Mode of Inspiration: FTF Blog Event for 8/17/2011

This month’s Full Time Fabulous August blog event is all about inspiration. Kristy Elena asked that we think about what inspires us and explain why. My recurring theme is and will always be Depeche Mode. I connected with their music at a very young age and have always identified with them because of their dark but hopeful lyrics. As I got older, I learned to appreciate the irony of their sexual and religious themes. Their inspiration is evident in the titles of many of my posts, and more importantly in the name of my blog. I can be mentally fighting for a title to an outfit post or an article. Then suddenly a lyric to one of their songs will pop into my head and I’m inspired.  To see evidence of how much they have influenced me, check out posts here and here, including outfit posts here and here.
But really, I derive much of my inspiration for everything I do in my life from the loves of my life: my husband Deon and son Dominic.
What inspires you? Check out what inspires other bloggers in the Full Time Fabulous Community.


    1. Thanks Madison! I know you love music just as much as I do, so it’s easy to get influenced.

      It’s easy to love those two, my sweet boys 🙂


  1. Aww, lovely post! I’m very inspired by music, in fashion and in life. I love that you focused on that for the theme! And the picture of your family is just precious!

  2. Depeche Mode is a GREAT inspiration, but I have to say your boys are my fave. So so soooo cute and sweet…they look completely warm and happy.

  3. music and family are huge inspirations for me as well. i love that photo of your husband and your son! they are so cute. =)

    thanks for participating in the event darling and i apologize for the belated comment. it’s been a busy few days since i returned from mexico!

    1. Thank you Kristy! Absolutely no worries about a belated comment. You are a busy woman, and I love your posts about your trip to Mexico!


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