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Show Me Your Luscious Apparatus: My Recoil Contest Entry

Last week on Facebook, the Shunt staff of Alan Wilder’s group Recoil announced a contest called “Show Me Yours” (I added Luscious Apparatus, which is a Recoil song), to celebrate the arrival of the DVD “A Strange Hour in Budapest” (abbreviated as ASH here).  Fans were encouraged to show off their DVDs and any other products they bought having to do with ASH (post here).  I created two entries:  the first entry was a collage that I submitted through Instagram (the second picture seen above).  I then submitted another entry, which actually turned into an outfit post, featuring my rock t-shirt of the week. 

The shirt peaking out from underneath the jacket is my Recoil shirt from the concert where I met Alan Wilder (post here).  That shirt will always remind me of what a wonderful experience it was to meet Alan and see his live show presentation with Paul Kendall.  I also played with the photo editing capabilities of my Acer Iconia tablet, which rendered some cool effects.  By the way, there will be five winners, and each will receive a photo from the concert, signed by Alan.  I have many items signed by him, but knowing that Alan Wilder himself will be picking the winner was the driving decision behind entering the conest.  I’ll be sure to post if I win!

Outfit – Forever 21 faux leather studded biker jacket; Recoil t-shirt; H&M skirt; Sam Edelman “Lorissa” pumps; Wendy Brandes rings; Coach sunnies

Heavy Metal

Rebecca Minkoff Flowerstud and Double Wrap Zip bracelets

Looks like my love for metal and spikes are definitely on trend this year, which means there is no shortage of my favorite kinds of studded bracelets, shoes, purses and belts available everywhere.  I’ve included items that I already own, mixed in with some that I recently purchased.  I’ll definitely be on the look out for more when I travel to London and Paris in August to add to my heavy metal accessory collection.

Bullet cuff from Macy’s (brand unknown)

Leather cuff pyramid stud bracelet by H&M; Flowerstud & 3 Row Pyramid Stud bracelets by Rebecca Minkoff; 3 row pyramid stud silver chain bracelet (brand unknown)

3 row pyramid stud elastic bracelet from Bloomingdale’s (brand unknown); Pyramid stud ring from Therapie Boutique (brand unknown)

“Lorissa” studded pumps by Sam Edelman

Shades of Grey (or is it Gray)?

Is “gray” or “grey” the correct spelling to describe the color?  I’ve read that “grey” is used primarily in England and many use it to describe a color more close to silver, whereas “gray” is used mainly in the US and is used to describe a color between black and white.  Either way, I see “grey” as referring to “Fifty Shades of Grey” (I’ve read the trilogy), and “gray” is the color of this fabulous skirt I’m wearing.  I guess the spelling of both words can be interchangeable in this case, especially with these spiked heels (and may I note that the color of my polish is Dominatrix).  I think Christian Grey would approve, don’t you?

Outfit – Old Navy shirt; Toi et Moi skirt; Rebecca Minkoff MAC purse; Sam Edelman shoes; iSee glasses from GlassesUSA; Nameplate necklace from The Honeyroom

(Photos by Rholnna Jiao)

Spike It

Other than the music, something that I have carried through from the 80’s are the appearance of spikes in my wardrobe in the form of a bracelet or belt.  My choice of metal is usually the pyramid spike, but I’m leaning towards the cone-shaped spike more and more these days.  I then discovered these ever so sexy open-toe “Lorissa” pumps from Sam Edelman, which are sprinkled with cone-shaped spikes and bejeweled with gems.  Since yesterday was my birthday, I bought a pair at Bloomingdale’s as a present to myself (black is no longer available, but Endless still has them here).  Our son was a bit concerned that my new shoes may hurt, but I assured him that they were only for decorative purposes and will not hurt anyone.  My niece wasn’t afraid at all and walked around the house for a good 15 minutes.  I think I know who’s going to be raiding my closet in the next few years!