I’ll Drink to That – Happy Birthday to My Blog!

Yes, it’s been a year since I re-started Any Second Now, can you believe it?  I virtually baked you all a cake, I hope you like it.

There were so many things I wanted to do for my first year blog anniversary.  A giveaway perhaps? A badass, flashy post maybe?  I guess I’ll simply acknowledge this milestone by telling you all what I learned and then give a few special thanks.

Lessons in (Blog) Love

I learned quite a bit in this year of fashion/personal style/lifestyle blogging.  The biggest changes I see immediately are picture composition of the photos that I take and the content of my posts.  I’ve learned a few other things, mostly “ah-ha!” moments.  Some are funny, but many were truly direction changing revelations.

Depeche Mode has taught me zero about fashion

I have seen great blog posts about what people learned from their favorite shows, movies, and even musical artists.  As much as I love and admire my all-time favorite band, I have learned nothing about fashion from Depeche Mode.  Wait, that’s entirely not true.  I learned that they should not have collectively worn white jeans back in the 1988 video version of “Strangelove”.

Eliminate The Great Expectations & Have Fun!

When I started to get to know fashion blogging, I saw all of the opportunities out there.  But it is impossible to think that when you start a blog in this genre, that you will be automatically be up there with the likes of  “Bryan Boy”, “The Glamourai”, “Cupcakes & Cashmere”, “Keiko Lynn” or “Karla’s Closet”.   It takes hard work.  If you’re willing to put that work in, then you will no doubt reap the benefits.

I had to drop those expectations fairly quickly simply because of priorities: I have to somehow fit in blogging while working a full-time job as a full-time mommy and wife.

This blog is an outlet for me to express myself and if good things come of it, that would be great.  My ultimate dream would be to be a stay at home mommy, working on this blog full-time.  But reality dictates that I help pay the bills to take care of my family, so I do what I can in the time that I have it.   I have to keep that in mind so that I keep loving what I’m doing, and stay interested.  I don’t want to resent blogging because of unfulfilled expectations.

To Tweet is the Thing

Early on I have learned to link my posts to both of my Facebook accounts, but not on Twitter.  I’ve had my Twitter account since last year, and I can’t believe I just started Tweeting in May.  The final push was reading posts from Beautifully Invisible (10 Things about your Blog that Drive Me Crazy), Grit and Glamour (12 Days of Christmas…to a Better Blog in 2011) and quite a few on IFB, lauding the reasons to make sure you’re connected on Twitter if you have a blog.  It’s all true and I’m now a regular “Tweeter”.  I’m only just getting my feet wet.  Just wait until I get my iPhone!

Make a New Plan, Stan

I honestly thought that people were posting their outfits the following day after they wore them, which is how I was originally doing my outfit posts.  I was up late every night working on my blog, growing more grumpy by the hour.  Finally, a friend of mine said, “Why don’t you schedule your posts?  It will make life so much easier.”  Wow.  Plan ahead?  Schedule my posts?  You mean those style bloggers aren’t posting their outfits the day after they’re wearing them?  Do they really post ahead into the next week?  This single piece of information was a paradigm shift for me as a blogger.  It was like what Tivo/the DVR did for most people.  I felt like I was given the gift of time again.  It was a blogging miracle.

Community Development

I have really learned that there is a community of bloggers out there who support each other everyday.  Although I learned this by being a part of Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF) and The Full Time Fabulous Community (FTF), I really didn’t get a sense of it until I joined in the conversations on Twitter.  You’ll see what I mean when you read this next section.

From the Heart – Special Thanks

To my friends and family for understanding this need for me to express myself.  Thanks for putting up with my snapping pictures at every event and non-event, capturing moments as they happen.  I knew it was very much ingrained in my family when I was taking pictures of food at the San Diego County Fair and my 5-year-old niece said “Are you taking pictures for your blog, Auntie?”

To my husband for “dealing with” this seemingly insane fashion addiction that precedes our time together and will most definitely continue as long as I am living and breathing.  Sorry that you sometimes trip over my shoes in our bedroom and that your closet space seems to be a cubby-hole compared to my rows, racks and drawers.  Your are endlessly patient and I love you more than I could ever say in words alone.

To my son, because you are the definition of love and joy for me.  I know you don’t know why mommy dresses you the way that I do, or why I take so many pictures of you.  But you will understand someday when you go back and read mommy’s blog.  I hope by then you won’t think that mommy was crazy.

To my sister, who talks about my blog more than I realize.  I saw an incoming link to my blog, from someplace I wasn’t expecting.  It was a post by my sister, telling others to come visit my blog.  I was touched.  Over the years, I realized how much she has really become my best friend.

To this community of bloggers that I’ve built friendships with.  Since my Twitter revelation, I’ve solidified these connections and made many more.  But I would not have made these connections in the blogosphere if it were not for the following people.  They have made me the blogger I am today.

All the blogs in my “Daily Reads” and “Daily Reads Too” sections – I read them everyday.  I comment as often as I can, but know that I’m reading and loving everything you post. You inspire me.  I hope I do the same.

Independent Fashion Bloggers – You provide such a wonderful place for bloggers to become educated and understand why it is that they blog.  If I could give any advice to new bloggers, you must join IFB and follow them on Twitter.  The “Links a la Mode” is a great feature, and I’m honored to have been a part of that list 4 times last year.  Whether or not you are blogging to create a business or just to have it as a place of expression like myself, IFB is still a great tool and source for what you need in the world of fashion blogging.

Bella of The Citizen Rosebud – When I received my first negative comment not too long ago, she sent a Tweet to her followers, which prompted a wave of love and support on my blog and on Twitter.  But she has always been that kind of person, encouraging support and to fight for your right to be relevant and to have a voice.  I take heed to this on my blog, and in life.  And if you ever asked yourself “Should I be doing this at my age?”, you must read “Spin it Spinster“.  Best. Post. EVER.  I only hope to be as vibrant as she is.

Life offered options. I dressed for it. – Bella Q

Madison of Fashion Tales – I’m endlessly thankful for the beautiful and kind words on Beautifully Invisible’s “Links of Love” feature (post seen here).  I cried when I read what she wrote.  To me, that was the definition of a strong blogging community and the beautiful support people provide for each other.

This is what the blogging community is all about, supporting and being able to uplift each other, stating our opinions yes, but not in a hurtful manner.  Despite the unnecessary negative air pointed in Cyrillynn’s direction she gracefully shines on.  Check out the post for yourself, and see how good our girl is rocking her style! – Madison

A most special thank you goes to Kristy Elena of Vogue Gone Rogue and Full Time Fabulous – She is as beautiful as she is intelligent, which is why I followed her blog in the first place.  Had she not invited on IFB me to be a part of her community when she first started her journey through the Full Time Fabulous contest, I may not have met all the wonderful people I correspond with on a daily basis.   The FTF Community is a wonderful group of bloggers, but most of all, a wonderful group of people.

i think as we get older we should have a better grasp of our personal style thanks to experience but the idea of being more careful depresses me beyond belief. who made this rule that women are supposed to stop having fun and being carefree as they get older? – Kristy Elena

The BIGGEST thank you of all!

This goes to the people who read and follow my blog, those who comment and those who don’t.  I have heard from friends and family that they actually do read it everyday and how much they enjoy it.  Reading your comments and hearing what you have to say makes it all worthwhile.

Here’s to another year!

This is a work in progress, but I think I’ve figured out my blogging personality.  I’m glad you all are here, and I hope you want to continue to read and follow.  Cheers!

(Cake image courtesy of go4outsourcing.com from Google images)


  1. Happy Birthday Any 2nd Now!!!!!!

    What an exciting time for you in your blogging career!!! This is such a sweet post, so heartfelt and passionate. Thank you for the extraordinarily kind words. They mean the world to me and I am beyond happy that you’ve met and interact with so many people thanks to the FTF Community. =)

    Here’s to another fabulous year of blogging!

    1. Thank YOU Kristy! If it wasn’t for you, I would not have met so many wonderful people, who have since guided me and have made blogging much more fun and exciting! You are truly a beautiful, talented and wonderful person.

      Definitely here’s to another year, yay! 🙂


  2. AW, Happy Birthday Any Second Now. I’m glad you’ve met such wonderful bloggers. I feel the same way too. Front Row Spectator turns 1 in October I believe!

  3. Happy Blogiversary! Sounds like we both started about the same time and I was eager to see all that you’ve learned and to compare notes. You’ve got a beautiful blog. This sentence especially spoke to me: your closet space seems to be a cubby-hole compared to my rows, racks and drawers!

    1. Thanks Terri! It’s amazing to look back and see what has happened in a year. Even with all the blogs around for reference, the growth process is really eye opening!

      Yes, my poor hubby. But now we’re clearing it up a bit and moving things about so that he has more space, hee hee


  4. Happy Birthday “Any 2nd Now!” and to my Atee. The first time when you said you were doing this is was like OMG, I can’t believe she is doing this. But you know what this is a good way to relieve any stress you have in your life and looking back at a lot of your blogs, Bogey is going to be able to look back at what his mama has accomplished. He may be inspired too when he is growing up. It will also show Mei and Bogey to see how much fun we have as a family. It is inspiring me to put all of Mei’s scrapbooks together, since she is starting school and I don’t have to drive 4 to 6 times a day. Your blog helps me keep posted on what you are doing, even though we talk almost everyday on the phone…lol. I actually am excited for the end of this month, that is very weird. Again Happy Birthday! Love you!

    1. Awww, thanks sis! I do kind of look at this as kind of a scrapbook, because it’s not just about fashion. I wanted this to be a reflection of my life, which includes fashion, music, food and most importantly, family 🙂


  5. Happy Blogiversary Cy! I feel so privileged to have “met” you and look forward to seeing what the next year has in store for you and your blog! This was such a beautiful and amazing post and I thank you for the shout-outs. This community means a LOT to me, and I don’t get to comment as often as I would like so I try to reach out in other ways when I can (like LLWAT). People like you, Bella and Madison put the heart in blogging though, and THAT is what this is all about.

    Congratulations again!

    P.S. You might be surprised what depeche mode has taught you about fashion if you think about it. 😉

    1. Thank you B, and I feel the same way! I look to your blog and Vahni’s as my guiding forces for smart blogging. And I definitely make sure I blog with heart, and I look to those like Bella and Madison as well.

      I would really have to think very hard about what they have taught me. If I can find at least 5 things, I’m crediting you with being able to get it out of me, lol!


  6. Happy Birthday to your blog!! One year mark is big, I still have yet to reach mine! I loved reading through all the things that you’ve learned from blogging. Its incredible because in the time that I have really started blogging I have learned so much! and not only about fashion! Happy birthday, heres to another year of great blogging 🙂

    1. Thank you Sara! It goes by quick, and I’m still learning myself. But I wanted to share what I learned so far, because I know it helped me a lot, too. Definitely lessons in fashion and life, too. Here’s to your’s coming up soon!


  7. Oh Cy, You are so wonderful. This is such a beautiful post & touches me much as I read it. I’m so happy to have met you – brightening my day when the sun is dim & I’m honoured to be included as your friend. Thank you for the sweet words, I can only speak honestly & I meant every word my dear. Happy Blogiversary to you, wishing you blessings & happiness. Continue to be you – that is the best quality in a blog.
    Madison 🙂

    *And what a gorgeous cake!

    1. Thank YOU Madison! I’m definitely honored to know you and your words definitely touched me. Thanks for the wishes and here’s to another year!


    1. Hello Joy! thank you! I’m still getting around to reading everyone’s inclusion in LALM this week. Looks like V picked some good ones!


  8. Happy Bloggerversary, Cy! What a beautifully written and touching tribute to the life of blogging. I am moved to see you name me specifically- thank you so much! It’s been a such a special treat to have “met” and friended so many wonderful souls like yourself here in the bloggerspere- I am so grateful for the richness added to my life! Here’s to many more great years, and great posts. -Bella Q

    1. Bella, you inspire me to no end. It really has been a treat to have “met” so many wonderful people and bloggers.

      Cheers my dear, and definitely here’s to many more!!!!


  9. This is the BEST blog anniversary post I’ve ever read! Happy birthday and congrats on making it to a year! May there be many many more.

    1. Thanks Rocquelle! I thought long and hard about what I wanted to post, but in the end if flowed out naturally. I’ll drink to another year! Cheers!


  10. Congrats! Thanks for baking everyone the cake, it’s probably just as delicious as it looks! Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned over the past year about blogging. Blogging make you focus on yourself and your thoughts so much more than people think. You has such a great story and useful advice. I recently launched http://www.whyiblog.com for bloggers to share their story and yours would be great to hear! Check it out or email me, bloggers would love to come across what you have to say. Keep on blogging!

  11. Hi there! I’m new to your blog, but am glad that I came across it!

    First and foremost, happy birthday! Great post, lady. Congrats on your win in this week’s IFB Links a la Mode! I am a first-year blogger and really appreciate the inspiration you just gave in your post. xx

    -Hallie 🙂

    1. Hi Hallie! Glad you like the post! I’m glad to provide some inspiration. Your blog is very cute (love the name).

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  12. Congrats on your one year blogiversary! Great post!! I’ve been in a blogging rut since I got back from vacation (I think I finally ran out of clothes), but you just inspired me to get back in gear!

    As for Depeche Mode not being sartorailly inspirational – maybe it’s just on a such a subconscious level you haven’t noticed. I mean, every time you wear black & white with sunglasses, or a long flowy trench (ha! I dare you), you could be paying them fashion homage.

    1. Kimi! I was wondering why you were commenting, I thought you were still on vacay! Maybe you can do a remix a-la Kendi Everyday? That helped me tremendously. But I’m in need of more inspiration, so I’m going to watch some “Sex and the City”. That ALWAYS helps, hee hee.

      You are right, I could just be blocking the fact that maybe there is some influence there. I do have a leather biker jacket, so you could be right. They are just not the most fashionable bunch, unlike Duran Duran.


      PS, did you dare me?! Hmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

    1. Thanks Debbie! A lot of my learning curve actually happened much later in my year of blogging. My first 6 months, I think I was blogging in a vacuum because I was stuck in my own world. Once I started getting on Twitter and interacting with many other people and bloggers, that’s when I learned the most.

      Happy blogging to you!


  13. I can identify with almost every single thing you have said here. It is a labor of love. Unlike you, I have only very recently discovered the benefits of IFB and connections with other Bloggers. And wow, what a difference that has made.

    Good luck to you in the coming year and those that follow.

    Lynsey Michelle

    1. Hi Lynsey Michelle! Once you make the connections with other bloggers (especially through Twitter), the changes that occur are amazing. And all are for the better!

      Thanks for stopping by! I started to read your blog and I love it! When I get home from the office, I’ll follow you on Twitter (social media sites are blocked at work). I think we all have our inner Carrie Bradshaw wanting to come out. 🙂


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