Releasing My Inner Sporty Spice

With the start of football season just around the corner and our first pre-season game out of the way, I’m anxious to get out and see a game again.  As I put on one of my favorite vintage sports tees, I thought about what I see all the time at sporting events:  women wearing crazy stiletto heels, barely there clothing in all of their team’s glory and purses so large they need their own seat.  With nose-bleed seats that can be nearly 100 feet up and no elevator to help with the climb, I wonder why women dress like they’re going to a night club rather than like they are watching a (plug-in appropriate sport) game.

I think it’s best to channel Mel C (Sporty Spice) by looking smart, sporty and comfy because so many crazy things can happen at any given sporting event.  Back in 2008, my husband and I went two football games outside of San Diego:  The International Series game with the San Diego Chargers vs the New Orleans Saints, and then to a Pittsburgh Steelers home game because they were playing also my Chargers.  I was pregnant at the time for both games.

At the Pittsburgh game, we were in the 5th to the last row near the top of the stadium.  Heinz Field is an open stadium and the game was in November, so you can imagine how cold it was!  I was in lots of layers and my wellies to ensure warmth and dry feet. About an hour into the game, angry words were exchanged between two fans, and a scuffle happened right behind me.  My husband swept me up and we quickly shifted seats a few rows down until things calmed down.  Security came over and ended the argument.  Later we found out that it was over spilt beer.

Although both were cold weather games and more than likely everyone was wearing something comfortable and warm, I can’t say the same for the games out here in sunny San Diego.  At a recent Padres game, I overheard an older woman complain about how much her feet hurt, asking her husband to slow down.  When I turned around, she was wearing 3-inch spiked heels, a printed capri pant suit and hauling a beautiful (but incredibly large) designer purse.  Her husband wasn’t too sympathetic to her situation.

Here is how I wear my favorite sports gear to show support for my team.  I changed my shoes a bit to show how I wear it to the office, and how I wear it when I go to an actual game or even a sports bar.

1.  A lightweight jacket or sweater – Games that go from the afternoon into the night can turn cold in a heartbeat.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

2.  A piece of clothing that represents your favorite team – I like to do so in the form of a shirt or hat.  Usually when it’s a shirt, it’s either a jersey or vintage tee.  The one pictured above is one I bought on eBay.  It’s my favorite.

3.  Shorts, jeans or pants – It is very difficult to sit lady-like in a seat at a sports arena or stadium, unless you are in a suite or press box.  If you sit in the regular seats with the regular folk like me, it’s best to wear some kind of pants or shorts because of all of the standing, sitting and climbing that can occur throughout the game.  Wear skirts at your own risk (think about the trip UP when climbing stairs).

4.  A flat shoe or a wedge – To me, heels and sports events do not mix.  I will almost always wear flats, usually some kind of sneaker.  But if I do wear a heel, it will be a wedge.

5.  A cross-body bag – No matter how pretty or modern the stadium or arena, accidents will happen at a sporting event.  You take the life of your purse into your own hands by placing it under your seat or in the seat next to you.  It’s best to take just your essentials and wear a purse that can be easily slung across your body.  This will free up your hands to carry your child, food and a couple of drinks if needed.

6. Sunglasses & sunblock – Unless your event is strictly indoors, take a pair of sunglasses for sporting events that happen during the day.  It’s tough to be outside for that long, and your eyes can take a beating.  Also remember sunblock.  The back of your neck will thank you for it!

Top picture – London 2008, Wembley Stadium

Middle picture – Pittsburgh, PA 2008, Heinz Field

Outfit pictures – Cotton On sweater; vintage San Diego Chargers shirt from eBay; Hudson jeans; cross-body bag from Rome, Italy; Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges; Marc Jacobs red patent leather wedge espadrille sneakers; Alexander McQueen for Puma trainers


  1. I totally hear you on cross body bags tidbit. The last time I went to a Twins game I brought my suede fringed purse, which was not cheap, and I clutched it to me like it was an infant and I was its mother and we were being rained upon by debris from a nuclear fallout. Not exactly comfortable, and I embellish, obviously, but at least I saved it from beer/chili/nacho cheese stains.

    I love the way your little sweater dresses up the jeans and tee.

    1. Thank you sweetie! That’s totally my fear Kimi! I would be way too concerned about my purse and not pay attention to the game. Not to mention my adroable tornado of a son would probably smother my purse with nacho cheese or something, lol!


  2. I’ve never understood the desire to to wear uncomfortable clothes. This is doubly so for events like concerts or sports where comfort is key and valuables are best kept to a minimum. Wardrobe should activity and location appropriate. Likewise, don’t wear gym clothes to go grocery shopping, and don’t wear high heels on a boat.

    I like the look of those sneaker espadrilles, but I wonder how comfortable they are and how easy the thatch is to clean.

    1. Everytime I attend a sporting event, I wonder the same thing over and over. And I hear the complaints about the climb, or the decent up and down the stairs and think “YOU chose to wear that, no one made you do it!”

      The red sneaker espadrilles are suprisingly comforable. I’m very particular when it comes to the care of my shoes, so I try very hard to keep them out of harms way to minimize the amount of cleaning. However, in typing this response I realize that I have worn them to sporting events which put them at greater risk. I’ll let you know what happens because I’m sure I’ll meet up with a mishap!


      1. Yes, I was thinking thatch plus sports slime (spilled drinks, nachos, tobacco spit, etc) might not be a good combination. I usually wore my rattiest pair of loafers to Texas games, and then when I got home pretty much soaked them in cleaner and lysol before wiping them down.

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