I was number 99 at 9:30 am.

RSD 2014 Collage 2

Doing a little record shopping while waiting for our turn.  Dominic helped daddy look for something special…and it looks like he found some Depeche Mode for me!

RSD 2014 Collage 1

Dominic is so very patient and can keep himself occupied in any situation, as long as he has my iPhone.

IMG_1867 (2)Ready to get home with my treasures!

DSC03729 (2) (1280x960)#RSD2014 finds:  An Ideal for Living EP re-release by Joy Division; Indie Candy by the Pixies; Ready Boy & Girls? by Tears For Fears (it’s a white vinyl 10 inch).

DSC03730 (2) (959x1280)Awesome #RSD2014 freebies that came with every purchase, and I had two bags worth!  The Beatles bag was on the counter, and were free upon request (I got two and gave the other to my niece).

DSC03733 (2) (1280x960)An exclusive #RSD2014 shirt made by the folks at Lou’s Records.  LOVE IT!

DSC03732 (2) (1280x1104)“Vintage” finds:  Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls/Tubular Bells by Book of Love promotional 12 inch; 2×4 by Guadalcanal Diary; 1987 Tour promo of New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen & Gene Loves Jezebel 9 inch flexi-disc (the Lou’s folks said they had two on hand for a long time, and they both sold on RSD); Happy Families by Blancmange; U.K. Squeeze promotional copy; Queen compilation CD; Turn Back The Clock 80’s compilation CD for Pottery Barn (close up below because it’s a great CD).

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Weekend in Pictures: Record Store Day Finds

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As I mentioned in last Friday’s post, Saturday was Record Store Day.  In celebration of the day, CC (of the blog Pink Candles at Ridgemont High) and I went on our “Record Store Crawl”.  We combined indie record store shopping with good eats inbetween and had a fab time doing it!  I’ll start off with our finds, and part two will be about our food adventures.  Just as a teaser, below is a picture of how we started our morning: coffee and donuts from San Diego’s Donut Bar in Downtown, along with publications and maps of how we would plan out our day of record store hopping.  Also pictured are my 45 RPM adapter earrings (original post here) and my wallet from PopKiller.  I wore the earrings with my Sub Pop t-shirt.  Coincidentally, CC wore her 45 RPM adapter necklace (her post showcasing her necklace here), and we both received compliments throughout the day on our accessory choices.  Part of the reason that this trip was fun was because CC and I both discovered that we used to frequent the now defunct Blue Meanie Records back in the 80’s, which was one of the few places one could get imported records, magazines, pins and memorabilia because the owner used to travel to Europe on a regular basis.  I’m sure we were in Blue Meanie at the same time at some point in our teen years.

DSC01061 (2) (1280x897)

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Because we started our day off so early (7:30am to line up for Donut Bar), our first stop was the San Diego Record Show at The Center.  The doors opened at 9am and we paid a $5 admission to get in.  The San Diego Record Show is a collection of independent vendors (some are store owners) selling or swapping their musical merchandise under one roof.  Most of the items are vinyl 45s and LPs, but we found CDs, DVDs, shirts, pins and even video and cassette tapes.

RSD 2013 Finds Collage 1

DSC01004 (2) (960x1280)

RSD 2013 Finds Collage 2

My first purchase was at the Record Show was from Akashic Records.  I had a wonderful and interesting discussion with David, the vendor and owner, which led to him recommending some reading material about blogging.  I ended up purchasing that Wire Train album pictured for only $4!

RSD 2013 Finds Collage 3My next purchase was five badges (pins to us Yanks) and that fantastic piece of vinyl: Joy Division’s second album, Closer from Gary (who owns Third Eye Record Shop).  The label says “1st US press on translucent brown vinyl”.  Now I have to find Unknown Pleasures.  CC found some pins to give to her daughter, and if I recall, she also bought a New Edition album for her nephew.

RSD 2013 Finds Collage 4We saw an old school cassette tape player, and I think we used to have that when I was in elementary.  I then bought those Joy Division DVDs from Steve, who is an independent vendor.

RSD 2013 Finds Collage 5My final purchase was from Mr. Skid Roper.  If you remember, he and Mojo Nixon used to make beautiful music together back in the 1980’s.  The vendor a couple of tables before Skid’s had a bunch of oldies, and I asked if they had anything by Timi Yuro (for my mum).  They said no, but when I came to Skid’s section, I found a 45 within about five minutes, and only for $1!

DSC01011 (2) (1280x1280)

Our second stop was Groovy Records, which was probably just a few blocks away (I’m directionally challenged, so it may have been more, but it only took us about 5 minutes to get there by car).  When we parked, I didn’t even see the building, but CC pointed out that it was in an odd intersection, so we decided to park on a different block and walk there.  Once inside, we hit the dollar bins, then I hit up the New Wave/Punk section (I have found that these genres often get lumped together).  I loved the juxtaposition of the Public Image Ltd and Cramps posters next to the Country & Western section.  My dollar find was Live and Let Dance by The Untouchables.  I have the 45 single to “What’s Gone Wrong” which is from the same album.  As we were making our purchases, a camera man from KUSI walked in to shoot some footage.  I completely forgot to watch the news that day to see what they had filmed.  Also, the very first image in this post is from a sticker on Groovy Records’ entrance door.

RSD 2013 Finds Collage 6

Next, we attempted to go to M-Theory Music, but saw that the line went around the block.  Not willing to wait that long, we decided to head to Pacific Beach to Cow Records, because CC knew where we could grab some lunch and dessert within walking distance.  Have I mentioned how fantastically awesome it is to have a food blogger as a friend?  I’ll go into more detail about the food in my next post.  After lunch, we headed over to Thrift Trader, which I thought was just a thrift clothing store.  Inside, I saw they also had records, CDs and DVDs as well.  I didn’t look through the music as much as I looked through the clothing.  I found a couple of t-shirts and CC found a couple of shirts, so we pulled our finds together to make the $20 for four items.  It’s great that she loves a good vintage or thrift store find as much as I do!

RSD 2013 Finds Collage 7RSD 2013 Finds Collage 8We when walked next door to Cow Records, where I found many of the Record Store Day exclusives that were on the list on their official site (a few of them are pictured below).  I also found a bootleg Depeche Mode live album called Innocent and Vain (pictured above).  That title truly made me laugh.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted it, so I browsed through what they had in their Depeche Mode section, and found I had everything there except for the bootleg.  I decided against the bootleg album and instead looked around for the Sub Pop RSD compilation, which they didn’t have.  I ended up buying two Depeche Mode stickers for my car and I believe CC bought a DVD.

RSD 2013 Finds Collage 10RSD 2013 Finds Collage 9RSD 2013 Finds Collage 11

Still wanting the Sub Pop compilation, I checked Lou’s Records Facebook page and they mentioned that they still had quite a few RSD exclusives, so I posted a comment asking if they had the Sub Pop compilation still available.  They responded that they did, which then prompted a phone call to their store.  I asked them if they could save me a copy and that I would be in the following day to pick it up.  By the time this posts, I should have a copy in hand.  Ah Lou’s Records, you never let me down!  The last couple of pictures are all my finds for the day.  Hope you had a great weekend!

RSD 2013 Finds Collage 12

Today is Record Store Day 2012

It’s rare these days that I post on a Saturday, but it’s an important day for music enthusiasts that goes along with this upcoming week’s musical themed blog posts.  Today is Record Store Day.  I discovered this event by accident last year when I ordered Depeche Mode’s Remixes: 81-11  (posts seen here and here).  Because I purchased the CD at an independent record store here in San Diego called Lou’s Records, I received a very rare promotional Record Store Day, four song, limited edition “Personal Jesus” 12″ single (my copy pictured below).

Record Store Day is a day that celebrates the indie record store and the culture surrounding them.  When I was a teen, I remember the thrill of getting that rare British or European import from my favorite local record store called Blue Meannie Records.  They have since gone out of business, but I would rather still shop at stores like Ameoba Music in Los Angeles,  Lou’s Records or M-Theory here in San Diego because of the type of music available at these stores, which includes rare, used and new vinyl records.  To this day, I miss Tower Records and I’m a backer of the documentary All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records, produced by Colin Hanks (post here).   I’m also saddened by the recent closure of The Ideal Copy, an independent online store where I purchased my favorite rare, out-of-print CD’s or vinyl by groups like Aztec Camera, Blancmange, Red Rockers, Roman Holiday and Vitamin Z.

I didn’t see anything in this year’s list that I would go out of my way for, like that Depeche Mode treasure from last year.  But here is a link to the full list of releases on PDF that you can download, and maybe you can find a nugget of your own by one of your favorite artists.  Whatever your flavor, please continue to support independent record stores to celebrate not only the art of music, but the art of collecting and appreciating music.  Happy Record Store Day!

(Top image courtesy of the Record Store Day official website)

Note:  A sad “So long” to Mr. Dick Clark, who was an icon. I loved American Bandstand growing up and I think he was the quintessential TV show host.  He will always be “The Eternal Teenager”.

Limited Editions

I wanted to post some news about a couple of “limited editions” related to Depeche Mode.  First, I read on The Quietus that Martin Gore and Vince Clarke are teaming up on a new techno album (article here).

Speaking to Billboard, Gore said “Out of the blue I got an e-mail from [Vince Clarke] just saying, ‘I’m interested in making a techno album. Are you interested in collaborating?’ This was maybe nine months, a year ago. He said, ‘No pressure, no deadlines,’ so I said, ‘OK,’ and that’s what we’ve been doing the last six months.” – The Quietus

As you have seen from previous posts, Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder both recently produced mixes on Depeche Mode’s 81-11 Remix album.  Could this new collaboration mean other ones are in the works?  Oh, one could only dream that they would also include Alan!

Speaking of limited editions, look what popped up in my mailbox recently.  Yes, it’s true.  It is the Record Store Day, four song, limited edition “Personal Jesus” 12″ single, and it’s MINE (seen here).  When I called Lou’s Records June 7th, I thought I had missed out on this extremely rare piece of vinyl (see original post here).  But I think Neil at Lou’s (who answered the phone at the time), must have heard the disappointment in my voice as he said “The last one literally walked out the door about 10 minutes ago!” and remembered how much I wanted it.  Even when I received the Paypal invoice stating “Depeche Mode 3CD w/ promo 12” I still didn’t believe it.  It wasn’t until I saw the large album shaped box that it finally dawned on me that I now own it.  I called Lou’s back and they said that someone had canceled their order so they sent it to me as soon as I paid the invoice.  I consider myself very lucky to have this.  I am now going to play the Lotto.

(Photo of Martin Gore & Vince Clarke from The Quietus.  

Photos of the Depeche Mode Remixes 81-11 CD & Promo 12″ single are from my living room!)