Foodie Fever: Restaurant Week In San Diego at Hexagone

Last Tuesday before our family trip to Palm Springs, I had a girls night out during Restaurant Week in San Diego.  It was our regular threesome:  my cousin Regi, best friend Janice and myself, meeting up right after work.   Our choice was suggested Janice’s co-worker, which was a French bistro called Hexagone, located on Laurel Street (Bankers Hill).  We decided that we wanted to sample a cuisine that we hadn’t tried together, and have now decided that we would continue that tradition for our future Restaurant Week jaunts.

We each have such varied tastes that we get the chance to sample everything offered on a “prix fixe (fixed price)” menu.  But we started off the evening with drinks at the bar, while chatting up a gentleman at the bar who was a regular at Hexagone.  He raved about how wonderful the food was while having the liver and onions.  I’m not a fan of the dish, but he said that he wasn’t either, until he had it at Hexagone.  If someone’s mind can be turned on a dish typically turned away, we knew we had made a good choice.  And my mind was made up when my Kamakaze-disguised-as-a-Cosmo drink was as good as it was pretty, all done up in a Martini glass.

I loved the coziness of the restaurant.  We were seated near a window, which had a great view of the street.  I feel like San Diego is so quaint sometimes, that I love places that make me feel like I’ve been transported into possibly New York or other larger metropolitan city.  I started the evening with the subtle but flavorful Bisque de Homard (lobster soup).  Next, I had the Filet Mingnon, which was so tender, and melted in my mouth.  I ended the meal with the Crepes Suzette in a Grand-Marnier sauce.  I last had crepes in Paris, so I just had to have crepes again if we were to have dinner in a French restaurant.  If you enjoy citrus like I do, you will love this dessert.

Other than the exquisite food, the best part of the evening was that each of us wore some kind of animal print.  Although you can’t see Regi’s shoes, she was wearing a pony hair, leopard print wedged shoe.  Although the dinner was definitely planned, our coordinating animal prints were not!  Either way, that just seals the deal with how close we have become as friends that we can instantly agree on the cuisine and the attire for the evening.  And we all agree:  we highly recommend Hexagone.  Bon appetit and have a great weekend!


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